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^ What does that mean? In my opinion coasters done in RCT2 are much better than the ones designed in three unless you really know what you are doing.


It's the same grid system in RCT 1/2 as it is in RCT3. How can it be different?

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That's probably because you can get down and dirty looking at them, which you can't do in the isometric view of RCT 1/2. The supports and track graphics are almost exactly the same from all the games.


Have you guys tried RCT3 in Iso view? It looks like the same game.

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Thanks for all the comments but to Dbru and Mcjaco could you plz keep your posts on topic and not make this thread in a chat room plz




We had a blast here at the first year of Busch Gardens South America, attendence was really more than we could hope for and this is especially good for the financial side of the park so we can expand the park


Due to the high attendence we have twice the budget we aimed for and this means we will get 3 new rides next year instead of 2, the 2 that were planned already are already comming along well and are nearing completion, the new things we'll introduce are a flat, a water ride and a new coaster


So without further due, here are the pics of the progress so far!!!


NOTE: the screens aren't finished these are just trailers




the station building and primary track work of the water-ride is coming along really nice


For the flat only the car has to be placed, the rest of construction is pretty much done

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Nobody intrested in the progress?





Its already halfway in the off season and we are ahead of our building sheduale, The first plans didn't get the go ahead because Intamin didn't get agreed over the price of the suggested megalite so we contacted schwarzkoph for our new addition.


A new cafe thats being build by the lake





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I'm thinking of having some co-builders for the park because I'm having an inspiration block. Maybe some people who can give me advice what I schould build, or rate the stuff I got in store for you guys



If your interested just PM or post here!

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How about a Mayan themed area, or an area themed to Macchu Piccu (Sp?).


An Indy-style attraction will definately suit your park.


A Rio-themed area also suits the park well.


Can't wait to see more...


Edit: 500th post

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I have some questions about the "how to" of your parks.


How do you adjust the terrain the way you do? It looks like you made the grid a lot smaller and adjusted the land to more detail. Do you know what I am taking about?


How do you build custom supports? I saw the links on the forum home page about the custom scenery, but I am not sure if supports are included in that.


Keep up the great work, it looks great.

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The mini parts of the landscaping are quarter-tile scenery blocks and the supports take a lot of time for a a decent coaster, hatun apruratin took me 6hours to support, viracocha 2hours and the shwarzkoph 1hour, the other 2 coasters that I'm building are both supported and each took me 7-8hours to support because it are inverts

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^WOW! I am amazed at the time it takes to build great supports, I am also glad that you have done so, as the coasters look extremely realistic. How did you make it that the original supports are not there, did you use a supports killer, and if so is it part of a scenery group?

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I do use support blockers but that isn't a part of a scenery group as far as I know of, I always custom select that object so I'm sure to have it.




We are already at our second year here at Busch Gardens: South America. And again we had great attendence to start the year with. The new coaster ran like a champ and Viracocha and Hatun did their job just as good as last year.


This year we introduce 3new rides, Anaconda is the new coaster, I know its just another Schwarzkoph shuttle loop but those things are always a good thrill IMO, The new flat is Catapult, And we also have a giant splash called "Kaï Falls" wich means Sun Falls an Incan language. Other good news is that if the attendance will stay the whole year at this rate we can state that we'll get another coaster next year. nothing to big but still something that schould attract enough people to keep the park running like it is.



Here are the screens I was able to make for you guys, plz keep commenting and tell me what you think.




Hatun is and stays my favorite for the moment




Somewhere in the afternoon we thought to take it easier for a while before we headed up to Hatun


We got lucky because when we left Viracocha the lines started getting bigger by the minute


Twisting up




Here are some pics of the "older" part of the park


Jungleview grill, where the best grilled chicken is served






Catapult, terrorizing some peeps


Same thing other angle


this is the station of Anaconda

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The second season is currently running to an end, again we had great attendence so we contacted vekoma to get us a new coaster,


But thats not where it stops for next year, we've also been paying attention for our little visitors so we'll be getting some more gentle rides from time to time, but rest assured our Thrill seekers will still get their adrenaline going here at Busch Gardens South America


Here are some screens of early construction that started 2weeks ago


Everybody plz keep posting what you think off this park because it really motivates me to keep building on this project


vekoma is already working on our new project


here's a small hint of the new kiddie area

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