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Photo TR: Adhari Park in Manama, Bahrain

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I had the opportunity to visit Adhari Park (http://www.adharipark.com.bh/english/index.html) in Manama, Bahrain after working constantly for 12+ hours 7 days a week for 3 weeks (plus the occasion belly dancers, filipino live bands, alcohol in the Middle East, and lack of sleep). With a 10 Dinar rental car and a handheld GPS, I ventured off toward Adhari Park getting lost a bit at the many chock full intersections. Since it was a Tuesday (equivalent to a Wednesday in the States), it was not very busy but it was a nice sunny day and not to too hot compared to the combination of sandstorm, rain (mud), wind and monsoon-like weather from previous days. I did not take photos of many patrons (there weren't any) due to my “force protection” training. The kids seem to be very excited, running around, screaming and laughing aloud. Anyway, a very clean park with beautiful landscape and cheap to enjoy a quick hour or two: 500 fils to enter, and pay per ride with the roller coaster at 1 Dinar ($2.70 USD). The park's Tagada was out for maintenance but there were other flat rides operational, including a Disk O and a monorail.


Here's a POV of Himalaya: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=041409f-Adhari_Park__158__fvie[/coastertube]


Edit: Updated day I visited and added Tagada photo.


Exiting the park for more adventures in Bahrain


Another view of Himalaya -- nicely maintained grass/landscape in a desert environment


Groovy Town entrance


No swimming


Adhari Park's transportation vehicle other than the one-stop monorail


The empty pool area (park is in transition from the winter months to the summer months)


Mini golf entrance


Disk O named Skateboarder


Happy patrons who was not afraid of the camera


The log flume


Another flat ride


Another view of Himalaya


Himalaya's spinning train at a stand still due to an Emergency Stop.


Pay per ride, 1 BHD for Himalaya.


One of two lift hill in which the spinning cars constantly spin.


Spinning Madness, aka Himalaya roller coaster


Park map with the park's only roller coaster Himalaya labeled as "Spinning Madness"


Adhari Park (aka Ain Adhari National Park on rcdb.com) entrance, 14 April 2009


Japan themed Tagada

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Nice trip report and photos, and the park looks really nice. It looks pretty small, but the theming and landscaping look better than a lot of American parks. The only problem I see with the park is that some areas look to have a severe lack of shade, but even with that, this still appears to be one of if not the nicest park in the Middle East.

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A coaster identical to the Himalaya makes its rounds to county fairs locally as "Pole Positiion"---or "Pain Position" as I think of it. I think this model is from Fabbri.




Yes you are correct. Fabbri's Pole Position was at this years San Antonio rodeo and carnival. However, the layout is slightly different. Pov is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl5IMEBeOeQ.


Thanks for the trip report...this park looks very nice despite its lack of roller coasters.

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Thanks all for commenting.


^ Great POV. The first time I rode Himalaya, I sat on the end with 3 other kids and we spun constantly, especially after one of the brake runs.


^^ I agree with the lack of shade. I'm surprise the park was opened in the middle of the day on my visit. According to the park's website, they are opened during the afternoon and evenings during the summer time, all day for weekends (which is on Friday's & Saturday's).


^^^ It seems pretty new according to RCDB.com and my observation. I did not venture to the other Bahrain parks to compare to this park due to lack of time or restricted "liberty" venue (aka Bahrain Mall).


BTW, I uploaded more photos at my flickr site: Adhari Park Flickr Set

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Someone correct me if i'm wrong but I believe that same model of fabbri spinning mice is here in the U.K. as well, i think it replaced Storm the old pinfari at Bottons Pleasure Beach in Skegness, i definitely remember the lift hill with a corner



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Did you try any "interesting" theme park food while there, Mike?


I have no idea what local cuisine could or would be a part of the park, but I thought I'd ask.


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^^ I have not consider it Bill since I ate prior to arrival. There selection may differ compared to other amusement parks and they did have an indoor food court that I did not venture in. During visits to the Manama Souq (markets), there were tasty looking snacks.


^^^ According to photos and information from RCDB, the layout is exactly the same as Adhari's Himalaya. In truth, I was actually hoping to find a camel ride vice a roller coaster but alas only saw a camel ride/photo op next to The Dolphin Resort.


Although small in size, it appears to be a park that's popular at night considering the long hours--until 1 am--and night photos on flickr.


Anyway, I'm glad to be a contributor to this website; I wish I was on the Scandi trip since my brief stopovers in Frankfurt and Amsterdam was such a tease of the European Continent.



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Wow! Is this park beautifully designed and landscaped. I really was not expecting this out of this park when I saw it on the front page. I guess I still have misconceptions from that park TPR featured a few years ago, (name slips me right now!). Obviously, the only thing this park needs is more coasters!

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