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Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

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My mother now 80 and I drove 830 miles to go to the park for the first time since 1967 first part of July. Of coarse it was not open but we did enjoy walking through the park and reminiscing. I spent 2 weeks a year the first 13 years of my life at the lake and have very happy memories. I hope one day before my days are up being able to go back when it is open.

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This is an interesting artical. I like the Roller Coaster Museum idea.


Published August 21, 2007 07:26 am -


'Meet the Board Night' set at Beach Club





CONNEAUT LAKE — A “Meet the Board Night” for the public to meet the new members of the Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park has been scheduled for Aug. 29 at 6 p.m. at the Beach Club.



The board will discuss the park’s operation and field questions from the public, according to spokesman Ralph Lee.


The new board was appointed in July by Crawford County Court of Common Pleas Judge Anthony Vardaro to assume operation of the 115-year-old amusement park.


In the meantime, the board continues with plans to possibly open Hotel Conneaut soon. It also is working toward a decision regarding the possible sale of the park’s water system.


The board also is looking at other possible options for the park, including location of a roller coaster museum there. Lee said it’s believed that would attract tourists to the park.


Also being discussed are proposals for developers for the hotel in the future, said Lee, noting the board wants to work more aggressively on long-term planning for the park.



Jane Smith can be reached by calling 724-6370 or at jsmith@meadvilletribune.com.


I will attened the Meet the board night.

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Hotel to open Friday


CONNEAUT LAKE — The historic Hotel Conneaut will be open for lodging starting Friday, according to Jack Moyers, president of the board of the Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park.


Moyers said reservations for hotel accommodations may be made by calling 382-5115. While the hotel will be open, that doesn’t include Elizabeth’s Restaurant or the Spirit Lounge.


Guests will be advised that food and beverage will be available at the Beach Club, which is located just across the lawn from the hotel.


In the meantime, plans to celebrate Labor Day weekend have been announced.


Festivities will start Friday with a “Classic Iron” cruise-in at the lawn in front of the former free-act stage on the lakefront. The Beach Club will be open with a disc jockey.


Disc Jockey Spokane Wayne will entertain at the Down Under bar Saturday and Sunday starting at 2 p.m.


Black Diamond will play the sounds of the 1950s through the ’70s from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Beach Club.


The club also will be open Monday.


The band Orion Eye will play Sept. 8 at the Beach Club.


Why? What does CLP have to offer now that school is being either close to being back in or is back in? There is no rides to ride. Hey Kidcoaster, how does the area do w/o the park being open. My feeling is why waste money on opening things if it won't make money. I could see the hotel opening for pumpkin fest.

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To answer your question Spaceace12, Not so good. My neighbor is trying to sell her store because people ain't coming to the lake. Most of the Hotels/Motels in the area are not getting buiseness.


Flying Skooter that would be a great idea but the Cars have to be completly rebuild and a lot of track work needs done. I just hope they can open it next year.


Happy to hear the hotel is opening.

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I went to the meeting last night. I first stoped at the Hotel to Reserve a room for Pumpkin Fest and to Volunteer to help get it ready. I was glad to see Bonnie Eisler was back, She said I can help Saturday.


There was a great turnout. All seat were full. I was glad to see every department from last year there. Most of the Maintmence dept. was there, there was the Games Supervisor, Hosekeeping, Hotel, Grounds, Security, Food, and Rides Grandma(Kiddieland Supervisor), and the Tumble Bug Op, and Myself.


As for the meeting. The big thing was the Pumpkin Fest which was announced 4-5 times. The Pumpkin Fest is going to pay the park 5k for the use of facilites. They said that if they do not get power on they will use generators and they will bring in a ride company most likly just kiddierides.


The bad thing of the night was when Wanda Romely of Stable Pit and Pub tried starting trouble. I give it to the Board for keeping her underconrtol and letting her get to them.


They said they sold over 7k tokens.


George did not show up He was in Virginia, I have nothing against him for that and he is not reciving paychecks any more.



After I asked one of the Board members about the Roller Coaster Musuem he said the were in contact with ACE about it.


I also bought some of their Chicken Wings they were very good.


That is all I remember. FlyingSctooter if you were there can you post anything else I forgot.

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I never made it, Ken. Couldn't get out early to drive there.

We'll hit the P-fest this year, though. I've always wanted to see that.


I've never met Wanda. Looking at it from a business perspective, though, it would do her business no good if the park did not reopen eventually.

That area can't be doing good without the park this summer.

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Well I just got back from the park.


The whole park was very busy.

The inside parking lots were full.

The Down under Bar was Packed.

The Beach was also packed with a vollyball game going on and alot of Swimmers. I also to a Vollyball to the Face LOL.

The Hotel was booked full last night and tonight. The Car Show was a hit. The kaylee belle was giving full rides. The Frie stand was open so I got some park Fries. oh how I missed them. The whole park was blasted with Music but once you go up to the upper midway it is kind of sad. There was alot of people walking around.


All together a good day. I will post some pics sometime this weekend.

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I will try and do an Update for you all.




I have noticed a couple things my last few visits.


Beach Club It is great that they reopened it. The staff is super friendly and the food is great. But I have a few problems.


First they don't use colers and they just put drinks in an Ice bucket. I understands saving a few bucks on electric but I would prefer cold drinks.


