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Google Plus Discussion/Invites

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Google Plus is a response to Facebook by the search engine giant Google. From my experience so far, it is a strong website still in the beta phase. If you need invites, I have them!


You will need to share your email, so feel free to PM it to me if you feel unsafe posting it to the public.


And just to prove I'm not an email spammer!


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Lets try to get a chain going - I'd love to see TPR help bolster some more Google+ popularity.


As soon as I get my invite *ahem* Kyle *ahem* I'll offer a few invites to other TPR members. We all invite five, and those five invite five...

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For as much as I hate the idea of "yet another social crap", I decided to set an account up for work, as well as one for myself.


For work, I don't know how well this will do. (News media outlet)


But for myself, I think it's great! Anyone who uses an android phone will appreciate the personal integration of everything you've ever done with google, including youtube, picasa, phone contacts, gmail, email, etc, etc, and etc. I didn't realize how much of my online life was google based, and they put it all together, in a neat package, that I can now share with friends, and still keep acquaintances and colleges at a distance. (Unlike Facebook, where a friend is a friend is a friend, you really control who sees what very easily!)


I can see this replacing Facebook in a couple years, and it's DEFINITELY a nice twitter replacement today. I even see this killing LinkdIn in less than a year, because of the way you can handle the people you know, and no "spam-requests" or paid accounts infamous with LinkdIn. Just very well done!


There are more Android users now than iPhone, by a small margin, but this may just multiply that even farther.


So far, I'm giving it 2 thumbs up, anxious to see what's next while it's testing.

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I honestly could care less about Google+ until a majority of Facebook users switch over. Which I don't see happening for a long time. I mean, Google+ is nice and all, but Facebook has become such a global phenomenon that it seems almost impossible to surpass.


I dunno, only time shall tell.

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My favorite thing about Google+ is the distinction between "Friends" and "Acquaintances". On Facebook, I've added everyone I've met who is online, but the status updates and photos of those who are less "intellectually advanced" keep showing up in my News Feed. Often, I miss out on the stuff I actually care about because it's hidden in a pile of chain statuses, misspelled stuff that's supposed to be inspiring if you can read it, and "updates" about hanging out with the same friends they were hanging out with twenty seconds ago. Whereas on Google+, all your brainwave-intensive friends can go in one circle, and those friends you only speak to when you're bored or forget what class you have second period go in another.

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Hey! thanks! I know you invited me a while ago, but today is the 1st day I actually signed up for it. The circles and rings of friends reminds me of the odd yet strict rules about how one has to address other people within the rings in Japanese.

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