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Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) Discussion Thread

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Also, in reality, I just checked up how much scrap steel is worth, and it looks like that they probably wouldn't get much more than $100,000 if they're lucky (about $200 per ton, I'm assuming 400 tons for the whole coaster, so about $80k) it's enough to pay for a fair amount of fixing up that needs to be done, but barely enough for even a kiddie ride.

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^^^Actually, using B:TE for fright fest props would be pretty cool; intentionally rip up and bend some of the track and trains, grind down the sharp edges, and strew them around and you have a scene for a post apocalyptic amusement park themed haunt, or at least a portion of it. Then maybe some of the steel could be fashioned so that scare actors can hide inside or play dead in and around it, and scare them by either yelling at passerby or even jumping out on occasion.

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Darien Lake Announces Major Improvements for 2013!


New Thrill Ride, Laser Blast Upgrade, and Boardwalk Renovation will be new Highlights


Darien Lake announced exciting plans for the 2013 season including a new tower thrill ride and a major upgrade to our popular Laser Blast show.



“Blast off” is a 185-foot ride that will accelerate thrill-seekers to the top of a tower in a way that simulates an actual NASA launch. Blast Off will be located in the “Waterfront Boardwalk” area, which will undergo significant renovations in the off-season. The Waterfront Boardwalk will celebrate the nostalgia of New York’s popular lakeside resorts and communities of the 1950s and will include classic rides like the Grand Carousel and the Big Wheel, along with new dining options and a “jumping water” attraction where kids of all ages will enjoy splashing and chasing dancing water streams.



In addition to Blast Off, our popular nightly Laser Blast will receive an extensive upgrade, adding cutting-edge water technology, pyrotechnics, and high value production that will transform the classic laser show into a new summer spectacular, “Ignite the Night”. The show will feature a 60-f00t water screen as the backdrop to an action-packed show that chronicles events from the 1950′s to today, including a tribute to Canada and our country’s heroes!


Both attractions will be ready for opening day 2013 which is set for Saturday May 11, 2013. Don’t miss the fun and excitement of our 2013 season! 2013 Season Passes are available now for only $64.99 plus tax each and include FREE season long parking with every pass when you buy now.

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Hmm. I guess that's pretty good addition for them. I think it's great that they're sort of transforming that area into a 1950's upstate New York lakeside-resort (aka Dirty Dancing) theme. I'm not sure how "Blast Off" quite fits that theme, but it doesn't terribly NOT fit. Not bad.


I wouldn't mind seeing some other areas of the park transformed into "themed" areas. I bet the whole Viper-Mind Eraser area could pretty easily be converted to have a Frontier/Western theme. Ride of Steel is BEGGING for a retheme/rename anyway, so that area could take on a new vibe as well.

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^^^^New management. HFE decides to actually build up hype during the off season.


^*7: It's apparently Alabama Adventure's Space Shot. Sure, the enthusiast in me would prefer the Intamin due to its superior intensity, however, I will gladly take an S&S drop tower any day. Plus, the whole area between where this is going, the sky coaster, and the Giant Wheel is getting rethemed to a 1950's NY beachfront boardwalk according to the site, which will likely mean, from simple logic, that the Giant Wheel will FINALLY get the LED lighting package.


I haven't been this excited in years.

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One thing I would like to point out, if DL runs the ride like AAdv did, it is the BEST Space Shot I have ever ridden. Really nice air at the top. After riding CP's Power Tower the op asked asked what I though and I simply said "boring." Beingable to ride this one so often really spoiled me

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I'm very pleased with this announcement. If Rowdy's Ridge is any indication this area will be very well done next year. Maybe they will finally remove some of that blacktop for new pavers.


I don't see why they would not put LED lighting on the Giant Wheel with this renovation, even if they just put lights on the midway side only like CP did with theirs.

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