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  1. Alright it don't matter anyway i'm sorry. So just send me a kennywood rct2 recreation that you told me if you will?
  2. That's the one I downloaded that said the missing data at six flags houston I,ve told you. But at RCTTOWN everything has changed it won't let you download anything when I downloaded The Point II which is cedar point that said some style into it, I,ve downloaded everything then it's says the file does not exist. But why's that? Can you post a kennywood picture, or a download if you will so I can see what it looks like! And send a good recreation of SFGADV, and instead of Holiday world what about Dorney Park!
  3. Yeah and you know that the poltergeist is hard, and I don't like the one that it's in right now, and what can I do with tony hawk's big spin cause you don't have that kind of coaster in RCT2.
  4. No man It didn't but at six flags houston found one in rct2 and downloaded it it said i'm missing something like wall, it really upseted me. And when I typed it in google all it showed me is of why astroworld was sold, & where astroworld is located. But do you have these recreations, Kennywood, Six Flags Great Adventure, Holiday World in RCT2?
  5. I can't wait that if you'll post a download on this site will ya!!!
  6. By the way about this that you said that it's made as an RCT1 park cause when I went to that site, & downloaded it I looked at every roller coasters, but believe me they had no block section the poltergiest did look like a RCT1 coaster, the Superman Krypton Coaster looked okay but still, so I think you're right about this, It just dosen't have the other two coasters which is Goliath, & Tony Hawk's Big Spin in it but I would really appreciate it if one of ya'll can build them two, & post the download.
  7. No sir I don't, & you are correct cause somebody else told me, & I'm real sorry I won't complain no more, It's just cause I'm obsessed with every roller coaster even the new gravity group coaster up in china which is fireball. But can I tell you of what my favorite ride used to be at astroworld. Texas Cyclone I remeber the last time that I was on that ride I was real freaked out on the top when I was little back in 1998, but that time I wasn,t tall enough for two coasters which was Serial Thriller, & Batman the Escape but when I grew bigger in 1999 was was tall enough to ride them two, but I benn to astroworld 7 time only when Batman was white, XLR8 was blue, Ultra Twister was white, & when texas tornado was there, & those are the only times that me, & my mom went. And I would appreciate it if you would send me an Astro World recreation in RCT2 i promise I won't argue anymore just don't ban me okay I'll just be happy that I went. By Jfleming.
  8. Because you sound like a beginner, I think a recreation of an existing park is a little too ambitious for you. I tried to recreate once CP and KD, but failed miserably. Start with fictional parks and once you feel you're good enough for the challenge, move on to real/more complex parks. PS: Try using the edit button. And you know why I keep on asking about people making recreations, IT'S CAUSE OF ASTRO WORLD, & EVERY DAY I'M ALAWYS IN A BAD MOOD, & I DON'T READ A BOOK, I DON'T GO TO CHURCH, I DON'T PLAY SPORTS, OR DO ANYTHING BECAUSE OF ASTRO WORLD IN HOUSTON, AND WE CAN'T AFFORD TO GO TO FIESTA TEXAS, OVER TEXAS, AND EVEN MY FAVORITE THEME PARK THAT I WANTIN TO GO TO, & EVERY DAY FROM SCHOOL, THE WEEKENDS, THE HOLIDAYS, THE SUMMER I GO IN, AND OUT DOING NOTHING ALL DAY!!!
  9. OK OK Can you give me some pictures, & a park map of kennywood will ya!!!
  10. Yeah Please FORGIVE ME!!! All I want is a KENNYWOOD PARK RECREATION RCT2!!!!! And I suck doing recreations, & creating parks in my life!!!!!
  11. Can you make a logo out of it, & post a download file on theme park review PRETTY PLEASE!!!
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