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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2014 Edition!

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7. Past grand prize winners of this contest are not eligible to play. Let's give some other people a chance this time around!




Good luck everyone.. These are always so much fun. I sincerely encourage everyone to read through the previous threads to get an idea of how Robb does his clues.

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I'm guessing Seattle. S for Superstore. Julia Stile was in movie called 10 Things I Hate about You which takes place in Seattle. Also Stiles (S for Seattle). So for Soda and Sprite. And lastly... this might be farfetched but the chicken/rooster represents the Seahawks.

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Yeah, the Frozen post gives away Japan because he posted the "Let It Go" video and said that he couldn't wait to see it soon. Stiles was a total red herring. The toys are Japanese, and the rooster was a teaser for the rooster on the toy rack. Super Target could be a reference to all of the super words thrown on Japanese things like Super Famicom, Super Nintendo, etc.

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I have NEVER been good at "Where in the World," but I always love following along because the power of some people's deduction skills amazes me. That being said, I think Ahecht and a bunch of others may have been on to something with India. In addition to the flight information provided, the actress on page 1, Julia Stiles, was in the Bourne Supremacy, part of which took place in India. The vending machine has a cow on it; cows are sacred in India. India also got a rockin' new B&M floorless recently that looks like it's worth checking out. It's still early on in the game, but those are just my observations based on other members' educated guesses. I honestly think some of these people ought to be detectives

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And for those just starting to play, here are all of the clues posted so far in one place!


Where in the World can we be? And where do you think we are going?



Oh, look... our plane is here!



Our flights are looking good!



Can forget where our car is parked.



This means something.



Ooooh! I like her. Maybe I can watch one of her movies on our flight!


We also posted a really kick A$$ El Loco video! You should go watch it! It's some of the best footage we ever got!



Oops! I just accidentally took this photo!



Yay! Land!!!



How pretty is that???



Hey look how close that other plane is!



Where are we now???



There is a clue here somewhere.



Oh, no! I hope where we are going isn't "Frozen."


Wow, looks like ELSA has really Frozen this place!

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Where in the world are Robb & Elissa???


1. Random "guesses" don't count. Everyone has to "show their work", meaning, they have to explain why the clues we posted led them to think we are where they say we are. You can't just post "Orlando!" You must tell us why you think we are in Orlando based on the clues we have posted.


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