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Thrill Mountain Amusement Park (RCT3)

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Demon's Inferno Removal

I hope you've all gotten your last rides on Demon's Inferno! It's time for an update on removal, which has flown by! Can't wait to see what replaces it!


I don't think there's a chance of riding Demon's Inferno!


Supports on one truck, and launch system, and trains on another!


How interesting to see the coaster without the river!


Hello? Hello? Is Anyone Out There?


Just a few days later, and nearly all the track is gone!


More removal. Only the launch is left now!


Within 30 days, Demon's Inferno has been removed and all that remains are footers!


The skyline has been stripped of Demon's Inferno!


All that remains is the station, but how much longer will it stand?


More VERY soon!!! All feedback is much appreciated! The park will be taking a bit of a turn here, so bare with me, and I'm sure you'll love what I have planned!

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It's already August, and we've yet to see an announcement regarding next year's additions. Is it possible we'll only see a repainted Typhoon? I certainly hope not!


Baynum Company has been contracted to paint Typhoon!


Corkscrews are already complete!


The entire plot is already cleared.


Nothing new is happening here.


This can't just be one ride, it's too big!


Gun Stringer is still here!


Still the craziest coaster in the park! But for how much longer?


Only time will tell!

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So sad about Demon's Inferno, great ride, now gone. Anyways, I hope that the new addition for this area is a unique style of coaster, and a Western themed coaster would make sense to fit in with Gun Stringer, and for the area that was on fire, maybe a scrambler ride called Tornado or Twister if you don't already have a scrambler. Keep up the good work.

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Thrill Mountain announces a new ownership of the park starting TODAY! Pacifica Hotel Corporation has bought Thrill Mountain Amusement Park and all trademarks and licenses, which include partnerships with local businesses. Alie Gaffan will replace Jason Thompson as Park President, and Max Greywall will replace Alex Duzski as Public Relations Advisor.






Just as we do every season, we're announcing what's new for next year!



NEW for next season, GOLIATH! with a heart-pounding zero-gravity drop, FIVE INVERSIONS, and floorless trains, Goliath will make all guests scream! Goliath is joined by three new flat rides, Rok'n'Roll, a classic bumper car attraction, Twister, a scrambler ride, and Pharoah's Fury for all the younger guests! ALSO, Endure ELEMENTS! Typhoon was never THIS crazy! Experience Land (Green), Air (Orange), Water (Blue), and Fire (Red)!


Also new, HILTON at Thrill Mountain! This new HILTON hotel will offer free admission to all of their guests, and is found through the Western area.


To make things even better, the park announced an expanded schedule of year-round operations for the upcoming season!


Goliath is a stunning coaster!


Twister brings back some memories!


Pharoah's Fury will bring new memories for our younger guests!


Elements' outstanding paint job will attract many guests!


Air, Water, Fire and Land.


This Hilton is owned by Pacifica Hotels.


What a stunning skyline!

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I should take this time to introduce myself. My name is Max Greywall, Director of Public Relations. I'll be keeping you all up to date on everything happening around the park! Today, I thought it would be nice to show you all a detailed look at our new additions.


Rok'n'Roll is a guest favorite!


With our new emphasis on EXPERIENCES, Elements surely delivers! Literally!


Guests can purchase their rooms online, or right here!


The hotel is great! Operated by the Hilton company, who are doing a great job!


Our ferris wheel is outstandingly huge! I love it!


This small garden is a fantastic place to cool off in the warm summer months.


View out of the top floor of the Hilton. Stunning!


I've received a few calls about this, and I'd like to confirm that the launch tunnel on Top Speed was removed for safety purposes.


I hope to get to know you all better in the coming years! Please keep the fantastic feedback coming!

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New Direction Announced


A Message from Park president Alie Gaffan:


Hello fellow enthusiasts! It's been great to lead this amazing park for the past few months, and I cannot wait to have more fantastic experiences with all of you! Today, we're going to be issuing a few measures to insure the park will be with us for decades to come. While for the last seven seasons, the park has received large additions, including a coaster every season. This practice will have to come to an end. In order to attract more guests, it's important that we cater to a larger variety of guests including our little thrill seekers. Within the coming years, we will see some great changes at the park, including new up-charge attractions, more expansion as a resort, and further themed expansions. We will also shift the focus from costly extreme thrills to more reliable thrill rides and coasters within the park's means. We hope you stick with us as we reshape this fantastic park!


Go-Karts will open at the beginning of August, only two weeks away!


Guests really enjoy the optional lockers.


I really love this photo, it shows the true nature of our park!


Poseidon towers over Ancient Greece!


But, does it top Goliath's Zero-Gravity drop?


Top Speed's queue canopies were removed.


Goliath is a fantastic coaster!

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Dangett! First Demon's Inferno, now the strata?? Interesting direction, but with the removal of this ride, this manager is gonna turn the park into a pile of dirt! But, I am wondering what could replace this ride, but if anything, it should be a new coaster. Cannot wait for the next update.

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I've got a few updates for all of you!


I thought I'd take a moment to confirm the rumors. Top Speed is no longer operating.


Mechanical parts have already begun being relocated.


Vortex will be getting something new soon though!


Gun-Stringer or Goliath... Such a contemplation!


More than just the skyline will be changing at the park! (That's a hint!)


Go-Karts has opened to much anticipation! A fantastic addition!


Goliath's dual immelman dives are astounding!


If only a crystal ball...


More in September!

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September - Off-Season


As announced earlier in the season, We're going to be operating a full-year schedule this season! Although, we won't be open for the first three weeks of September, We're operating all-year-round! During these three weeks, we're hard at work to improve your in park experience, by making adjustments to our stellar lineup of attractions.


A fast coaster to take down, eh!


Vortex is going to be repainted!


Twister doesn't get much love this time around, but orange looks great!


Deja Vu? Or does this mean something?


The next time we speak, this station will no longer be here! (Along with the rest of the coaster!!)


See you in October!

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Wait, you're taking down the tallest and fastest coaster in the world after you took out the most awesome looking Intamin Wingrider? There must be a crime against this

Nah, I have faith you'll think up something awesome, and I agree it didn't really suit the park. I really wish you'd kept Demon's Inferno though I just find it a bit unrealistic that a park would remove their star attraction, especially a record holder like that.

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