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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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Just received an email from Knott's about the shoot on Monday. Looks like I got in as it tells me when to show up, what to wear, etc. So excited!

Just might see you there!

Yeah for sure! Really excited to be a part of it .

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So happy to see the difference at Knott's since Ouimet and Raffi took over. They didn't cheap out on the landscaping, fencing, lighting, station, and with the redesigned log ride opening as well... It's a Knott's renaissance.


Regarding Plunge, I was always creeped out by it after the lady's death. I always thought of the kids riding with their mother, seeing her die... it was just too awful for words, totally unnecessary and preventable. Glad to see it go.

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I got picked as well, can't wait. It's going to be crazy for me. I'll be home from LA at 11:30 on Sunday night, then waking up super early to drive up to Knott's for the shoot, then I have to be at work at noon. I'm going to be dead by the end of my shift on Monday. But it'll be worth it! I hope I have time to sneak in a quick ride or two when the park opens at 10:00, before I head back down to work.

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Just got back from the TV Shoot. It was a ton of fun and I got to meet a lot of fellow site users.


Coaster Rider and the other new additions are great, and the area looks fantastic!


Log Ride seems to be running a bit behind considering they were still craning props into the upper levels until about half an hour after opening today! (Memorial Day no less!)

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Had a good time at the KTLA film shoot today followed by a decent time in the park during normal hours. The new area is great, possibly the best thing that has been added since Cedar Fair took over. All three rides will be excellent for families and will give them something to do in an area that has been dominated by thrill rides since the 90s. Knott's also knows how to run a wild mouse right...I rode Coast Rider around 11 and even with a full queue the wait was below 30 minutes. 8 cars running with zero stacking! In case anyone was wondering, Coast Rider does NOT have seatbelts, just lapbars.


The park overall was pretty good today, other than a few rides with one train (Jaguar, Pony Express, and Xcelerator). Not as busy as I expected for a holiday (most attractions were 30-45 minute waits). Also, based on the current state of the attraction I am a little worried that the Timber Mountain Log Ride could be delayed, but I'm guessing they'll work around the clock if necessary to get it open on time.

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