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The Official West Coast Bash 2011 Thread - SFMM & KBF

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Goldrusher in the dark is definitely a must-do. The relatively tame helix is a completely different experience when done at night. All the coasters at the mountain are great at night, but for me at least, there's just something about Goldrusher that really sets it apart from the others compared to a daytime ride.

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so i got a question if I have an incentive ticket from knotts that i got for working an undisclosed event in October can i use that for WCB??

I think you'd be able to use that, but you'd still have to buy the "Season Pass" rate WCB ticket. Your incentive ticket should cover your admission for the day, but not the added perks of WCB.


Does that make sense?

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I'm so glad I'm going to the Knott's day! I didn't go last year because I figured - "Knott's never has lines, and I've ridden everything there, how amazing can a WCB day be?" Then I saw the TRs.. Still kicking myself for missing it.



If any of you are doubting your decision to go to WCB, just go. It's like a theme park visit on steroids, but good steroids.

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Hey guys, I just saw that SFMM is promoting a same event on the same day as WCB? Just saw it on FB and was wondering how that is going to work? Check it out. SFMM Coaster Event or am I trippin?

I posted this a few pages back...


On the subject of SFMM opening up a "coaster enthusiast" event for ACE members, let me clear one thing up for all of you...It's actually not an ACE event. The park has decided to open up *some* features of WCB to more people, not just ACE members, to help off-set the cost. There wasn't much we can do about it, but we have been told by the park that WCB members will get special perks, our own lanyard, our own Q&A/presentation, etc, etc. I kind of equate it to when more than one school has "physics day" on the same day and each of them have their own activities.


But bottom line is, there are two events going on this day - "The SFMM Enthusaist Day" and "West Coast Bash." Some of the group will be combined for some features of both events, but I've been told that WCB will have exclusive things just for our event. Based on what SFMM has done for us in the past, do you see any reason why we should doubt them?

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Ooohhhh This List Looks SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Hope They Put Superman And Roadrunners on the list also Apocalypse would be cool for Morning ERT. God I keep calling Gold Rusher, Gold Digger. Do You Think There Will be More Morning ERT rides?

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^ Yes, both morning and nighttime ERT, 2 meals, and "surprises": http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/events/CoasterEnthusiastDay2011.aspx


Back to WCB: I want a shirt, but I probably won't know by Friday that I'll definitely be able to make it to WCB. Is there any chance I could reserve a shirt and just pay extra for the shipping if it turns out I can't make it to the event? I'll probably be there, but I've been warned to keep my schedule open.

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Even MORE ERT Announced!!!


Here is the ERT line-up for Knott's Berry Farm on Sunday!


8:00-10:00 am Silver Bullet, GhostRider, Sierra Sidewinder

7:00-8:00pm Xcelerator, Supreme Scream, Jaguar, Montezoomas!


So that's another THREE HOURS of ERT for West Coast Bash!!!


Buy your tickets here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?categoryID=22

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^Awesome! I've only been on Sierra Sidewinder twice because the line is long when I'm there.. I guess I'll be riding it quite a bit now!


I don't see Pony Express on there. Perhaps as a special WCB perk, they'll run the ride backwards for us.



Oh wait.. they already do that.



As always, thanks for putting these events together!

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