Second I do not see why they don't sell more in the Fry Stand. There is not much on the menu. You can get Fries Chicken and Fries, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers. They do not sell Soda or water there just Beer. I know they make money of that but they need something for the kids to Drinks. They got the whole park full of Soda and other food making machines that are just siting there rusting that they could clean and use to sell more food at the beach Cub.


Hotel I have nothing to complain of here. I am glad they also reopened that. I am also Happy they brought back Bonnie Eisler to Manage it. And I am glad they left the Resturant closed.




Past Staff I am happy to report that they found a place for most of last years staff who lost their jobs 3 months ago. They have Don Shantz and Smitty back in Maintnece. A coulpe more in security and Mary back as head of housekeeping.



George has been out of town for the week. I have nothing against him for it but he did miss 2 key events, Meet The Board Night and Labor Day weekend.


R.I.P. Ed Seely Ed owned the Fairway 12 Motel just down the road from the park. He was a major supporter of the park from giving free rooms to park Volunteers to the Benifit Pig Roast/Concert. R.I.P.




Security There has not been much security at the park. They only have 4 on staff. 3 of them are out of shape or very old and the one has no experience he was a maintmence last summer. There was only one at the park over the weekend.


Flower Pots Most of the flower pots in the park have been smashed by Sledge Hammers. It is just pointless.


Blue Streak Some teens broke in and let the Blue Streak train lose and now it is sitting on the Bottom of the Lift. If they do not do something it will be very difficult to reopen it next year. The teens were chased down the midway by security and got away on a boat.


Labor Day


Crowds The weekend was very busy and there had to be more than 1500 people there. The Beach was full and the Midway was packed.


Hotel I understand that the Hotel was booked full the whole weekend which is good.


Kaylee Belle I was happy to see the Kaylee Belle giving full loads. But for some reson they closed early.


Well thats it hope you enjoy. Don't forget about Pumpkin Fest October 12-14.

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Blue Streak Some teens broke in and let the Blue Streak train lose and now it is sitting on the Bottom of the Lift. If they do not do something it will be very difficult to reopen it next year. The teens were chased down the midway by security and got away on a boat.


I hate hearing that kind of stuff. Poor Blue Streak. Vandalize anything but a coaster.

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How did they manage to get a train moving in the first place?


Sounds like the local community really cares about this park, and all these little events sound like a small victory in saving the park. I know the park is struggling, but if it was run like Lakeside in Denver, then maybe it would do better. At lakeside the kiddie and family rides open at noon with the thrill rides opening at sis, and while it doesn't make much sense, it was a nice system. If the park can get some money and continue with these events, then maybe it can reopen without the chance of closure at the end of the season.

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Nice report, Ken.


If all that happened was sending the BlueStreak down the tracks then i think the Bluestreak got off lucky. It could've been a lot worse. (i'm surprised it wasn't chained to the station under the tracks.


I read somewhere about the coolers not even being owned by the park, which would account for not having them anymore.


How could they not have Pop/soda for kids? I guess nobody had any Rum and Cokes, Seven and Seven's, or any mixed that require soft drinks.


It's a start, and i hope the vandalism doesn't escalate.

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I found this on the Philadelphia Inquirer site today:


Amusement park board seeking development options


The Associated Press


CONNEAUT LAKE, Pa. - The board of trustees of a financially troubled amusement park is seeking proposals to lease all or part of the 115-year-old park.


The Conneaut Lake Park board has broken down the park property into different areas that can be leased, including the Hotel Conneaut, amusement rides, the midway and the marina.


Chairman Jack Moyers says while leases could be long term, there's no plan to sell any land because the board wants to preserve the park and trust.


He says the board is willing to work with multiple developers.


The park has continued to accumulate debt every year over the past decade, with estimated debt now around $2.7 million. The troubles kept the park from fully opening this summer.


Find this article at:


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The Blue Streak got off lightly with it's train at the bottom of the lift-hill, will someone put it back into the station or keep it in the "Skunk" tunnel..


Those teenagers could of used some lighter fluid and set fire to the station / circuit and that would be so devastating to hear, it is one of the best loved "Classic" woodies left.


Can someone post pictures of how the Blue Streak looks now, why will it be difficult to re-open next year..? Is this due to structure supports and rails which need replacing.

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From reading on the local newspapers forum, the train is back into the tunnel or station. There is a matience person there. I would imagine that to get it going next year it will have to be walked to check for rotting wood, trains will have to be lubricated and so will the track, and power will have to be restored.

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This is really a shame. That was a gorgeous old dance hall like the big grand old buildings that used to anchor these amusement parks. It was not seeing much use, but it was definitely a centerpiece. It could be a blessing (room for something new) or the straw that will break the camel's back. I'm afraid it's the latter because the issue has always been financing.



Fire destroys building in Conneaut Lake Park

Friday, February 01, 2008

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A major fire destroyed a building this morning in Conneaut Lake Park in Crawford County.


The fire broke out around 2:30 a.m. in the Dreamland Ballroom. Flames reportedly shot more than 100 feet into the air.


The building is said to be a complete loss.

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When did this happen..? I bet someone does not want the park to open for 2008. I'm glad it was not the "Blue Streak" which was "Fire'd", that is more of a loss than "El Toro" or "Boardwalk Bullet".


I bet any modern wood coaster does not survive as long as the "Classic" woodies like "Blue Streak", "Big Dipper" and "Cyclone"

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