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New Theme Park propsoed For Mallorca! (2015)

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Earlier this week, the Danish theme park Club Group (TPG) presented the idea of opening a huge theme park on the island of Mallorca, Spain.

A project with a cost of 200 to 300 million €.

The site for the big theme park is not yet decided, however, the location of palma seem to be a favorite for the project.

According to documents distributed, the entire sum of some Scandinavian investors are privately fund

The current schedule anticipates that the theme park will open before the next elections in 2015.

They expect 1.5 million visitors per year and to create 800 jobs for the season.

The theme park will have 5 highly themed areas.


As read in the official folder of the park, which is found on the official project website, this park will include 3 coasters

- A runaway mine train for kids, (most likely a vekoma junior)

- A wild mouse, (most likely a Mack Wild Mouse)

- Suspended roller coaster, (i think a B&M Invert)


All in all a not uninteresting project that only a short flight away.


The official project website: http://themeparkgroup.com/


Sources: Airtimers.com, NewsParcs.com


Here's some concept art for you:


The entrance area planned for the theme park.


More concept art.


I see a water ride!


The children's Fantasia themed area.


More concept art.

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^ my thoughts exactly. I don't know much (If anything) about the island but I would think the populace would be limited and I suspect that the tourists are more interstes in the beach than a theme park.


We shall see if this one goes anywhere.

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I have to admit I was farily ignorant of Mallorca until 15 minutes ago.


Population is over 700,000 with another 20 million visitors a year.


So, do the visitors really want an amusement park? How far is the park from the beaches? Is this the Spanish version of Hard Rock Park?

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^Where did you read 20 million visitors per year? I'm not saying you're wrong, but from my own little research I just did, I got around 6 million visitors per year. Either way, I don't see how one out of ever six, or even one out of every twenty people who go to vacation on the island are going to want to skip a day on the beach to go to an amusement park.

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Yeah, I really don't see this working. But it's interesting nonetheless, so I did a little more digging. Here's a link to the site for CB Design, the Swedish company that is working on the project. They created the masterplan and concept artwork and there are a ton of pictures of a scale model they created. It looks like they're planning some interesting things for this park, including a roller coaster that looks like a strange variation on a Vekoma Boomerang.




Also, it sounds like the working title for this project may be "Evoloution Park." I wonder if that would deter fundamentalist Christians lol...

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Mallorca gets around 10 Million Visitors each year, but these are mostly budget tourists from Germany and England who come there for a week of drinking and party.


From Germany it is just a 2 hour flight and you can spent a week there with flight/hotel for 350 euro($500), I hardly see this as a crowd that would spent a lot of $$$ to visit an Amusementpark

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Be awaree that M%allorca and especially Palma de Mallorca are a very dynamic and young (Palma) destination with lots of clubs, nightlife and so on... a bit like Salou, but full of festive (and often drunk) Germans. I spent 10 days over there and could have done with a break with a good amusement park, but then again, i'm not the "usual public". Do waterparks work ? I think so. So maybe a thrill park would be good too.

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For those of you who dont know Mallorca, check out this clip from my favorite German TV Show X-Diaries which follows crazy Germans on there vacation in Mallorca


ANYHOW, Mallorca is a beautiful Island, but after watching the clip, do you really think that people who come there are up to spending a day and some serious $$$ at an Amusement Park?



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^very clever remark about the SIZE of it. As I said before, I believe a park could work there. But I agree they kind of see things BIG. On the other hand, if the tourists from all over Europe find a park with rides actually smaller than on mainland, it's fated to failure. Everything will have to be very well balanced... Where next? Ibiza ? (coasters on acid LOL)

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That are good news !!


I visit mallorca ("Malle" in german language) every year for party vacation!

There is no way, in my opinion, that this theme park will be a big financial hit! Everybody is too drunk to get there, i promise you...

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As far as I can remember when I lived in Europe. The people who go to Mallorca go to get drunk and go to the beaches.

There are three kinds of people who travel there. 1.)The people with loads of cash who sail their yachts from mainland Europe and party. They would much rather spend their cash on expensive 10 euro cocktails than a theme park.

2.) The family who takes their annual vacation there. They saved money up for a beach hotel and a beach. Not a theme park. Especially since a lot of them are Germans, who have Europa Park and would much rather spend their time on the nice warm beaches since that is what Germany lacks. However, if the park had a very unique water park attached to it, I could see it working out better for this group.

3.) The teenage crowd who comes with family or in groups to get smashed. They would rather spend their money on booze and trying to get with the rich girls at the beach parties.


I don't see it working out as well, especially since I see the park being very expensive to operate, which would make it very expensive to go visit.



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