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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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  • 3 weeks later...


Total of $25 won, from my last Poker Lotto ticket.

And now, two instant free tickets, on my new tickets!





Shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone about this game. I love winning money.


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^I suppose the next round of beers is on you then...


Magical evening at the stadium yesterday watching Brann, the citys football (soccer) team, winning 4-1 and climbing to 4th place in the Norwegian top divison. Goal celebrations were absolutely mental!!!


Up there on the very last row among the group of standing fans is my "second home"...

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^I suppose the next round of beers is on you then... .....


I guess it will be, lol! I just won $10 on an online ticket that cost me ....$1?



*And today, Monday/11th, I won $8 on a $3 scratch ticket! Woo Hoo!


**And on July 15th, a four dollar ticket, that won me Instant $5! A - may - zing!


*** And on a three dollar scratch ticket today, Sunday ... Won $12!!!

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Sorry, I just can't stop feeling HAPPY about this, today!

And here's a photo to prove how HAPPY my day has been....


$ $ $ $ $ $ Post #16,400! $ $ $ $ $ $


And for a $4 play, too.

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The West Coast Bash tix were released the other day. And I got my tickets, immediately!

And, I also 'happened' to assume the dates would be correct, so I already have my

hotel set up done, and I am taking the train down the coast, to Los Angeles! Also decided

to rent a car, although, out of three days' rental, I only use one day, up to Magic Mountain. But that's

okay. I don't mind as long as I can buy and pay in advance. Past TPR Tours taught me that, lol.


I got myself a 3-day park hopper passport for the Disney Resort, a reservation for the "World of Color Dessert Party."

This might be the my one and only time I'll get back there, and after all that day of park-walking, the extra $$$ is

worth it (to me), to get to SIT during the time before and during the WoC show, itself. With 2 drinks and desserts as well!


There's a lot of room for stuff to happen without warning, in a hopefully good positive way, so I am very happy and getting

excited for September's trip!


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Just got tickets to Cirque du Soleil's newest production, TORUK.

Inspired by the film AVATAR. Full arena used, instead of in their striped chapiteau.


Not seeing it until mid-December, but we got awesome seats!


A bit too big for Cirque's striped chapiteau.

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Yesterday I won 1000 NOK (about $120) on a bottle return machine.


To explain, in Norway you pay an extra fee on bottles, and when you return the bottles you get the money back. However there is also the option on many of the machines to press the Red Cross button and partake in a lottery instead of getting the money back. You can win up to 1 million NOK. All the profits go to Red Cross. I have giving Red Cross my "bottle money" for years, so I do not feel bad for keeping this win!

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The PNE is my personal, oversexed (oooo Daddies!), overhyped, sometimes out of control THEME PARK to enjoy for two weeks.



High prices on food, and all of it, no matter how outrageously-priced.


It's The PNE!

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I just realized, that French Canada has cracked the theme park food bubble...




It's everywhere in the world now, especially U.S. parks and theme parks/resorts.

And sooo many variations are offered. I love it!


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