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UPDATE pg 6: My daughter's memorial car. One voting day left

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^ The top 10 cars from each category will go on to the next round of voting, but the number of votes is only part of it. Ultimately, the votes are one of five criteria that judges will look at to determine those top 10 cars. My car is only elegible to receive votes for another 3 days, but you're right...second is a pretty good place to be. If my car can stay high in the rankings through Sept. 6th, it has a good shot at moving on. That top car is one of three "official" cars that were created by Toyota Racing itself to promote this contest, so I don't even know if it'll be included in the judging. On the face of it, it does seem like cheating, but I'm not worried about it. I think it has so many votes because people see the commercials on TV and automatically vote for those cars that are shown in the ads. In any case, by all means keep coming back and voting for Ceilidh's car. I certainly do!


As always, thanks everyone for all your support! I'll keep you posted.

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"Our" car's 15 days of voting eligibility are over, so I wanted to THANK YOU all for all your support. Cars can still be entered until Aug. 20th, and each car entered gets the same 15 days of voting until Sept. 6th - semi-finalist selection is announced on Sept. 13th, so it'll still be a nail-biter waiting to see if we can hold onto our position. Either way, thank you again for all your support!


If we make the top 10, the car will be eligible for a second round of voting to determine finalists, and eventually a third and final round to determine a winner. Again, I'll keep everyone informed of our car's status!

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Hey gang,


I wanted to thank everyone for their votes during the eligibility period for my daughter Ceilidh's memorial car, and to let everyone know that first-round voting ended 5 days ago with our car keeping its top-ten spot! That means that unless the judges disqualify it for whatever reason (doubtful), we'll be a GO for round two. By making the semi-finals, I'll receive an autographed 8X10 glossy of the car, which I WILL scan and post (after all, this car belongs to all of us, in my opinion).


Thank you all again, and when semi-final voting opens, I'll let everyone know.

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What a great way to honor her. I'm sure this would be really special to win. I be she is looking down and smiling at the awesome support from this community.


I Wish I would have found out about this sooner, as I would have been able to tell everyone I know. Good luck in the next round, I'll be voting daily.

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Voting is reopened for the memorial NASCAR race car I designed for my daughter Ceilidh, and goes for 10 days. Let's make this happen! Thank you for all the support so far (I can;t say that enough), and thanks in advance for the new votes. Remember, you can vote once a day EVERY day. I've already cast mine, but I'm up against some pretty strong cars.

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