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I visited the Adventuredome a couple of weeks ago on a rainy day for my son's friend's birthday. Since I wasn't going to ride anything, I decided to walk around and take some pictures. This thread is a result of that undertaking.


I'll get started with the report now, but just remember, when you build a glass enclosed theme park, that it might be wise to change the caulking every once in a while! Also, since it was really overcast outside, the lighting was poor and my little handheld camera did the best it could, but some of the pictures aren't award worthy. Thanks.


As a note, I want to say that this last visit to the Adventuredome really changed my opinion of the place. I have been visiting this park since its opening season in 1993 and it is apparent that the current management has let the place get really run down. They have been adding carnival rides one every couple of years, but rarely fix what breaks down. To see it in this state was sad for me.


Much better than anything inside. Thanks for reading!


Of course spinning plates is fun too. Ok now for the best thing of the whole day.


Its a Disk-O.


Oh I also forgot to show you the park's newest attraction. No its not the goofy overacted circa 1985 Circus Circus Midway clown act.


Of course what would a visit to Circus Circus be like without playing midway games. This is my favorite.


And a pirate ship.


They also have bumber cars squeezed into a corner.


One of the most common shots of the park. Rim Runner's drop and Canyon Blaster's lift.


Mr. Blue Tarp holds back massive amounts of water from spilling over the innocent children.


Now for some random shots of the dome. Here Shawn Reece rubs it in that I can't get the Miner Mike credit.


In case you aren't tired of seeing wet rags, here is some more. This was the main attraction of the day.


Here is the Canyon Blaster station in case you were interested.


Credit #156 for Shawn Reece!


Here is the lift.


Oh well at least Canyon Blaster is open. Shawn Reece was glad that he is finally tall enough to get the credit.


Oh thats right. The Elves are busy fixing Rim Runner and sticking their fingers in all of the Adventuredome's holes.


Ok now lets head up to the second level for some Rim Runner and Canyon Blaster.


Dammit. I wanted to play Air Hockey too.


Sorry Frog Hopper. You can't open today because God be peeing on you from above.


Unfortunately while I was walking around taking pictures it continued to rain.


And who could forget the Lazer Tag Arena decorated circa 1993.


This is the B.C. Bus.


This is Roadrunner.


They also have a small collection of family attractions.


I see you wet towels.


Next up we have the elusive Miner Mike credit. (The only credit my son has that I do not!)


Next up the Rim Runner. Despite rumors this ride doesn't seem to be going anywhere, although it is closed at the moment.


Oh and Chaos is nearby. I believe most of these types of rides have been removed from various parks, but the Adventuredome is still running theirs. Apparently they are waiting for all of the seats to break, since only 1 in 3 seats was operational despite a forty five minute line.


Arrow sexiness!



Oh well, time to look at Canyon Blaster.


Wait why are there wet rags all over the place?


Ok time to head up to an area where I can get a better view of the dome.


Wow what a thrilling and challenging hole!


Don't get too excited.


Near Spongebob we have Pike's Pass Mini Golf. Didn't know the Adventuredome had golf? Well...


Next up we pass Spongebob Squarepants the ride. This simulator has certainly seen better days.


For it's incredibly petite size, Sling Shot ain't bad.


Lets start heading around the dome the other way. Here we have the sling shot and ferris wheel.


First up we have the Inverter. Oh wait, um it seems to be completely dismantled. I wonder if they are rehabbing it or whether it will soon be removed. The last few times I have been to the Adventuredome, it hasn't been running.


Say hello to the slowest cashier ever to step foot in any retail location in the history of the world. Jasmine looks on with frustration.


Welcome to the Adventuredome. Here are the prices.

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^I didn't even show the half of it. Basically the whole dome was leaking from everywhere. They even had this zamboni type machine that someone drove around and it sucked up water, so apparently this has been happening for a while.

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It's such a shame to see how run down this place has become.


I much prefer the Adventuredome when it had FOUR attractions and a ton of atmosphere as opposed to it now when it seems like they have tried to fit a strip mall-carnival into the dome.


Does anyone remember how you used to get into the park when it first opened? This is before the promenade was built and I think you entered it through an escalator that began in an admissions area built directly below the park. But I was wondering what was in this area as I was four years old at the time.


