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UPDATE pg 6: My daughter's memorial car. One voting day left

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Before I explain what I need my fellow TPR members' help with, let me reassure those of you concerned about spam that I ran this by Robb and got his ok to post it.


NASCAR fans here at TPR will likely be familiar with this, but for those of you that aren't, here's what I need your help with. Toyota Racing is running a promotion in which NASCAR fans can "sponsor" a car by going to the Toyota "Sponsafy Your Ride" website, designing their car, and putting it in the running for prizes. The cars are subject to public voting, and ultimately the grand prize winner gets to see his or her car design turned into a NASCAR show car to be displayed at the Sprint Cup race in Phoenix this November, among other things such as an all-expense-paid trip with tickets to that race weekend.


I designed and entered a car as a memorial to my daughter, and I was hoping my friends and family at TPR would be willing to vote for my car. My car is currently 3rd in my category (love), but this is only the first round. Ceilidh's memorial car has a long way to go.


To be honest, the trip is nice, and I'll certainly take it if I win, but the only thing I truly feel I NEED is to make this car a reality. I'd love to see my daughter remembered in such a hugely public and unique way, especially since it's so in line with my personality.


As I said, I just need votes (people can vote once a day every day for the six days or so). No donations required, nobody needs to send any money, and people don't even need to submit personal info, email addresses, nothing like that.


I'm attaching a sample of my car design so you can get a sense of my design before you decide whether or not to click the link to the voting page for my car. TPR is like a second family to me, and you all helped me through my daughter's death. Now I'm hoping TPR can help me honor her memory.




This link should bring you directly to my car's voting page, but if, for any reason, it brings you to the MAIN page of the voting gallery, click on "all categories > love > most votes" and choose "Ceilidh's Car." Once you're at the car's voting page, you can get a click-and-drag view of the ENTIRE car with the 3D Preview feature.


Thanks in advance for your votes!


Pete FourWinds




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^^ I agree it would be way cool to put this in the main forum to get some huge voting numbers, but unfortunately I don't get to make that decision. I knew from the start that it wouldn't get as much traffic as I would've liked, but putting it here was the right thing to do because it's not "coaster" related.


In any case, thank you ALL for your votes so far. My car is only eligible for 4 more days of voting, but in light of all the amazing support it's getting from all of you (my friends and family) at TPR, I'll keep you informed of the progress, and if it makes the semi-final round, I'll let everyone know so we can keep this going! You guys rock!!!

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Voted. Had I seen this thread previously I would have voted daily. You are currently in second place! Does the car need to be first in its category to move on? I will vote either way regardless, but that first place car has so many votes it seems like they are cheating or something, its crazy! Anyway, I am sorry for your loss and will help in whatever way possible to help with this cause!

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