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Monkeys riding dogs & another ghetto fair.

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Being that this week is the 4th of july, we decided to stay close to home. And that can mean only 1 thing.....A trip to the local ghetto fair.

This fair was put on by "wade shows".


Sorry about the quality of some of the pictures, I was an idiot and forgot my memory card for my camera at home. So most of the pictures were taken with my phone.


What a scam they have going for tickets. Not only does the parent have to get tickets to ride with there kid now, they raised the height requirement so that parents are forced to ride with there children. For example.....They say that the manufacturer sets the height requirement, and they have no control. Well if that's the case, why can my daughter ride almost every scrambler that we have ever seen except for this one? They say that the manufacturer set the limit at 48" to ride. But at every other place we have been to, it was38"- 43" with an adult. My daughter is 42" tall, so she was not able to ride much. The rides that she could ride, they made a parent ride with them and of course the parent had to pay also....what a scam. Like I enjoy squeezing my fat ass into a kiddie ride. They also had the worlds worst dark ride. This one blows away the lake winnie dark ride by leaps and bounds. The only thing that was inside, was a lit shelf with spray paint on it....that's it!!!


Though not all hope was lost, as we ran across the banana derby. This made all the bad go away. This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my 39 years on this earth. Monkeys riding dogs.....that's right....monkeys riding dogs.


On with the pictures...


We start our day at the ghetto fair with the bannanna derby.


They have monkeys.....


And they have monkeys riding dogs!!!


A few looks at the monkey race.





Ok, enough monkeys riding dogs...onto the rides. Swamp gater???


Ok...I can't get enough of this...


This ride was just pure pain.




The super himalaya.


House of rock? It was more like the house of lame blues. It sucked. Not one gag was working.


But it had a working sprinkler system in case the steel went up in flames.


Whats this?


Ohhhh...it's one of those giant hampster balls. For only $7, you can do this.Looks like fun, unless you have to fart.


And now onto the most ghetto dark ride I have ever been on. The witches castle.


It has a "tunnel of doom" and a very realistic witch just waiting to get you.


Look at the fine craftsmanship of this ride.


The cars were having trouble making it around the turn, so they had a guy standing there pushing the cars.


The broken space loop. It was broke all day, but I did see a guy with maybe 2 teeth working on it.


No rides on space loop today.


They had some T-shirts on sale in one of the tents.




These shirts were on display right next to the kiddie rides.


These guys are everywhere.




They had a few more rides.




I see that they take pride in lights. Most of the lights were burnt out on the ferris wheel. It looked like it was about to fall apart as well. So of course we rode it.


The himalaya caused some serious pain. Amy came off the ride with 2 scratches that were bleeding. They did not bother to cover up the bolts sticking into the sides of the car.

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I may have to make a stop just to see this awesome ghetto-ness. Where was this?


This is in Mt clemons Michigan. It's the stars and stripes festival. I think it goes thru the 4th. You gotta check out the monkey races. It's worth the drive alone.

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Here they are in all of there glory. Monkeys riding dogs!!!

Here is a video of the most amazing thing ever seen. (the part with the monkeys is about 3/4 the way thru the video).




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Next time you see someone bitching about SeaWorld's huge state-of-the-art, temperature controlled habitats for their Oracas where they have hundreds of vets on staff and have training programs consisting 100% of positive reinforcement... just show them this thread.


Personally I think Monkeys riding dogs is the greatest thing ever... but if these idiots want to complain about something, here you go. Then again they won't get as much attention if they start going after this ghetto fair and that's really all they want anyway.

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