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How was your day?


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I spent a good chunk of my day at airports/on planes, so that wasn't all that exciting. But tonight we went to eat at the godly Towson Diner (best diner EVER!) where I had some kickass meatloaf. And now I'm watching football and posting on this board.


Dave "Green Bay, Wisconsin is actually kind of cool" Thomas

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My day was...ugh...a headache at first. Woke up late, got caught up in some online drama, stepped away from it to get ready for work only to find the city outside working on the pipes so I couldn't shower so that put me further behind. get to work, things get better, work is decent tonight, make some good sales. now I am just chillin' here waiting for 11:30 so I can book it to the grocery store before they close at midnight.


mmmm..on second thought..maybe I could just go to the 24-hour super wal-mart instead. or just go tomorrow since I still have leftover tacos from last night. decisions, decisions...


but..may day started on an off-note, then got better.

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today has been a good day, slept in, went grocery shopping, made some super yummy tuna helper, had a small ice cream sandwich..and now I am just bouncin' to mp3s while waiting for my laundry to finish up so I can fold it...or just dump it into the drawer since it's mainly socks and undies.

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Well, I woke up at 6:40A.M., showered, went to school at San Dieguito Academy, home of the Mustangs since 1936 (which is just a public hich school I dont know why the call it that) at 7:30A.M. and had English, American Sign Language, Wood Shop, and P.E., then I got home at 3:30P.M. and went to Scream Scape, West Coaster and now here. Oh, Im watching the news now too. So its been a good day because I have no home work.

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Woke up at 6:30..way too early, but if I didn't I would never be able to get to school by 8. Went to school, had 1hr and 45 min each of math, pe, and english and came home. Pretty boring day..I have dance practice tonight though so hopefully that will be better. I still have biology and French homework due tomorrow.

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^^^ Thats the one!


It was delicious. A lot of great fish options (Mahi Mahi, butterfish, tuna.. etc). The service was fantastic. My only complaint was that it seemed to be a bit overpriced.


I can't comment on dessert since we went to Capogiros for gelato afterwards. Boy do I love that place.


Mark "Then again it is a restaurant in downtown Philadelphia... What did I expect?" Luskus

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