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Thrill Mountain Amusement Park (RCT3)

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Thank you all for your phenomenal support of the park and our new addition! Your feedback in our customer survey is greatly appreciated, and will help us determine our future attractions!


Have you accepted the challenge of Apollo X yet? If not, come on out and accept it!


The former shop was converted into a queue house with an outstandingly large amount of theming!


Mountain gifts was removed to make way for our coming attraction, and Dean's Cafe is now closed due to construction.


This is going to be a great EXPERIENCE!


Can it top Apollo X at night?! That's still up for discussion!


Enthusiasts have said that "Apollo X has B&M smoothness with the outstanding SLC layout!"


Come on out and ride Apollo X, NOW OPEN!

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Construction has finally begun! While this isn't heavy construction, we'll be in the full swing of things by next month. This is a whole new genre of ride for the park, and will be a giant leap for the entire industry!


Lot's of hints in that single blurb, take note!


Is this the station structure?


I'm not quite sure...


What a unique experience!


We've continued to receive great feedback about Apollo X! Thank you!


Raging Plague is an amazing coaster!


I hope to have more soon, and thank you for all the fantastic feedback on our survey! Expect periodical surveys, just like that!

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Crowds are roaring at the park, especially in anticipation of the summer months! I've got a few pictures to share, so let's get to them.


This attraction will open on the park's TENTH anniversary! How exciting!


The question stands, was it worth it to remove the shop..? I think YES!


There still is quite a ways to go, if only I had a time machine!


These trenches will NOT have water in them, that is CONFIRMED!


Goliath was voted as the BEST floorless coaster by the American Coaster Enthusiasts! What an honor!


I've heard some of our enthusiast friends call Poseidon and Apollo X the "Vekoma Duo!" I wonder if it'll ever be a "Vekoma Trio?"


Can't wait to give you more news on our new attraction!

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I cannot believe it's already the summer! So much time is flashing before our eyes. Cannot wait for our new attraction! So much hard work is being put into it! I was authorized to give you all a hint, "Soar at the speed of hawks!" Run with it!


So much is done already, how much left to go?


This will be the lifthill.


Some changes are going to be made to Typhoon's queue and exit to accommodate for our new attraction.




Guests continue to tell us how much they love soaring above the water!


As well as how much they love Apollo X!


Will the new attraction be as wild as GunStrigner?


Dean's Cafe will reopen in July.


So much more time left to go...



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As much as I love this park, it does bug me that it builds huge attractions only to remove them a few years later. While it would make a bit more sense if it was a smaller ride, moving a huge coaster like a strata after a few years of operation seems like a bad idea.


Other than that, I really like this park. The woodie looks very promising. Let's hope it stays this time

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Due to a recent storm, the park, and the entire surrounding area have been left without power. Due to the nature of our attractions, the park cannot operate. We apologize for this great inconvenience, but have brought you an update yo cheer you up!


Track has been mounted! This is great!


The outstanding orange color of Twister really stands out in the darkness of the stormy sky.


Dean's Cafe will be open when the park reopens!


Typhoon's exit has been rerouted to exit into Ancient Rome.


What an awesome station!


Too bad, Goliath can't run in this weather.


See you soon! And keep a smile on your face!

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Hello everyone,


After a bit of thought, and quite a lot of aggravation, I have decided to place my project, Thrill Mountain, on hiatus. The large size of the park has created a major problem, that of lag, and crashing. As soon as I complete a project, the game would crash, before I could save. The fact that crashing occurs so often has made my work harder to complete, and gives the appearance of lower quality. For now, I will begin creating a new park, which won't go public for a little while.


I want to thank all of you who have dedicated the time to follow the park, and leave feedback, it is all very appreciated.


Thank you all, and keep on being great!

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I thought I'd take a moment to let everyone know that I am officially closing up Thrill Mountain. Yesterday, I attempted to reopen the park to complete some work, but had the game crash. It looks as though the park is officially extinct. If I have some time (between building my next park), I will be begining my next park, which will take a more traditional approach.


I thought I'd take a moment to clarify a lot of things that have been asked among these past few months.


Why was Top Speed removed?


I had originally planned Top Speed to be opened about 10 years down the line, but it became clear that the park needed something in that space, as it was dead. The story would state that new management felt that the ride was unreliable and a drain on funds.


Where are the Vekoma CTR from?


Heve-RCT; Yes, you'll need to translate it.


What are the plans for the future?


I was planning Hawkman the world's tallest, fastest wooden roller coaster built by GCI for the park's 10th anniaversary. The following year would be quiet with only a few new buildings scattered. The next year would feature a new water park on the Hilton 'Island'. The following year, we would introduce a B&M X-Coaster (wingrider) along with a new area themed to a High-Tech world. This area would have spanned the entire right side of the property. The next year would bring a new entrance to the rear of the park. Following that, would be a new mountain coaster that would completely utilise the central mountain. I didn't really have anything beyond that planned, but I was definetely planning big things for the park.


I once again thank all of you for your dedication to the park, it is very much appreciated, and I will never forget how this park has shaped my future RCT endeavors.



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