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  1. This happed over the weekend RGS #41 did her first runs after her full rebuild by the Durango and Sliverton railroad.
  2. They sent a few test cycles on Xcel today right after the park opened.
  3. Thats what I always thought that the city wouldnt let them build over/under public streets just think about them closing beach down to dig that tunnel
  4. If this happens I wounder what this would due to Knotts being 2hrs from a Sea World park.
  5. I think Zoom is going to get more done to it then just a new launch and trains. Other shuttle loops needed track work done to them and they didnt have the cycles on them zoom has. any work at Knotts take time so no its not as you say 90 day refeb.... Zoom interacts with a lot of other rides that would need to get shut down for some of the work and you cant move/get construction stuff around if the park is open so a lot of the work is going to be done when the park isnt open.
  6. Also think about the fact that Knotts has been opening at 8am on weekends and the last two weeks that is a new thing and the neighbors haven't said anything to make them change the opening later.. so rides and etc need to start to testing before 7am.
  7. for Intamins I was really talking about Perilous Plunge, and Xcel. As for rides taken away I mean coasters that started life planned for knotts that ended up bring built at other CF parks.
  8. None... But Windjammer was a nightmare for the park and then Soap Box Racers was just getting rundown and needed a lot of work to keep open in the end. and Boomerang/Corkscrew are Arrow/Vekomas.
  9. Cedar Fair might work with Intamin but look at what Intamin rides Knotts had/has Xcelerator, Sky Cabin, Calico River Rapids, Perilous Plunge.... A few of them have been nothing but trouble for Knotts. I would really hope to see this happen since knotts has had a few big coasters taken away from them just like CGA just did.
  10. Knotts like a lot of jobs is just having an hard time getting people to work. The age group of a lot of the staff at knotts use anything to call out and not come into work.
  11. Why do a lot of people seem to think that knotts cant move the backstage area somewhere else? the stagecoach barns are already on the other side of La Palma and they need to cross it to enter the park. I just saw a post somewhere else that knotts scrapped locomotive 41 since they haven't seen it in a few years but the seem to miss the fact that you can see it if you know where to look.
  12. Ghostrider was the Knotts Family and not CF. If you want to believe what people are saying its location is going to be how is that going to do damage to any of what knotts is today? going over the backstage area and to the parking lot. I think putting something bigger in xcels spot would ruin the parks look more thing putting it on the other side of the park. The train tracks are a bigger headache to build around since you need a good amount of clearance due to how big the equipment is cant just add in a tunnel you need atlest 5ft on either side of the tracks and I dont know what the height clearance is needed the area is also used for cart access when the park is open.
  13. any part that has to come on a slow boat will take some time if thats is what they are waiting for. If anyone wants to ride the galloping goose they are running it mon-thurs right now.
  14. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Hope RGS 41 gets back up and running at somepoint.
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