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The support work on Harpy Eagle is AMAZING, the attention to detail makes the ride seem extremely realistic, it's brilliant.


I hope there are more pictures of Harpy Eagle and Amazon Adventure (If you've changed the name) both of which I am quite intrigued about. Nice work.

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Ohh Yeah!!! I also like Golden Eagles, White Bellied Sea Eagles, & Even Bald Eagles in real life I wish I had my own busch garden theme park with a Good B&M flyer coaster Named the Flying American Bald Eagle, something!


And another thing I think that I'm missing alot of your objects, & I really like the way your park looks, I can ask you a question can you post a download with every object that I'm missing please!!!


Cause I want to download your park, & the Harpy Eagle looks better than Tatsu by the way.

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We are half-way in our Fifth season here at Busch Gardens South America and attendance has been through the roof!!! Other than that we had little problems and the new coasters have been running without problems so far,


Star of the year so far has to be the new B&M flyer Harpy Eagle wich is the single reason our park was twice as crowded as last year.


Here are some more screens of this mastodon size coaster!!!





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I know a lot of people won't like what I'm about to say but I'll say it anyway, the flying coaster seems a bit boring to me, I don't know why it just does. Maybe a different colour scheme (brighter) or more "close to ground" areas, I don't know. However, if you want to totally ignore this post because you like the coaster the way it is, that's OK

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Haha, I have to poke a little fun at you Stoksky but at least his flyer has a legit pretzel loop haha. I'm just playin.


I think that the flyer looks great and has a spectacular layout. I think it has the right elements and is layed out in a fashion that utilizes the land while still offering a good selection of elements. Keep it up.

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Love the Flyer. I'm not crazy about the red supports (I think I would have preferred a more muted shade, like maroon), but the layout seems fun and highly realistic. The landscaping is absolutely top notch. It looks fantastic.


I'd say its easily one of the best Flyer's I've seen on these forums (RCT2 or 3)


Overall, the entire park looks spectacular. Looking forward to future updates!

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Been putting a lot of effort in the next Update wich is far from ready since I've just started a new job last week and haven't got that much free time on my hands to play RCT2, But I've already completed the new coasters layout, custom supports and the ride's station. But today I'll only post a teaser of the coaster itself


Hope you like it and plz comment on what you see even its not much


Its gonna be BIG AND BAD

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Looking good, I love the teaser.


I'm glad that you have begun to get the hang of hacking rides, the best part of the latest ride is the trains, I am not a huge fan of the colours though, may I suggest a light red or dark orange, the only reason I am saying this is because the yellow track and dark blue supports don't really complement the "forest" surroundings. Unlike that of the twister coaster (can't remember its name ).

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The colours will be explained by the coaster name later on in the next update, I couldn't give it any other colour because of the theme I'll be aiming for, the section thats coming with the coaster is nearing completion but because I don't want to make another coaster just going through a jungle so it'll be some time before the actual coaster is released because I want the surroundings a bit more bare in the aspect of foliage but more landscaping and small tunnels and such wich will take some time with the quarter tiles.


Anyway the park management has been putting a lot of effort in the other surroundings of the section that coming to the park next year and construction is going smoothly with the completion of a new big restaurant and a new flat. Also I've integrated some screens of previous things I forgot to show like River Round-Up and another screen of Amazon Adventure



Hope you like it



There we're also some test-runs going on today


A little part of the exit road from the new coaster


The new BIG restaurant called Golden Grill. This is also a hint for the new coaster's name


New family flat Jungle Rumble


Amazon adventure


The cafe near Harpy Eagle


River Round-Up

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Two issues...


1. River Round Up seems to remind me of an American South-themed ride, not a South American one.


2. Amazon Adventure's boats seem to stand out a little too much. Is there a way you can give it a darker, more earthy color to suit the South American theme?


Otherwise, excellent park! The coaster looks interesting...

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^^Ooooh, you know, I reckon the new coaster's name is something like "The Quest for the Lost Gold" or even "Aztec Treasure" that would be cool .


Loving the park BelgianGuy I think that it is better than TPP by far, I especially like the custom supports, I think they add that extra oomph to your rides.

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It looks like you're having trouble getting inspiration so here are some suggestions...


South America isn't all jungle. There's the Andes, the beaches, ancient ruins, and more... Instead of focusing on the Amazon rain forest, add am area themed to the Andes, an area themed to Rio, etc...


Rio Carnival - Make an area with tons of colorful buildings. Add a lot of color (colorful flats, etc). Add an artificial beach and maybe some waterslides and small water rides.


Andes - Use hilly terrain and build a coaster surrounding it. My suggestion is do some research on the Andes themselves for myths and legends surrounding the mountains. Add some snow and some buildings/small flats to make it look cooler.


Islands - Both Busch parks have animal habitats and BGSA should have one too! Put it on an island surrounded by water and add tons of exhibits where animals live. You should theme it to the Galapagos Islands and add some animals (if you can download animals). Don't forget about the eagle habitat as well.


Ruins - A massive area themed to ancient native civilizations... Maybe add a dark ride and some small flats themed to myths and legends surrounding those civilizations.


Try to do some research on the different parts of South America and include themes and rides based on those...


I hope this helps...


PS: Both Busch parks have a Land of the Dragons childrens area. Just add a large play fort with small childrens rides surrounding it. And don't forget to theme it to dragons.

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I'll certainly look into your ideas netdvn thank you but I'll probably will be able only to do one because I'm running out of space to do all of this but thanks for helping, I had trouble with inspiration because for a long time I could only play RCT2 and so I only worked on that park so I didn't take time to think of news things and just kept building so I got stuck with ideas


To be honest I was planning on doing a Rio carnaval section but just didn't start on it yet and I think I'll make an andes themed terrain woodie because this park deserves a woodie IMO

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Why don't you try incorporating the new themes into existing areas. Just rename the rides, change the building/ride colors, and change the scenery. That way, you don't really need to expand very far outsde the park for new rides/attractions.


It might require a bit of extra effort, but the park will look a lot better and feel a bit more diverse in the end.

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