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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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image.jpg.b3357f37b08ffca0967e7efcdea38fbc.jpgThis is the official TPR Community thread for Animal Crossing New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS!


Please respond to this thread and post your name, friend code, ACNL name, city name and town fruit! Add all the friend codes to your Nintendo 3DS so we can hang out in each others towns, swap items, trade designs, etc, etc...


Feel free to use this thread to request items or talk about the game in any way you want!


Welcome to the community!


Erik Johnson

Name: Erik

Friend Code: 0087-2622-9651

AC Name: TPR Erik

City: Monkey

Fruit: Pears



Name: John 3d

Friend Code: 3780-9190-3313

AC Name: John

City: KiKi

Fruit: Cherry



Name: Richard

Friend Code: 0774-4246-7779

AC Name: Richard

City: New Bark

Fruit: Peach



Name: robbalvey

FC: 2294-4245-1161

Town: Maihama

Fruit: Pears

AC Name: Robb



Name: King

FC: 0688-5275-4791

Town: KingTown

Fruit: Oranges

AC Name: King



Name: Queen

FC: 0430-8312-2055

Town: Hidden

Fruit: Apples

AC Name: Amy



Name: Cameron

FC: 1607-2297-8272

Town: Boopville

Fruit: Apples

AC Name: Cameron



Name: Travis

FC: 4356-0088-2299

Town: catville

Fruit: peaches

AC Name: Cassy



Name: Chrisb

Friend Code: 2251-4698-2109

AC Name: Chris

City: Starwind

Fruit: Pears



Jack Crouse

Name: SpecialTed

FC: 2707-1618-3587

AC Name: DoughBoy

Town Name: TwinPeak

Fruit: Cherries



Name: fire2box

Friend Code: 2208-5221-4039

AC Name: Tim

City: Diddo

Fruit: Cherries



Name: Michael

Friend Code: 1633-4292-6835

AC Name: Weetrick

City: Pico

Fruit: Apples



Name: William

AC Name: William

Town name: Gatorton

Fruit: Peach

Code: 0920 0360 9573



Name: Chris

Friend Code: 1907-8795-4644

AC Name: Chris

City: Bellow

Fruit: Peaches



Friend Code-1521-3326-5647


City Name-BMcity

AC Name - Palmer



Name: AlexanderK

Town Name: Axelan

AC Name: Alex

Friend Code: 2320-6637-2668

Fruit: Pears



Name: Ricky

Friend Code: 0490-5430-7737

AC Name: Ricky

City: Boulder

Fruit: Pears


Mr. Starr

Name: Ryan

Friend Code: 0103-9963-2238

AC Name: Ryan

City: Solisle

Fruit: Cherries



Name: Robdrop

Friend Code: 0430-8817-6575

AC Name: Rob

City: Bioville

Fruit: Pears



Name: Brad

Friend Code: 1160-9740-8274

AC Name: Brad

City: Indengo

Fruit: Pears


Name: Amber Boseley

FC: 5429-6800-0248

Town: D~Ville

Fruit: Peaches

AC Name: Amber


Name: DerekRX

Friend code: 2380-3415-7842

AC name: Derek

Town: Hopsburg

Fruit: Pear


Name: tomtom

FC: 5000-2749-8863

Town: Parlin

Fruit: Oranges

AC Name: Tom


TPR Name: RandyAU93

N3DS Name: McDoobAU93

N3DS Friend: 0087-2339-9130

ACNL Name: Randy

Town Name: Windboro

Town Fruit: Oranges


3DS Name -- DiSab712

Friend Code -- 2680-9615-2642

ACNL Name -- Derek

Town Name -- Atillic

Native Fruit -- Apples


Name: bean.zilla

Friend Code: 3411-1156-1467

AC Name: Squidgie

City: Bibbins

Fruit: Peaches



name: Attack7

fc: 1435-4554-5048

City: Chicago

Fruit: Cherry

AC Name: Matt



Name: Stacey

FC: 4570-7829-6044

City: DCA

Fruit: Orange

AC Name: Anna or Triton


Mr Stratosphere

Name: JP

Town Name: Valencia (I know I know... Don't ask lol!)

AC Name: John

Friend Code: 3282-2942-7861

Fruit: Cherries


Name: mattguyver

FC: 4570-7957-8252

Town: G-Force

Fruit: Pears

AC Name: Matt


For those of you with the QR code reader, here's a few great sites to scan QR codes for some GREAT custom designs:

So far these are the best two I've found:





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I'm John in the town of Kiki. My native fruit are Cherries and since the friend codes are based on your 3DS friend code, John 3d - 3780-9190-3313.


The downside to downloading the game at midnight is all the stores are closed.

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Ok, I got my town set up.


Name: Erik

Friend Code: 0087-2622-9651

AC Name: TPR Erik

City: Monkey

Fruit: Pears


Don't forget to get your bonus downloadable item from the post office/bank. Looks like I got a rainbow.


Edited by Erik Johnson
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I figured out something neat. Whenever you walk around with your 3DS in sleep mode it counts how many steps you make. For every 100 steps you do, you earn a play coin. Inside the Nook brothers store you can buy a fortune cookie for 2 play coins. After you eat the cookie you get a number that matches up to a rare Nintendo themed item. You can only buy one a day.

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I can't do anything anyway. I need to get my picture taken for my ID card and I don't have any money yet! Gotta wait until the recycling place or whatever opens tomorrow to get some cash so I can get my photo.

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Don't forget that one if the rocks in your town (when hit by your shovel) dispenses a bunch of bells. (One random rock a day). You usually can get about 6,000+ bells a day doing that. I just got my first house upgrade and the fishing pole today. Anyone else walking around your house with the 3DS, in sleep mode, to earn play coins?

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Don't forget that one if the rocks in your town (when hit by your shovel) dispenses a bunch of bells. (One random rock a day). You usually can get about 6,000+ bells a day doing that.

I didn't even know you could hit the rocks. I just found a silver nugget in one and sold it for 3,000 bells.

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I got an emerald in the rock and got 2000 for it. I've gotten a lot of fossils, and don't know if there is any benefit to donating it to the museum, versus selling it. I got 4000 for one fossil, and was just wondering what to do with my other three.

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You should always donate your first fossils, fish, insects, paintings to the museum. You will get duplicates of the same ones in the future that you can sell (or set up in your house). You can view all your donations in the museum. I caught my first shark this morning. I had him in my house for a few minutes before donating him. He was awesome! Let's plan on having a meet up later tonight. I can always open my gates for an open house/fruit trade! Has anyone found a watering can in your stores yet?

Edited by Erik Johnson
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