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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I saw Big Brovazs live tonight. For free. Then I talked to Cherise outside for a while.


Then me and my friends got harrased by a drunk skinhead in a club.


On the way home I got accidently hit in the face, saw someone getting kicked on the floor by 10 other people and I almost witnessed a drunken hit & run.


Some guy was obviously wasted driving and swerved onto the pavement, narrowly avoiding a head on with a lampost and was about 5 feet from running over 5 people!!!


Friday nights are wierd.

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There was a turtle by the name of Bert

And Bert the Turtle was very alert

When danger threatened him he never got hurt

He knew just what to do...

He ducked! And covered!

Duck and cover!


He did what we all must learn to do

You and you and you and you

Duck and cover!

Duck and cover!!!

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