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Skycoastin' Steve's 2011 Season Extravaganza!!

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Even despite, the hight restriction on Bizarro, I had to deal with too. You have made some really nice pictures !

Did you actually get to ride the Mouse ? I have ridden it once, and suddenly, I suddenly was to tall when I wanted to ride it with night ERT.



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Someone left their hair in the Bizarro queue.


With the hair piece that someone was 77", without they were the lucky 76". Obvious choice was leave the hair in the queue. You should have done the same.


And I would say the inconsistencies in the height policy really were the mind boggling part of that whole Bizarro experience, which really was a nightmare.

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Even despite, the hight restriction on Bizarro, I had to deal with too. You have made some really nice pictures !

Did you actually get to ride the Mouse ? I have ridden it once, and suddenly, I suddenly was to tall when I wanted to ride it with night ERT.



Yeah, I rode it during ERT in the morning. Didn't even realize it had a max height until that night when someone told me (it might have been you).


I'm surprised it came out that well. Apparently I become a better photographer while intoxicated.


We all do things better while we're intoxicated.

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I don't think I've given your TR's any love yet, Steve. You've got some great photos! That's a real bummer about the crazy Bizarro height thing, though. I hadn't heard anything about it 'till I just read through your TR. Inconsistencies; gotta love 'em! You could look at it through a glass half full kind of way though, and think if it wasn't for their inconsistencies, you might not have been able to ride it in the morning either. Either way, loving your reports, and I'm excited to see the rest!


P.S. It was great meeting you and Jen. I had some good laughs sitting next to you two on the bus rides!

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P.S. It was great meeting you and Jen. I had some good laughs sitting next to you two on the bus rides!


Thanks for sharing your magic leg room row with us! That was so nice of you guys. Loved meeting you and can't wait to see you again!

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^^I definitely did say to Jen on a few occasions, "Well, at least I got the credit!" And I'm grateful for that fact, at least. Just the inconsistency is what really pissed me off, aside from the fact that the policy makes absolutely no sense.


But thank you for the compliment on the pictures and yes, it was a pleasure meeting you and being on the back of the bus crew together! And as Jen just said, I'm eternally grateful that you let us move into the crazy leg room row, it was a life saver!

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^ & ^^ I totally forgot all about the magical leg room seats! We had no problem giving them up. Hell, I could barely touch the ground in the normal seats, haha! Can't wait to see you guys again!


Steve - I agree, it is a pretty dumb policy, especially when it isn't consistently followed!

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^^I definitely did say to Jen on a few occasions, "Well, at least I got the credit!" And I'm grateful for that fact, at least. Just the inconsistency is what really pissed me off, aside from the fact that the policy makes absolutely no sense.


But thank you for the compliment on the pictures and yes, it was a pleasure meeting you and being on the back of the bus crew together! And as Jen just said, I'm eternally grateful that you let us move into the crazy leg room row, it was a life saver!


Steve, did you get measured with your shoes on or off? I'm pretty close to the maximum height limit myself. A ride op took me aside to check my height, but before he could, I quickly took off my shoes and I was just fine. Maybe you could try that next time?


And which row has the crazy leg room? The one by the sound system?

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I have to mention that I am LOVING your trip reports! They really are helping me with the post-trip blues. It's also helping me describe the craziness that is a TPR trip to all my coworkers by taking them along the photo journey with me.


Jo that wheel wasn't TOO bad... I wasn't laughing AT you, I was laughing WITH you. You just weren't laughing on the outside at the same time I was!


I'm glad Shawn and I were able to teach all those riders how to ride Wooden Warrior properly. We JUST got that last, front row ride in before it was time to run back to the bus.


And I can definitely check one more thing off my bucket list... Ride a Sky Coaster with Skycoastin' Steve!


Can't wait until our paths cross again. Hopefully next year when you come up to Wonderland for Leviathan!


Canadian (Skycoastin' Steve Fanboy) Nick

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^Thanks, Nick! And you can definitely count on me being at CW for Leviathan's opening, that's not something I'll miss. I already am making tentative plans to hit all the western NY parks and Marineland on that trip, as well. Even if TPR doesn't have an official bash that early in the year up there, we'll all have our own "unofficial" bash!


And which row has the crazy leg room? The one by the sound system?

Ah, wasn't too clear about that for those who weren't with us on the bus. There was a row of seats on the bus that had something like double the normal leg room, and Brian (STR8FXXXINEDGE) and John (his roommate) graciously let Jen and I sit in that row the last couple days of the trip since we're taller than normal people. They had been sitting in it for most of the trip but were nice enough to give the giants of the trip a little more comfort.

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Time for another update!


