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The Confession Thread


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^^ Because I used to work nightshift for nine years, the only way I could see Teletubbies was to record it. But after I watched each show I didn't have the heart to record over it, so I ended up with lots of Teletubbies on video. I have now stopped doing this because I don't work nights anymore and can watch it when I want to!

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I might as well say it now: I'm a furry. Never been to a convention, though I've wanted to for some time now.


NO, I'm not one of those "furverts" like on CSI (which Damien has already said). BTW, Damien, congrats on being the first furry at TPR, we're setting new records every day! ) I'm not too open about it, but I really don't see the need to be.


Betcha never saw that comin', did you?

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Um, I'm obsessed with DDR and ITG... I waste around $200 or more a month on these games...


I also pooted in class today, and I blamed it on the kid next to me


By the way, a Furry is a person that likes to dress up in animal costumes... and sometimes engage in sexual pleasures while in them (But not all of them)

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I had a very emo moment today, and it's terrible considering it "emo" because it was really weird, and sad.


Today is the first time I've ever cried over somebody's death.

These tears are 2 years late, I didn't know this person, and he killed himself. I'm not sure which of the three is the worst part.


Today, I mourned the death of Elliot Smith.

I was sitting there, listening to pretty much every song I had re-downloaded by him after getting this new hard drive, and all of a sudden I realized I was crying. I was confused. I was all,"No effing way, I can't be crying over Elliot Smith." But I was. I was in a state of shock for a good couple hours about it...

Now, I'm not so sure why it struck me at that time, but all of a sudden his death seemed extremely sad to me. The shock, I'm not so sure if it was over his death or me crying about it, but it was really... really bad. I just bursted out in tears.

It was like a combination of his being dead, me crying over somebody, and then realizing how sad it was that I had never cried for somebody else before.


Talk about self reflection.


Elliot Smith: 1969-2003

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^ I remember being sad about his death at the time, but it didn't really bring me to tears in a big way until I heard the Ben Folds song 'Late' which he wrote for Elliott having known him from the music circuit. It's a beautiful tribute without being cheesy, if you haven't heard it then it's definitely worth a listen.

Rest in peace Elliott.

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