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Rest assured that if it would've been possible to bank the complete turn I would have done that.




Due to an unlucky day considering the weather, opening day was a little low on attendence but we still had a good crowd for the opening of Molossuss, the new coaster and the new playground Machu Playchu


Hope you guys like it so far and plz keep commenting because I'm getting a hard time filling the park and I'm only in half of the map.


Due to this fact that I'm having a hard time making "time-line" based updates I'll start making more but smaller updates for the occassion I've completed something new in the park.


As always advice is always much appreciated and welcome



the new playground Machu Playchu


second part of molossuss


First part of molossuss

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although I would prefer if you banked the whole first drop.


That's not an option with RCT2.

How pathetic is that had no idea, but then you are apologized Stijn..


The name Mollosus "tastes" really good, very creative name, and the layout it great too. I guess I just have to live with the unbanked drops


Machu Playchu - hahahahaha; fantastic name.. Nothing more to say here. It's just a playground nothing special, but I like that you've made one; it makes the park more realistic.

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I've run in some trouble as of lately because I had to reinstall my computer and so a lot of my objdata got lost, I saved most of it but it doesn't seem to be all I had,


currently the file I'm missing is AE-Jungle


Plz help me out on this one because I'd like to get back to the park for you guys to get some more teasers and updates




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I do hope that you can find the objdata to continue with Busch Gardens. I think that I fainted as soon as I saw the amazing support work on Molossuss (LOVE the name).


Pardon me asking, but what exactly is LIFT4VTL, is it a ride or scenery? (I might download it myself )


^This doesn't always work but you can search for the objdata's name in Google, sometimes it comes up with a scenery database with the objdata in it.

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I'm having the same problem guys, I see some people have already dled the file, anybody who can open it plz PM me so I can get my objdata back and start working on the park again


All help is much appreciated,

So everybody who is following this thread and plays rct2 plz check your objdata folders and help me get this project running again

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Just got it working again and I have an update for you guys!!!!!


Its year5 now and because nothing was added the previous season they invested a large amount of cash into this year of operation, we're adding a stunning 4rides to the park, going from kids-approved to top notch thrill


The new additions are called:

Mississppi Adventure,

This is a mild river-ride the takes you through a little piece of jungle in mississppi boats along the river that runs through the park



This is our new kiddie-coaster where kids can conquer their fear like the Spanish sailors did in the times Europe discovered this amazing continent


River Round-up

A standard flat-ride near the lake


But the the best I saved for the last!!!!!


This is a South American eagle that hunts monkeys(this really is a giant bird that is extremely strong), B&M designed us a one of a kind custom Flyer that soars through the trees like the magnificent bird its name says. This ride takes you to dizzying heights and throws you head over heels at great speeds, its layout features 2inline twists and a giant pretzel loop!!!




I hope you all enjoyed another update of this park and please keep commenting on what you think of my work, feel free to criticize anything you (don't) like and what you think I schould add next.



First drop of Harpy Eagle




new info centre across the river


Mississippi Adventure


LOGO for Harpy Eagle

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