After the incredibly long, exhausting, and at times frustrating day at SFNE, we made a nice little drive deep into New England and stopped somewhere in southern Maine. This would end up being BY FAR the most relaxing day of the trip, and I kinda wanted to spend another day there after we left. Lunch at Jimmy the Greek's was delicious (I think I had fish and chips........let me think, yep, fish and chips), and their beer selection was heavenly! I also got to sample some of the pizza that Jen couldn't finish, and that was also very tasty (not Lombardi's tasty, but good nonetheless).


Palace Playland was a quaint little beach side park in Old Orchard Beach, and I honestly had expected the place to be a ghost town. However, Old Orchard Beach was actually a fairly touristy little town that reminded me a lot of some of the beach towns further south that I've been to. It was also a very warm day, and I'm sure that had a lot to do with so many people being out that day. Either way, it didn't feel overcrowded or anything, I was just surprised that people actually live in Maine. Palace Playland was pretty typical, a Galaxi and kiddie credit with some other flats, but it had some personality, as well. I enjoyed the fact that it was right on the beach, and Jen and I took a walk down to the beach and stuck our feet in the water. I was expecting freezing cold water, but once again, my ignorance showed, and the water was very comfortable, especially considering how sore our feet were from the day before!


After we were done at Palace Playland and we cut in front of a parade down Main Street (we don't miss the bus for anything!), we made the short trek to Funtown Splashtown. This was yet another small New England park that was overflowing with charm and personality (and once again, a nice change of pace after SFNE). Excalibur was a fairly mediocre CCI creation, although had the ending been as good as the beginning, it would have been top 20 worthy. The front row had excellent airtime on the first few hills, and the back row was "stand up ejector air" on the first drop. Funtown also had one of the best flats I've ever been on, the indoor scrambler/acid trip light show Astrosphere. Even though the scrambler itself didn't spin that fast, it was worth it to watch the light show! We also had a CRAZY bumper cars takeover, and I may have broken a few ribs in the process. We ended the day with an epic screaming match on the pirate ship between TPR and some 12-13 year old girls who said we were on our man periods. ERT on Excalibur was actually a LOT of fun, and somehow I lasted the entire hour without needing an organ transplant.


I definitely think that if/when I return to the New England area, Funtown Splashtown will be on my radar for things to do. It'll be nice to get a whole day there when I'm not half asleep! Here come the photos, the full album is on facebook here!


I think literally every single trip report done on this day includes this picture. The food was good, beer was better. I found out during this trip that New England has some damn fine breweries.


Time for Palace Playland!


I was surprised to see that this place needed a park map, it wasn't exactly a sprawling amusement park.


Pedo bear?


Um.....you spelled it wrong.


This was my first Galaxi credit, it wasn't horrible.


Oh good, I was hoping this classic from Worlds of Fun would live on!


Although they seemed to have reprofiled it and the interlocking loops were gone.


Neil seemed confused about the new layout, as well.


Pedo clown?


Oh look, a beach!


Since it was one of the 17 hot days of the year in Maine, the beach was rather crowded.


There was also a pier, not to be confused with Piers.


Oh look, an amusement park!


Sasquatch feet.


Pretty cool, we were on vacation at this beach in Maine, and there's an amusement park right there!


Under the pier, not to be confused with under Piers (that's Garbels' job).


This was so bad it was awesome.


Panorama of the beach and the entire population of Maine.


Funtown Splashtown!


There sure have been a lot of S&S towers on this trip.


Yesterday, it was huge. Now, it's only big.


This was definitely the most well-themed S&S tower I've seen (other than the one at IOA).


The dragon only has four teeth, maybe this theme would have been more appropriate at Alabama Adventure.


TPR member.


While we were in Maine, we experienced an eclipse.


Camelot! Camelot!! CAMELOT!!!


.......it's only a model.


The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. THAT is why I am your king.


Oh look, a White Castle! Mini burgers FTW!


This was my favorite sign of the trip (except for Dr. Poon's office).


"None shall pass."


Since Jen had her special 200th coaster sign, and since I had no major milestones on this trip, I decided to mark the coaster that brought me halfway to the devil.




Scrambler? check.

Dome? check.

Darkness? check.

Laser lights? check.

Disco ball? check.

Trippy ELO song? check.

Best flat ever? check.


I had never ridden one of these, it was a bit disconcerting.


The seats tilted forwards and backwards and occasionally rammed into each other. Jen was terrified.


On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.


Excalibur climbing.


Why have a flag pole when you can just build an S&S tower instead?


The rather difficult to photograph first drop of Excalibur. I like this picture.


This bunny hill had incredible airtime followed by a back-breaking pothole. It reminded me a lot of Rampage's similar bunny hop followed by a pothole.


This is just about where the ride begins to peter out.


Excalibur was nestled snugly in the back corner of the park, and you can get good shots from the parking lot.


Any idea what she's pointing at?


I'm glad the Lady of the Lake held this aloft from the bosom of the water.


Everyone seems to be having a good time.


Everything looks better at sunset.


