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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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So this is really strange - I have not had any of my villagers ask for any public works project pretty much since I've started playing. I've not had anything added to my list other than the things I've gotten naturally through the normal progress of the game (town hall upgrade, Roost, Flower clock, etc...)


Any suggestions on how I can get my villagers to start asking me for new projects? Or should I try to hit them all with a net and get rid of all of my current animals???

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I just got my first request (for a Fairytale Bench) yesterday. Other than that I've had the same experience as you. I assume that the towns I visit that have all the crazy public works projects must have time traveled, because I make it a point to interact with all the villagers every day and I've gotten almost nothing.

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I finally was able to open my cafe today and had a perfect town the last 2 days straight, so started on my flower clock today. As for public works requests, one of the hamster dudes in my town just requested I build a sandbox, so I think it's totally random and depends on how much you talk to your townsfolk.


Just need the alpine cart and I've got my first themed series complete

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I wonder what might be keeping it? I know I didn't get mine until I planted all my flowers and made sure they were all watered...every one of them... every day. And once I did that I started getting Jacob's Ladders pretty regularly. I think I've got 10 now.

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Here's from the wiki to get a perfect town:


Tips to get a perfect town


Below are tips on how to get a perfect town:


1. Plant enough trees and flowers in your town. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you need 110-200 trees and over 75 flowers in your town. In games with the acre system you need 12-16 trees and 6-10 flowers planted in each acre. For more variety, add coconut/banana trees and fruit trees where available. Rivers count too, so instead of estimating the space in the river, start from the other side of town.


2. Remove all weeds. About 3-4 weeds spawn daily. Leaving weeds to grow will negatively affect the town status. Dandelions are weeds, too, but count as flowers. Clovers are weeds, but do not bring negative effects to the town's status.


3. Pick up everything lying around your town. They are considered trash and affect the town status. Seashells and fruit do not affect this, although you may want to if you want your town to look tidy.


4. You will need a normal/silver can to water your flowers everyday to prevent wilting. Wilted flowers will affect the town status. Like weeds, 3-4 flowers also spawn daily.


5. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Public Works Projects affect the town status. You will need at least 10 projects in your town to acheive the perfect town status, not counting projects in the Main Street or Town Hall/Station upgrades.


In Animal Crossing: City Folk, a windmill can help the town status. To get one, first donate 200,000 Bells to the town fund to get a bridge, then donate 500,000 Bells to get a fountain, and lastly, 1,000,000 Bells to get a windmill, or you may select a lighthouse instead.

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So I got my Slushie Machine from the Nintendo Zone at Starbucks the other day... Still working on my "Japanese Sushi Restaurant" room, but it needs more work. There were a bunch of 7-11 themed items that I've seen in Japanese HHA houses that I'd love to get, but I think they are Japan only. They would be a perfect fit for this room!







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It amuses me how New Leaf has "mini-games" like playing hide and seek with your neighbors and working as a barista in The Roost. Today, a visitor from another town, Savannah, showed up alongside Quillen, Tom, and Tortimer.


I'm a bunny barista!


Let's see what kind of coffee a duck wants...


It's a Zebra! Most of the time only my neighbors show up for coffee...where did you come from?


Tom loved my coffee :) I earned Superb coffee beans from Brewster and a sugar and milk set.

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^ Yes, that's exactly it. She tells you what style of clothes you need to wear and you have to come back wearing at least three from the style. So you really do need a lot of different clothes in your locker or museum storage.


There are lists online that tell you what clothes you need to wear for each style. It would be impossible to get right without looking at the lists!

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I've had my four checks and passed them all and now have the Emporium. The top floor has some perfect candy items that match my house, but they are very expensive. They are mostly over 100,000 bells, and unfortunately, there isn't much else she sells after that. I used this webpage to help me figure it all out. I compared everything I had to the list, and then used the catalog to fill in the outfits I was missing (I've always purchased every single item since the game started). She only stops by once a week, so you don't want to miss even one!



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