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Announcing Banshee Bash at Kings Island!

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^^^^ no problem, completely understand count Maggiekat and I in for the trip from LAS VEGAS!!!! (i'll grab our tickets friday)... can't wait...i've been wanting to go to KI for years... I couldn't decide where to take Maggs this summer, it was a toss up between here and trying out Goliath... (this made our choice for us, and sounds like a blast!!!)

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Nicole - yes, we get to see each other this year! And you get to meet Charles, who already chats with you on Facebook


DAVE - my Fag Stag! Can't wait to see you and the bat!!!!!!!!!




Yeah I saw Charlie commented on my FB status exactly as I posted here. I can't wait to meet him!


And I can't wait to see everyone else too!

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Man, this bites, I have to work that day...


I was at media day, though, so I've still done an exclusive Banshee event. If I somehow find out that they won't need me that week I'd totally do it, though. Everybody who's going have fun, though! I'm sure it'll be a blast.

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^What was the price of the Hampton Inn? And how close is it to the park? I think I may have the OK to do this with work.


Any other hotels close by that could be recommended? I know there's a bunch listed on the KI website, but I'd like to hear from my fellow TPR people what they prefer.


The Hampton was quite expensive at close to $200 per night ($381 for two nights w/tax), but if you have a roommate that can split the cost, it's not too shabby.


The Super 8 was about $109 per night (not including tax).


In looking at Google maps, it looks like both are just off the Kings Mills Rd exit with them being almost right across I-71 from the park.

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I know that this is a silly question, but I'm curious as to which option to pick before I sign up for this event.


Does the "Cedar Fair Season Pass" option mean a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass or does it include a Kings Island Gold Pass...?

It's whatever pass you have that grants you admission to Kings Island.

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