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Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

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We added a new haunt. The Cave which is in the Zoo's old reptile house. It is actually part of Clown Town. Which were are now rockin with our new staff. See you in Clown Town. I am in the Cave normally. I have facepaint instead of a mask and I wear a pokadoted tie. Sometimes I also wield a Chainsaw. Look for me.



Here is a Video of the Fog


Here is one of the Devil's Den.


Clown Town pics will becoming soon.

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HEHE - Yep, that's about right! Walking around in almost pitch blackness and then having the crap scared out of you when the monsters would grab you in the dark, or they would be right in your face. In some cases, stumbling and almost tripping over things that were in the walkways.


The Fog seemed a lot longer when we were in there than in this video, but maybe we were walking around in circles? Didn't seem to be many monsters in these videos, so I am assuming that this was made after the initial opening and they have since hired more?

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Yeah that was filmed the first weekend as you can tell in the devil's den where they went through that before the Maze Of Madness. We turned the whole attraction around during Pumpkin Fest. So you now start in CLOWN TOWN and end in THE FOG. We now have more monsters than we can deal with. DUring the last hour all of the creatures make their way on to the midway between Clown Town and THE FOG and mess with the last people. scince THE FOG is last we go in there so there can be up to 30 monsters in there at once. It's Crazy.


Next year the evnt will be bigger. Some new additions planned.

THE SWAMP- A creepy walkthrough in the parks old ZOO area.

Haunted Hayride- Something our Canfield haunt is famous for.

A walk through the Woods behind the Bluestreak.

Along with the possibility of opening some rides. I already know their is a deal being worked on that would triple the amount of rides in the park as well as reopening the rides in the park. But I don't want to say much just be ready for an announcement soon.

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  • 2 months later...

This is what I was afraid of.


CONNEAUT LAKE -- Conneaut Lake Park's unstable existence just became even more unstable. A Sharon-based corporation has agreed to pay Summit Township $200,000 for the $152,000 debt that the park owes the township.



Township officials and park representatives said Tuesday that they expect First Capital Finance Inc. will try to foreclose to recoup its money, which might mean that the 116-year-old resort and amusement park will be sold at sheriff's sale.


"I'm a little surprised," Jack Moyers, president of the park's 12-member board of trustees, said after Summit Township supervisors voted to accept First Capital Finance's offer late Tuesday afternoon.


"We'll send a copy off to our solicitor, have him take a look at it and see where we land from there," Moyers added.


Summit is one of many government entities, businesses and individuals owed money by the park, whose debt stands at about $2.4 million, Moyers said.


The debt owed to Summit stems from 1996 and 1997, when the park's operators failed to pay amusement taxes. The unpaid taxes were set at $118,481.15, according to an October 1998 civil suit. The balance, with 6 percent annual interest, grew to $152,060.90 as of Aug. 15.


Summit supervisors said they offered the debt for sale because of current economic conditions. The township, which includes part of Conneaut Lake Park, has balanced its budgets without a tax increase, but there is no guarantee that it can continue to do so, Supervisor Harry McGrath said.


"Our people just can't pay any more property taxes," McGrath said, noting that most of the township's 2,172 residents are on fixed incomes. "It's hard to ask people to give up their homes when someone owes us 150-some thousand."


McGrath added that he doesn't want to see anything happen to Conneaut Lake Park, but he and other township officials have waited patiently to be paid for 12 years.


First Capital Finance submitted the only formal bid.


Supervisors opened the bid during a special meeting Tuesday afternoon and approved it on a unanimous vote.


First Capital Finance, which was represented at the meeting by Hermitage-based lawyer Peter Acker, included a check for 10 percent of the purchase price.


The balance will be paid by Jan. 30, in accordance with the terms of sale, David Tyburski, the corporation's assistant secretary, wrote in a letter with the bid.


Tuesday's action comes as the park's board continues its efforts to breathe new life into a facility that struggled for more than a decade before most of its operations closed down in 2007 and 2008.


The board has been working on lease agreements for the Hotel Conneaut, the Beach Club and a few other parcels with a Conneaut Lake development group, and it is preparing to issue another round of proposal requests for other parts of the facility.


Greg Sutterlin, who is part of the Conneaut Lake development group, said Tuesday that there are "several ways around the situation." Those options include raising enough money to pay off Summit Township's debt, if the park property winds up in sheriff's sale.



