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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Has anyone else had an issue with getting the same spooky items every day? For the third day in a row the Spooky Wall Lamp and the Spooky Wallpaper have been in my store, and the masks seem to just alternate between skeleton and werewolf.

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^ Added your name to the first post and I'll add your FC to my 3DS tonight.


I'd suggest starting out by trying to get to as many people's towns as possible and "best friend" them in the game so that way you can see when other players are online and you can chat with them in the game. That's usually how we know when others are playing and to open our gates.


There's a handful of us "late nighters" that play every night for at least an hour or two.



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I wish I could play that late but I'm usually in bed around 10 PM EST.


Two cool things today:


1) I passed my fourth and final Gracie's fashion check! Her boutique will open up soon!


2) I talked to Camofrog today (one of my favorite villagers) and he had said he talked to a fox in another town the other day and bought a painting from him. Camo then asked me if it was a good deal and I bought it from him. It turns out that the painting was not a fake and it's now proudly in my museum! I had absolutely no idea that you could acquire real paintings outside of purchasing them from the fox.


Totally rad.

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I'm a super early player so I never see anyone online. I get up to take my girl to the train station, then usually get an hour or two of playtime around 6:30am PST. Then usually a half an hour on my lunch and that's about it.



I got my third Gracie check today and passed easily so only one more to go!


I've had a villager exodus in the past couple weeks and I'm down to 7. They were all original animals from when I started so it was kinda sad to see them go (especially because I hadn't gotten pictures from any of them...Grrr)

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Picked this game up again last night after not playing for two months. Everyone was cross with me for abandoning them, and I got a lecture from Isabelle on saving the game.


Anyone else get the feeling there is something sinister lurking under the surface of this town? Who is Nook and why does he control the economy? Does everyone owe him money? What is Reese doing with all of those cherries and shells? Am I the mayor or the puppet of a secret animal cabal? I'll have to keep playing to uncover the truth...

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^^The Halloween Simpson's update took up a lot of my Animal Crossing time as well. However, I still checked in for a little every day and got my fossils, the candy, and the Halloween items. Only a few days left until the Animal Crossing Halloween event!

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Halloween is a lot of work. I did just figure out that you can scare villagers in other towns to get lollypops so that makes it a bit easier to complete the Creepy Furniture series that Jack gives you.

I didn't get a chance to play today. Gonna set my clock back a day so I can play Halloween tomorrow, feel free to come to my town!

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