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  • 1 month later...

Well TBH the park is done and finished^^


I just need a cool logo that suits the park but my photshop isn't working so I'll need some help here if anybody wants to help,


Reason I haven't released it here yet is because I'm thinking of sending in at nedesigns for a bronze maybe silver

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NE only takes submissions that have not been released before


Reason I haven't released it here yet is because I'm thinking of sending in at nedesigns for a bronze maybe silver


It's your park BelgianGuy, and a very NICE one at that. I would put money on that you would win over at NE with this and for that matter most of your parks. I don't see why you can't release your park anywhere you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want. If what I quoted from Mochtroid is really the way things are run over at NE they seem very arrogant and/or childish after all, it is JUST A GAME isn't it?


I have enjoyed watching this park grow and will enjoy seeing it in person when and if you make it available here at TPR.

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Best of luck to you! You're really skilled at this and even if you don't win, you've still got an impressive project here.


PS: I would love to see another overview of the park as well as some screenshots of the new areas you put in before you put everything up for download.

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  • 3 months later...

Was wanting to see this park more than any other you had sent to NE. It just looked so great. With that said, it DID look great but had some serious problems with rides broken down and no staff around to fix them. The constant beeps from the game really took away from the fun of seeing it all working. Eventually I put the staff in to fix the problems. I have a feeling this was one of the issues that lowered your score. The only other issue was broken benches in one area of the park.


Looking at all of the parks that have won over at NE I have to wonder if using WW scenery hurt your score as well. 99% of all the past winners never use items from WW or TT. I hope that you were not judged down for using perfectly good scenery just because it was from an expansion pack. The items you used from WW worked perfectly in the park and made the entire park come together.


Your park layout was great, the coasters top notch and your scenery/theme was perfect. Except for the issues mentioned above I don't understand this parks failure to win. Maybe I just don't understand what the judges are looking for.

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