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Hi everybody, since TPP is officialy finished here on TPR with just the DL left to post I'd thought why not start a new park, I've been skimming on the net and I've decided to attempt to build a franchised park this time.


And because I was quite inspired with Busch Gardens Asia by Robmeister I'd challenge myself to make a Busch Gardens South America themed to the Inca's and the Maya's.


Construction has already started and I've build 1 coaster so far,

It called Viracocha. Its the name of the Incan creator of civilisation and one of the most important deities of the culture



I hope you Like what I already have, its not much but I think it shows potential and quality


The stationbuilding of Viracocha


this statue is the first sight you have entering the park


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Wow, those first two pictures make the park look great!!!


The entry looks like it fits the South America theme really well and the station for the invert looks phenomenal. I cannot wait to see the next update, this will surely be a good park! Keep it up.


Ha, I didn't read whose park this was until after I posted...I should have known it was you! You make the best rct parks.

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Thanks for the complement but I don't think I'm the best RCT2 player on the site


Anyway, construction has been progressing quite nicely and I've been able to get a picture of the Top Spin: Jaguar an another shot of Viracocha


more of viracocha


this and many more will be part of the entrance area of the park

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^I would say that you are one of the best - your skills have grown insanely much since your first constructions.


And this new park looks really wonderful! I love the lama statue. The Top Spin also looks like a heavily themed ride - great work!


The only think I dislike is the entrance to drop/spire on the coaster..

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I wanted to keep the coaster a little realistic and not just a jolt up and down, it would hurt if I'd build it like the standard limits you to build it.


And thanks for rating me that high but I'm still nothing compared to those guys over at NE.

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Isn't anyone likeing what I've build so far or are your keyboards broken?

It seems nobody is commenting on what I've posted except a few people,


Anyway I've finished work on a little section after the entrance area that has one ride and a little restaurant and another Statue,

The ride is named Cuzco Twist and is a family thrill ride


Other big news is that the park is building its second coaster as we speak, the Supports and trackwork has already been completed but only the station area has been build for the moment as far as theming goes


Next update will be all about this new coaster



I hope you like the new screen and please post what you think of it.



here is the second pavilion area with Cuzco Twist

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As you may expect the statues are WW scenery, since I hace the expansion it was easier to just take that scenery instead of searching for the same object but as CS, sorry but it was the easiest way to pull of the theme I'm aiming for.



Other news than that is that I've worked on a Little teaser for you guys that I think schould keep you guys intrested


Plz comment what you like or dislike or give me a few pointers how to improve




Always cool to see a cobra-roll in a park nearby

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The scenerey and landscaping looks absolute top notch. The theme is brilliant and the pathways and vegetation seem to fit perfectly.


On the teaser, the custom supporst look fantastic. They really do add to the atmosphere of the game, and I'm in envy of how natural you make them look. The cobra roll diving under the bridge/walkway looks excellent.


In fact the only thing I'm not blown away by is the color of the track for this new coaster. The yellowish/brown just isn't my thing.


All in all, this park is looking great, and worthy of the Busch Gardens namesake.

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Hi everyone and thanks for the replies so far


Here's the new update about the coaster you've seen a screen of earlier.


Today was the press-release since the park is almost going to open for public and they wanted to make sure people thought the park is worth a visit.


This is the article

Busch Gardens: South America is the 3rd park with the Busch Gardens Franchise and also here we like to mix entertainement with some fun facts, thats why we named the second coaster to come to our park "Hatun Apruratin". This was an Incan military title that was the same as what we know as a general and this person commanded over 5000 soldiers. This brand new B&M sitdown multi-looper will take you on a breathtaking adventure true its own jungle that has been planted specially for the ride. The ride will feature multiple inversions, tunnels and many sharp turns. We here at Busch Gardens are very excited to see our first guests ride this monstrous coaster.


Here are the pictures and hope you all enjoy what you see.



the corkscrew thats going over the queu, so everybody bring your camera's for when you're queuing


a tunnel somewhere during the ride


the drop after the MCBR


the station and the funky out-banking hill

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The map isn't even half the size of TPP but I'll need more time for every update because I custom support every coaster in this park and the themeing takes loads more work because the buildings, landscaping and foliage are much more detailed and less random than TPP, If you know that full themeing on Hatun Apruratin isn't completed yet and that I worked on this park as long as it took to get TPP almost in a 3rd of its progress means a lot when you keep in mind that I only have 2 coasters and 3 flats, an info centre and a restaurant. This park is much more work because I just want the standard level of quality to be very high and I don't want to post something beneath the previous things I've posted. As you can probably see I'm going all out on this one and its very likely that after this park it'll be a long time before I start any "large park" again.

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I LOVE the supports on both of the coasters, the themeing in this is much more intriquete and detailed, another thing I think is really good about this park.


I've noticed that the park has a real "Busch Gardens" feel to it, with all the foliage and the buildings, if this is as good as TPP, I can't imagine what you'll think of next.

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Thanks for the commments.



Today was the first operating day of the park. We had good weather so the attendence was through the roof.


Big star of the day was without doubt "Hatun Apruratin", this monster B&M had a packed line all day long. the other attractions had some good lines as well, all toghether we had a great first day here in Busch Gardens South America.


Ofcourse what is a first day without operating pictures with people screaming their loungs sour, so without further due.





this is the park's overview for the moment


we ended the day with a quick ride on Viracocha, because at the end of the day there wasn't much of a line we rode it 4 tiles in a row


this little element was even sicker than the giant loop or the immelman, having airtime and then feeling the train banking under you, its something very unique


A friend took this one while we where going up the hill for our first ride, more followed


then we ate a little picknic at the plaza of Hatun Apruratin, and we laughed at the funny faces in the photo booth


then we went on for some spinnig action on Kuzco's groove


the first ride we did was Jaguar, just a warm-up


this is picture of the last test-run of Hatun before he opened for the public

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I really dislike RCT2 because of the poor designs, but it seems like you've been able to make the most of it. I was never that good with RCT, definitely interested in watching this park grow. It looks like something Busch would actually do, with the theming and such.

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