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Rheinkirmes 2013

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I'll be on Ruhrgebiets biggest Kirmes in Düsseldorf in mid-July for a whole weekend visiting some friends.


Construction has already begun - www.rheinkirmes.com




4 coasters

- Olympia-Looping - first stop this year with it's new paint

- Alpina-Bahn

- Spinning-Racer - MaurerSöhne spinner

- Wilde Maus


2 waterrrides

- Wildwasser 3 - huge portable MACK logflume, 40x60 meters, 30 meters tall, with forward and backward splashdown, 2 turntables

- Rio Rapidos - rafting ride



- 2x Huss Break Dancer

- Schwarzkopf Monster 3

- Mondial TopScan

- Mondial Shaker

- Huss Magic

- Maurer Drop-Tower 66m

- KMG Afterburner XXL

- Kalbfleisch Nessy - a Pirate clone from the 70s

- StarFlyer 55m


Observation rides

- portable Mondial Gyro-Observation Tower 75m - Premiere!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Final construction pics from 2 days before the carnival. I'll be there Sat and Sun and weather looks splendid: Sparse clouds with 22-24 degrees C.


^No, it's a portable Gyro Obeservation Tower. Funny fact: The Telecom Tower with an observation platform at about 160 meters is right over the river Rhine...


Source: radschlaegerstrasse.de


Mondial tower goes vertical


Wild Mouse around the trees


1920s historic Music-Express


Mondial Tower test-run!

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I had a great two days at Rheinkirmes. Weather was splendid but not too hot. The ride collection was awesome - from old to new from tame to wild. Not to mention the two big Schwarzkopf coasters which drained my money fast but it's always worth it. The Düsseldorf Alt beer was not really my taste but in the middle of the carnival there was Erdinger Beer Bavarian World which offered all the beer I liked on tap.


PhotoTR Part 1 - Bridges and Towers


Rheinkirmes is located right on the river Rhine. Offering unique view of the carnival and the rides were two bridges, the telecom tower and the Mondial portable gyro tower which premiered here.


View over the carnival from the telecom tower across the Rhine


At the base of the telecom tower it still looks better


View over the rear of the carnival coming from the tram


Alpina, Maurer Drop-Tower, Olympia and Mondial Turbine


The rear part of the carnival from the Rheinkniebrücke


Unique view of the worlds biggest portable log-flume



Newly painted loops looking good in the sun



Some pictures from the Mondial gyro tower. They let you walk freely around inside.


Maurer spinner


Fun rafting ride Rio Rapidos


Bellevue ferris wheel by showmen Bruch


Huss Dancer 2 and KMG Afterburner XXL



Brewery party tent from the Brauerei im Füchschen



Schwarzkopf Monster



A final area view of Olympia before going more up close on Rheinkirmes.

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PhotoTR Part 2 - Radschlägerstrasse


Rheinkirmes has two midways the Radschlägerstrasse facing the Düsseldorf district of Oberkassel and the Rheinstrasse facing the river Rhine.


Mondial TopScan running an insane 4+ minutes program




At least 2/3 of the ride cycle was on the highest speed setting



Happy riders!!!


Huge Mack log-flume. 3 drops - 2x forward, 1x backward. 2 turntables. Darkride section with animatronics.


The smaller Break Dance 1 by showmen Bruch themed to Gremlins In Las Vegas



Crows in Radschlägerstrasse slowly picking up at about 2pm.


1970s giant ship swing, self-made by showmen Kalbfleisch - now owned by showmen Markmann.



Enjoying the view before the drop. A ride cycle consisted of at least 5 drops.



Even a darkride ghost has it's thoughtful moments...



One of many places to get beer and all other booze.


Mondial Turbine - BoosterMaxx variant with spinning compartments.



More beer...



Schwarzkopf Monster III





Funtime HighFlyer, Hawaii Fruits and a guy smoking on a ride's painting next to a bikini girl.


Ready to drive some carts?



Bertazzon bumper cars


Double action on a Maurer spinner


Spinning Racer offers a short but fun ride. Coming next are a lot of historic rides.

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^this anually only happens at Oktoberfest - Düsseldorf has both only every 3-4 years. But in Düsseldorf you can book a 3*** hotel for around €50 during the carnival while prices in Munich skyrocket.


but will be going to Cranger Kirmes in a couple weeks


Then you'll be riding Olympia - Alpina will go to Anakirmes next.

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Great Pics, thanks!


I'm going this saturday with Ledgy. It seems like we'll be having a blast!


@ Swimace: If you have a car, you can also go to the Annakirmes in Düren, it's only a 1h15m drive from the Cranger Kirmes. That way, you can do both OL and AB!

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@ Swimace: If you have a car, you can also go to the Annakirmes in Düren, it's only a 1h15m drive from the Cranger Kirmes. That way, you can do both OL and AB!


