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Why do so many video games have lava in it?


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OK Robb, since you are in the video game industry, riddle me this: why do so many games have lava in it? This was a question posed in "Spy Kids 3-D," but it's true! There's either lava or a ninja temple in most video games!


Now you probably will ask me, "Why are you watching 'Spy Kids 3-D?'"

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I dunno, I think that a lot of older 8-bit games had lava in it. Mega-Man, Mario, some of the later Zelda games, Metroid etc. It seemed that a lot of games always had the fire/lava level and the ice level. Oh you can't forget Aladdin for the Sega Genesis, that had a lava level on it with the flying carpet. A lot of shooter games had lava levels like Thunder Force, some Gradius games etc.

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The answer is!


Most games don't have lava!


...seriously, besisdes Mario Bros., nothing comes to mind.


There's no lava in Season Ticket Baseball, NHL 2002, Hoyle Casino, or Transportation Tycoon . . .


But there is in one scenario on Roller Coaster Tycoon II.


Those are the only games I play regularly.

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I have no idea! Back in the older 8-bit and even a lot of 16-bit platform games seemed to have a couple of staple enviornments - ice, fire, cave, forest, etc.


And yes, Wes is right. Lava is hot and bad, so you don't touch. Ice is wet and slippery which makes the character slide and the player frustrated, caves are spooky and contain really bad stuff, and the forest is just where Sonic hangs out.



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and the forest is just where Sonic hangs out.

I thought that was Green Hill Zone.


Now lava i get. But I have a better question... Why is it that in many games you're not supposed to fall into WATER?!?!

That irks me too, in the older Sonic games, you could jump into water and survive as long as you have air. Yet in newer Sonic games, water=death. Big WTF right there.

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