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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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So today we get a package at our PO Box that looked *JUST* like one of the little bags you get in the game...


Turns out... It was one of the Animal Crossing characters from Japan I oredered for Kristen!


I think this is why I love the game so much! It's modeled so closely after things you actually see in Japan it reminds me of being there!


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Name: Beanie

Friend Code: 3411-1156-1467

AC Name: Squidgie

City: Bibbins

Fruit: Peaches


I just grew my first black tulip! And had my first visitor in my campground - Colton the horse. I'm planning on opening my gates this weekend for an Animal Crossing fruit trade party - anyone up for that?

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^ I've just added your information on the first post and I'll add your friend code to my 3DS. Be sure to check back with this thread!


And those of you reading. Please post when you're playing and if you want to open your gate and have visitors or vice versa!

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I've officially added everyone found on the front page. I'm wondering if the following people could either update their friend codes to include all of us or kindly let me know if you're not interested friending me (no offense taken, I assure you):


SharkTums, WillMontu, JRay21, Cameron, moviekid21, Jcrouse, Wingwright, PALMTREE55, SoCalCoasters, cmplxaud, Mr. Starr, Tom, RandyAU93, DiSab712, and Beanie.


Also, do any of you play any other online games for the 3DS such as Mario Kart 7 or Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon? I'd love to get more involved online with you guys in other games as well! We could set it up so that a loser of a game would have to forfeit an item from Animal Crossing to the winner!



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Double Rainbow...so intense.....

My gates will be open from 7:30pm to 9pm CST tonight if anyone wants to visit on Labor Day. I have almost every fruit growing if you're looking for some and Ores are selling for double at ReTail today.


I collect clocks in game - bring some clocks and I'll trade you for fruit or flowers



edited - my gates are open right now and it's 7:39pm CST here - there are a buncha presents just sitting on the ground in front of my train station for visitors - Name: Beanie Friend Code: 3411-1156-1467 and I added everyone on the first page


Happy Labor Day from Bibbins!

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Not gonna be able to play online much at all over the next few days because of WCB. But then next week I should be able to!


I'm curious. I only see the same people online. Are some of you guys still playing regularly, just maybe not online?

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