Site of the epic screaming match.



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I am very happy to see that the park is still doing well! With the addition of that awesome new slide complex for 2012, the waterpark is really going to be great. With all the crazy comments about Astrosphere, I really wish I would have taken the time to ride it, rather than sprinting through the park on a quick credit run as usual.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Wow, it's been almost two weeks since my last update. To all my fanboys, my apologies!


Next up is Canobie Lake Park, and I gotta say, this was my favorite park on the trip. Despite their coaster collection being rather below average, the park itself was wonderful. It had fantastic theming all over the place, TONS of shade (thank God!), a beautiful setting on a lake with clean water (thank God!), and probably the friendliest staff I've ever encountered (yes, even including Holiday World). My only real negative on the park is the coaster collection, but when it has so much else going for it, it doesn't really matter if the coasters are that great.


A few thoughts on a few rides, Untamed was fairly decent. It was WAY too rough in the front, to the point where it didn't even feel like a new ride. The transitions from element to element weren't that smooth, and there was some head banging thrown in there. It seemed like the only smooth ride you could get was riding in the two middle seats in the back row. It was still a nice, compact layout with a terrific barrel roll, which was the best part of the ride apart from the first drop. Yankee Cannonball was a bit of a let down, but it was still good for an old woodie. I was expecting better airtime, but sometimes those old woodies just don't deliver the way you think they will. But no worries, it was still a fun little coaster! Canobie Corkscrew hurt, that's all I really have to say about that ride. And I'll give my thoughts on the flats in the picture captions.


On to the pictures, full album is on facebook here!


Comments are appreciated, thanks for reading!


I was loving the entrance, it gives a nice preview to how good the park looks on the inside. For once, the outer beauty matches the inner beauty!


More of the entrance.


Time for ERT on the newest Eurofighter in the U.S.!


As is the case with all past-vertical drops, this one delivered.


The barrel roll was the best part of the ride after the first drop.


Look at all those empty seats, ERT rocks!


This was easily the most painful portion of the ride. Reminded me of all those Arrow inversions that test your skull's fortitude.




Odd. After experiencing an eclipse in Maine the day before, we got another one the next day in New Hampshire. Must be a New England thing.


They went crazy all out with the theming for this ride, but I think it would have been better if they had live bears roaming the midway.




Three-bench trains FTW.


Ooohhhhhh an S&S Double Shot. Score! The pop of airtime after the first launch is quite possibly my favorite moment of airtime on any ride.


Once again, the theming was amazing for this entire ride, but I think it would have been better if they had entire deer carcases hanging from the ceiling.


Anybody want a bear hug?


Teddy Grahams?


If Canobie Lake had taken my advice and used live bears, this picture would have been a lot more interesting.




Drag On Coaster: The RuPaul Ride of Fabulousness


Sing it with me, "I've got the power!"


Speaking of Arrow coasters that test your skull's fortitude.....


I will say the airtime in our usual "Arrow" seat was fantastic on the first drop. Just everything after that f***ing hurt.


I have to admit I'll be sad when the last Arrow is torn down.


TPR members doing their best New Kids on the Block, they're hanging tough. oohhh ooooohhhh oooooohhhh OOOOOHHHH oh!


Yeah. Artsy.


Whaddaya know, there's a lake at Canobie Lake Park!


I got excited for a moment when I thought the wave swinger swung out over the lake, then I saw it didn't and I was sad. True story.


Apparently this is what they call water fountains in New Hampshire.


My first caterpillar experience, what a silly ride.


More Untamed.


Another damn eclipse!


I wonder how much loose change falls under this track?






Overlook of the layout.




Ok, I promise this is the last picture of Untamed. Nice station.


And now for the food stand portion of the trip report.......


Any idea what they sell here?


The Fried Dough stand had great airtime in the front, but lacked significant forces anywhere else. The pacing was nice, though.


They sold pizza here. True story.


We did a fatty spin on the log flume. We got wet. The end.


Where did the boat go?!?!


Others have commented on this ride, and you've seen Robb's video. It was so awesomely bad, I gave it three thumbs up.


Like I said, there were lots of trees and shade in this park. Someone from SFNE should spend a day at Canobie and learn a few things.


They had a nice, relaxing boat ride around the lake that showed off the ridiculously expensive homes on the water front. It basically just made me angry that I'm not rich.


Best looking dorks EVAR.


The park hides itself well on the shoreline, I'm guessing because the ludicrously rich people on the other side of the lake want it that way.


Copyright infringement?


Pretty much the greatest bumper sticker in history.

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Untamed is oddly rough for a brand new coaster. Dare Devil Dive is a lot better in my opinion. Canobie is awesome though, and the Corkscrew used to operate on the ghetto side of Birmingham, a couple miles from my apartment.


Mystery Mine > Dare Devil Dive > Spongebob > Untamed

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