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  1. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Hope RGS 41 gets back up and running at somepoint.
  2. Yes knotts only runs steam on weekends during the off season. Fun fact, the Galloping Goose at Knott's (#3) is the only one that has permanently left Colorado. All the others are still here in the state and the only one not original is #1. You have to appreciate Knott's is operating the goose for the reason it was built, to run service when a full size train isn't required. Case and point, slow weekdays during the off season. I can say this Colorado would really like to have all the knotts stuff back lol. you can watch this and see a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the railroad.
  3. Riptid was testing today, sounds like they might get it back open at some point soon.
  4. So was at the park today and they have most of the walls down in Snoopy and were test cycling at lest one of the new rides there as of this morning. I cant get over how nice it looks now compared to how it looked before.
  5. Everyone have fun today at kbf. I am working so everyone keep the park clean lol.
  6. I posted about it pages back. IIRC The employee said when Osha was looking at the new evac system they signed off on it...But they didn't like a ladder inside the tower...Why they didn't say that the first time they closed it I don't know. This is just what an employee told me when it first happened. Screamscape reported a different reason. But it looks like the employee may have been right. ^its the ladder inside and outside they didn't like.
  7. ^I don't think that's they are going to remove windweeker, they have been working on it as far as I know.
  8. Or, like the SFMM thread with dozens of pages talking about their restrooms But yea, hopefully Xcelerator will be back up and running, even if it's running 1 train. Knotts did buy a 3rd train for Xcel its the red train lol.
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