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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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For everyone who's not checking in on their town as much anymore, there's a fishing tournament today. Catch the biggest loach.


I got pretty lucky as the first one I caught was 3 inches longer than the current first place fish.

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I picked up Disney Magical Worlds the other day. It's a fun game, but not nearly as 'polished' as animal crossing. It's very similar to AC, but not as nice looking, and the quests aren't as clear as in animal crossing. I do like that they have a mini game where you fight off ghosts, but some of the other ones aren't that great. For the fishing one, it's too simple and you rarely lose a fish. It almost seems like a glorified iPad game versus a full nintendo game like AC.

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I've played it a bit more the past few days, and it does get a bit better, but I still like Animal Crossing better. However, I've been playing Animal Crossing almost daily since it came out, so it is a nice change every once in a while.

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Yeah! I've been working on getting my town *perfect* for a while but I've also been recently playing Legend of Zelda: wind waker on the wiiu playing different styles of games sort of makes me appreciate them even more!:)

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