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Robb's Interview on CoasterRadio.com

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Hey everyone!


I did an interview last week with a recently developed website www.coasterradio.com


They did a segment on European theme parks and we talked a little bit about our last trip.


Thankfully, they helped spice up what I had to say!


But anyway, check it out, it's a group of pretty funny guys:




And download the most recent show! My part is about 13 minutes into the show.



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Just grab iTunes and you can click 2 things and you will be downloading the episode.


Literally... They have that iTunes 1 click thing and you are directed to the iTunes page then click on the 7/25/2005 show and click the "Get Episode" button or you can subscribe by hitting the subscribe button at the top.


iTunes is easily the easiest way to manage podcasts now.

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Don't worry about finding out when... I mean seriously just subscribe using iTunes and new episodes will download automatically to your computer when they are available.


Just click subscribe in the podcast info page and it will automatically be delivered to you. If you have an iPod it will even keep your place (though my 3rdGen one doesn't seem to be working with that feature...)

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In Robb's defense, he did not know if he should be serious, or his normal crazy self...I think it ended up he sounded kind of 'boring'...but he apologizes for that! Next time he'll know better!


Elissa "wasn't going near the phone for the interview!" Alvey

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Man... I honestly can't understand why it sounds so crap...


Seriously it just sounds bad... I swear they must have been recording Robb with something pretty bad. He just sounds like hollow or something.


Oooh and Robb confirmed that you guys are planning trips for next year.... Guess it is time to start saving... Quick question how will the news go out?

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where can we find out when and where it is brodcasted


Tried Googling it but didnt find anything.



You don't need to worry about waiting around for it to be broadcast. You can either click on the MP3 to stream it or download it!


--Robb "It's not like I'm going to be on your local version of KIIS-FM or anything!" Alvey

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Hi Robb

Just downloaded the radio thing havent laughed that hard for awhile being and englishman that grew up with with all the parks in california I know right where you are coming from and its funny to hear keep up the good work

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