Thanks for the TR.

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Hehe I have the Miner Mike credit too I hope Rim Runner stays, I like the way it's almost carved into the "Canyon" and how it goes under Canyon Blaster. I agree that the Adventuredome has way too many rides now and is too small for it. I remember on my last visit in July it was extremely crowded and you couldn't walk anywhere without bumping into someone...or a ride. Way too squished in.

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^I think I'm going to hang out with Big Mike when he comes here this summer to see if he can use some of his sweet talk to get us on Miner Mike! If anyone can do it then its Big Mike!


^^As for the old entrance, I don't remember exactly how it was configured. The pay admission scheme ended rather quick and they went to free admission with wristband or pay per ride because they couldn't get enough people.

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The dome has been leaking for years, but I've never seen it as bad as it looks in the pictures - and I used to work there! The porters/custodians would put out trashcans and buckets, but never rags like that! The first ride usually to close during the rain was the bumper cars.


Its funny that you mentioned Inverter because during my dome days it always seemed to give more operational headaches than the Chaos.

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Thanks for this report! I was actually considering checking it out during my visit, but think that I may skip it now and try to get on Speed instead.


I used to hang in the circus area as a kid at the arcades/games/show area before Adventuredome was even built. Then when I visited after it was built, I did not even bother riding any of the rides because I thought the place was actually kind of lame - Canyon Blaster and the ride selection did not really impress me at all.


Guess I was (and still am) just a fanboy of the old school ghetto-licious circus/attractions area!

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^Canyon Blaster is a fun ride IMO. I think it would still be worth getting the credit. You can pay per ride, so I think Canyon Blaster would set you back about $7. If you are already going to be up that way on Speed, then it probably would be worth it.

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Nice report, maybe they should change the name Ghetto Dome, it's really look more than a little ragged around the edges.


Was the Rim Runner any good? The only time I went when it was running, I just did Canyon Blaster for the credit and left.

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^They must have changed it right after then because my son was born in 2000 and I have never been able to ride with him. Perhaps I rode it when I was younger and just don't remember.

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Awesome report. When I visited the Dome in November nobody was there & the part that sucked for me was I asked the lady selling tickets if I could ride the kiddie & she said yes & it turns out I wasted $5 for a ticket since they wouldn't let me on Canyon Blaster however really surprised me & is one of my favorite Arrows.

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Wow, I was last there March 2007 and it was in much better shape, although even then Rim Runner was down.


I have been there probably 5-6 times though, first time me being small enough to get the Miner Mike credit

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I remeber vaguely the old entrance- one would ascend (what seemed) a very long escalator up to the general entrance- which was right at the end of the escalators... Now mind you, this was back in the mid 90s- so I might be off on the length of the escalattors up to the attraction.


Most of the 'carnival' rides were non-existant at the time; Rim Runner was still up and running (with FOUR rows of seats!) and they ran TWO trains on Canyon Blaster (This was during Holiday Break 1995) and were quite good at doing dual operations as necessary. I also remember the unique 'hotel' smell that CB's platform had to it- which it STILL does to this day.


Ah, how I wish for them to upgrade the dome. It's getting tacky, and despite my enjoyment of CB, it's just sad.

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^ It doesn't need water slides---after a good rainstorm, the whole place is one!


Having an enclosed theme park was a great idea, but it's obvious that Circus Circus is letting it go to pot. It was fun at one time. I don't remember Miner Mike being there the last time I was there, but it has been quite some time.



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Yeah, it's crazy to see how downhill this place has gone. Last time I went to the Adventuredome was back in 2000. At the time I remember it being a fun place. Canyon Blaster was actually my first coaster with inversions. Indoor amusement parks are definately a fun concept, especially in a location like Vegas. I'd like to see this place get a rennovation, that'd be nice, but i doubt it'd happen, too costly.


Great report!

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I remeber vaguely the old entrance- one would ascend (what seemed) a very long escalator up to the general entrance- which was right at the end of the escalators... Now mind you, this was back in the mid 90s- so I might be off on the length of the escalattors up to the attraction.


