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TPR's West Coast Trip 2009!

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Did you guys mean to have six guys posing in the picture with that DVD?

We DID actually! My backup caption was something like "We got the DVD...we got six dudes...now it's time to recreate the movie...TPR style!"

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1) Awesome TR so far. Simply amazing!

2) Ahhhhhh, the porn shop! My home away from home.

3) Who keeps photoshopping Tyler in to every picture twice?

4) Elissa, what color is that bath water Piers is standing in? It's looks just a tad bit... ...uh... ...errrr... ...cloudy? Did you not learn your lesson from dirty water from when you were on Wipeout.


Anyway, It looks like the TR is off to an awesome start! I look froward to seeing pictures as they come out.

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Awesome! This brought back so many memories of my high school jazz band trip to LA in April...same hotel and everything.

Our trip was really ghetto, the hotel was undergoing some remodeling so it was covered in scaffolding and constantly under construction.

You stayed at the Holiday Inn. We were at the hotel next to it. Not the same hotel as you. We actually knew that the Holiday Inn was under construction and it was one of our deciding factors NOT to stay there!




Lucky you...

They didn't care to tell us that they were doing construction when we booked our reservations.

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Our next West Coast Trip update comes from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Bay Area Bash 2009! This update is so huge that it needed it's own page. So you can find the entire update here:



The event was totally awesome!


"That's right! We stared out with CAMEL ERT!!!"


Then we learned it's probably not a good idea to swing raw meat or babies in front of these dudes.


The park brought out a penguin to hang out with TPR.


And the night ended with one of the most INSANE ERT sessions in TPR history!!!


To see the entire update, click here:



And then come back to this thread and post your comments!





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