Great suggestion! We are heading to Cranger Kirmes from Phantasialand so that could work out pretty easily.



How does it work with getting on rides at these fairs? Do you buy individual tickets for the rides? Also, is it pretty much a cash-only sort of setup?


Any advice in general for Americans who are going to a German fair for the first time?

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^^The Wildwasser 3 by showmen Löwenthal needs 60 long standard containers to transport. Trucks are only used for transport to the nearest cargo train station where 2 trains take it to the next location. In addition there are 5 trucks hauling the caravans and service-container.


^On larger rides like the coasters, water rides and most inversion rides you buy a ticket and then have a regular queue were the tickets are collected before getting into the ride. All flats - even some inversion rides - you buy a plastic token, then head onto the open platform as soon as the ride stops to secure a seat. This can get quite stressful at popular rides - a Break Dancer can re-start within half a minute, there're mostly loud honks signaling that the ride is full and the ride-cycle begins immediatly but ride-attendants, who also collect the tokens, shove you off the plattform. And yes, it's cash only - make sure to have enough coins and small notes. Notes over €50 are generally not accepted, many showmen look angrily at you if you pay with a €50 note. If you're a first time visitor go to the fair as soon as it opens as crowds will be lower.

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@ Swimace: If you have a car, you can also go to the Annakirmes in Düren, it's only a 1h15m drive from the Cranger Kirmes. That way, you can do both OL and AB!


Great suggestion! We are heading to Cranger Kirmes from Phantasialand so that could work out pretty easily.



How does it work with getting on rides at these fairs? Do you buy individual tickets for the rides? Also, is it pretty much a cash-only sort of setup?


Any advice in general for Americans who are going to a German fair for the first time?


If I were you, I would first go to the Annakirmes. It's only a half hour drive from PHL. It's also the swallest fair of the 2, so you'll get around quicker here.

Then after a couple of hours, go to the Crangerkirmes. That's what I did 2 years ago, it works just fine!


General advice: there are several (small) parking lots nearby each fair. Normally, if you get off the highway, there will be signs to these. If you want to save a couple of euro's, you can always try to find a parking space somewhere in the streets, but that's a long shot.


As far as getting on the rides, yes, you buy individual tickets for each ride. As far as I know, it's cash only. Maybe some of the bigger rides, like OL and AB, have a card terminal, but I doubt that.

However, there are ATM machines at the fairs. 2 years ago, these machines stood inside one of the beergardens (Crangerkirmes). Signs around the fair will guide you to them. Keep in mind you will spend around 50€ on both fairs (depending on what you want to ride, eat and drink off course).


Some other advice:

- On Olympia Looping, be sure that you keep your back straight in the first loop. If you don't do this, then there's a good chance the shoulder restraints will come down even more (because of the high g-forces), causing you to sit quite uncomfortable for the rest of the ride. That's the only, somewhat bad thing about this ride tough, the rest is pure awesomeness! Also, you must do OL at least once in the dark, it's even more kick ass then!

- Don't be alarmed by a big line on one of the big rides (OL, AB, Spinning Racer,...), these work at full speed/capacity and you'll be amazed on how fast the line goes. Sometimes you barely have the time to get in your seat properly.

- Try out every beergarden there is and stay there during shows for the great atmosphere. The food stands are also very good and not that expensive.

- At some rides (like a break dance) there are a lot of people standing around the ride, waiting to get on it. Be fast and determined or you won't get on it for another couple of rides.

- just enjoy and have a lot of fun!

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PhotoTR Part 3 - Historic Kirmes


Rheinkirmes featured some of the oldest still operating carnival rides in Germany. Most of them were located on Radschlägerstrasse near Rheinkniebrücke. Highlights included a 1926 music express without restraints and a 1950s wooden bumper cars.


1948 mirror maze Crystal Palace. Like all classic rides most got of course refurbished or extended at some time.


Having come with me from Hamburg is the 1950 Siemens Rotor. The portal building is of course newer and already updated to LEDs.


A classic chair swing. Those are mostly from the 60s and many of them are still travelling.


The 1910s Toboggan slide.


1950s bumper cars "Der Selbstfahrer" - could be translated into "The Drive-It-Yourself". The building was self-made by the showmen while the cars are from the early 1970s by Ihle.




Self-Operated swings called "Looping The Loop"


It takes some strength and coordination to make the swings flip over.


1926 music express "Raupenbahn".


Not only the theming but the music here is still a vinyl. Needless to say this ride got it's last theming in the 1950s.


As there are no restraints the ride attendants liked to ride while standing.


In more prudent times the closed Raupe was one of the few opportunities were lovers could kiss while parents could not watch.


Finishing the classic ride with two story merry-go-round.

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