Most of the 'carnival' rides were non-existant at the time; Rim Runner was still up and running (with FOUR rows of seats!) and they ran TWO trains on Canyon Blaster (This was during Holiday Break 1995) and were quite good at doing dual operations as necessary. I also remember the unique 'hotel' smell that CB's platform had to it- which it STILL does to this day.


Ah, how I wish for them to upgrade the dome. It's getting tacky, and despite my enjoyment of CB, it's just sad.

I remember the OLD Entrance Pretty Well, as we had to wait 45 minutes to 1 Hour just to purchase the Tickets with the stupid "Points." My Family first visited Grand Slam Canyon in Mid October 1993, when the park was almost 2 months old and still very new. The Lobby for Grand Slam Canyon was located at the base of the Escalators and had what was much like a Hotel Registration Desk where you purchased your Tickets and "Points." The wall behind the Ticket Counter was designed to look like a Canyon Wall with Dinosaur Bones in it, kind of like the old visitors center at Dinosaur National Monument. Once you purchased your Points on the Ticket, you went to the Escalators that took you up to the Park Entrance. We spent about 4 Hours in the dome riding Canyon Blaster & Rim Runner, waiting about 30 Minutes for each of them. I remember Canyon Blaster was running both Trains and I don't know how many boats on Rim Runner. The only real trouble we had was having to get more Points added to our tickets a couple times, which we had to wait like 20 minutes to purchase. Man that was a pain in the butt! If I remember correctly, there were 5 Total Attractions when the park was new in 1993 with Canyon Blaster, Rim Runner, the "Water Coaster," Laser Tag, and the 3-D Movie Theater. I also remember the robotic Dinosaurs. I'm happy to see in the photos that Rim Runner still has the Weirs in the Trough, cause the Rapids were pretty awesome back then.


Does anyone else remember the Adventure Dome having water slides or am I wrong?
I remember a "Water Coaster" like those from White Water, that was there when Grand Slam Canyon was still new. I don't think it lasted very long, cause when I visited in May 1995, the "Water Coaster" was gone. Between October, 1993 and May, 1995, the Bumper Cars, Ferris Wheel, Miner Mike, Road Runner, Airplane Ride, and maybe the BC Bus and Carousel had been added.


- Sid

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^If I remember right the water slides were in the corner where the bumper cars are now. With your descriptions, I am now remembering the old downstairs entrance to the dome. It has been so long since they opened the dome up that I had mostly about the old entrance. I wish there was some pictures of the dome from back in 1993.

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I always had a really fun time going to the Adventure Dome whenever I was in Vegas (Haven't been in a few years). After seeing this TR though, I'll probably skip it next time. I'd prefer to hold on to my good memories than see it in this condition. It's too much of a ghetto fair (& not in a good way) for me now.

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Now you all see why I HATE having this dump as my home park.

And even worse, the GP thinks it's one of the best parks ever!


If I had a dime for every time I heard "ZOMG, The Chaos is, like, the biggest ride in the whole world 'cause it almost touches the ceiling!"


I'd be richer than Bill Gates.


I can't wait for the West Coast Bash!

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Nice Report.


I remember when they used to let anybody ride the Miner Mike. We were there in 2000 for a wedding and took the kids we were allowed to ride. But last time we were there in (I think) 2005, we couldn't.


You sure it was 2000? Maybe they added the limit earlier in the year? I know there has been an upper height limit on Miner Mike and Thunderbirds (airplane ride) since at least August 2000 (when I started working there).


Does anyone else remember the Adventure Dome having water slides or am I wrong?


Yup I remember the water slides too. They were called Twist-N-Shout. Two mirror image slides with two person rafts similar to Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls at SFMM, albeit with pitch black slides. You didnt really get all that wet on them as they ended on a dry "runway". Funny thing is that some people still think the dome has water slides - they confuse the large air ducts with water slide tubes!


It was such a big deal for us local kids to have the park. It was cheaper than MGM, and something we could do besides Wet N Wild. Even though its ghetto, at least the dome is still alive. Such a shame that all the other small mini golf, go-kart, etc places around town have closed...save for Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. They have a Dragon Coaster (that's not listed on RCDB).

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