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I was a bit skeptical about this movie, but being in chat with everyone for two hours made it awesome. I'm going to agree with Dave. There must be a sequel!! Maybe Fitch and Tiffany will get married and piranhas will interfere with their wedding or honeymoon. Oh, and I think its hilarious that we were referring to Tiffany by her real name. I honestly didn't know her characters name, nor did I care. She's always going to be known as Tiffany anyway.


Jo "I'm still waiting to hear "I Think We're Alone Now'" Galayda

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^I'm sure the Piranhas laid eggs somewhere! Well that, or the Piranha they thought was eating comes back as a horrible disfigured mutant and seeks revenge on Tiffany and her adjustable boobs!


Even if the pirahna started eating each other one is going to remain in the end. Did Tiffany and Fitch forget that the sole remaining creature can procreate by itself. EPIC FAIL on their part.

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^Yeah, for such an amazing movie, we were all really perplexed by the ending!


Especially since all of the fish were big enough to eat humans and helicopters whole, but then were politely nibbling the dead fish!?!?

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I just wanted to point out that our favorite hero, ab showing hottie Fitch, is in a few other movies that sound awesome. Vampire in Vegas and Aliens on Crack. Links provided if you wanted to check it out.


Aliens on Crack

Vampire in Vegas


Looks like Tiffany is in another awesome movie called Necrosis. I wonder if her boobs inflate and deflate in that one.



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