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I can honestly say I am worried. I don't know what will happen or what the board can to do to protect from something happening. We all just need to give the board and park restoration our support and show that person who bought it that we care about what happens to the park. I am not ready to let the park go. Everyone has worked so hard.


As we were on another lift hill on this roller coaster it seems he hit a drop once again.

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Tax-debt sale purchasing group wants to help, not hurt park



By Keith Gushard


01/03/09 —

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP — “Our intent is in historic preservation of the park and our intent is to cause it to happen,” Peter Acker said Friday.



Acker, of Hermitage in Mercer County, is the attorney for First Capital Finance Inc., which had the lone bid that bought some of Conneaut Lake Park’s outstanding debt from Summit Township.


The agency submitted the only bid of $200,000 — for an approximate $152,000 debt the amusement park owes Summit Township for back amusement taxes. Acker wouldn’t say why the bid was so high.


In December, Summit advertised for bids to sell a judgment that the township has against Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park for unpaid amusement taxes from 1996 and 1997 when the park was owned by Property on the Lake Inc. The judgment was awarded to the township by Crawford County Court of Common Pleas in 1998.


When Property on the Lake Inc. deeded the amusement park over to Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park, a public trust, in 1998, the trustees also inherited the park’s financial problems with the transfer.


The park owes $99,062.72 in back amusement taxes from 1996 and 1997 plus $52,998.17 in interest as of Aug. 15 this year — for a total of $152,060.90, with interest continuing to accrue at 6 percent per year.


The township set a minimum bid of $152,000 for the amusement debt when it put it up for sale.


“Of course,” Acker responded when asked if First Capital knew it overpaid for the debt. “I can’t discuss why.”


A certified check through First National Bank of Pennsylvania for 10 percent of the bid — $20,000 — was submitted with the bid as required by the township. The balance is to be paid by Jan. 30, 2009, according to the township’s bidding procedure.


First Capital could end up forcing a sale of park assets — including land — to satisfy the judgment by filing for a writ of execution with county court, according to Bob Bailey, an attorney with Shafer Law Firm, who handles sheriff’s sales for the county.


That’s not the firm’s intention, according to Acker.


“It’s not First Capital’s intention to disrupt the 2009 plans of the Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park or its business associates for the 2009 season,” he said. “We expect to work cooperatively with them.”


Jack Moyers, chairman of Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park, treated the news with relief, but also cautiously.


“Hopefully, that will be the plan,” he said of cooperation. “There have been no previous conversations from any group that expressed that type of preservation plan.”


Trustees will continue to look at their options, including paying off the amusement tax lien themselves to eliminate it, according to Moyers, who said, “We’re going to look at the best interests of the park.”


If an asset sale were forced, scheduling a sale would take at least 60 days. The lien still could be paid by the trustees prior any sale, said Bill Walker, Summit Township’s attorney.



But with a sale of assets, all other judgments filed before Summit Township’s would have to be satisfied first, before the holder of the Summit Township amusement tax lien would get paid, according to Walker.


As of the week of Dec. 1, Conneaut Lake Park owed a total of $570,872.34 in back real estate taxes to Crawford County, local municipalities and Conneaut School District, according to the county treasurer’s office.


Meadville Tribune

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  • 1 month later...
The Park will be open for the 2009 Season.


We are working with Ride Vendors to assist in getting the rides operational. The Blue Streak may not come online until the following year due to the additional work and repair expenses.


Operating hours for 2009 will be announced once the status and dates of the Park's opening have been determined.




Thank you to the Board, Park Preservation and the volunteers for all the are doing!! keep up the great work.

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Sorry posted the wrong link the right one is up there now. I am curious as to which ones will reopen.


I know that the train still runs but will require some track work


Kiddieland rides will require less work than the bigger rides.


The Devil's Den all you will have to do is take off the floor from the haunt. I made sure not to damage the ride tracks when I put that in.


Bumper Cars only really need work on the cars and taking the wall from the fog down.


Tumble bug should be in good shape


Carousel all you have to do is retrieve the organ and a few horses that are in storage.


Need new breaks on the Witches Stew, and new motors for the rides that lost theres in the fire.

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This is very exciting news for me and I'm sure to many others. I hope evry ride gets running soon as possible espcially Devil's Den. I just wonder what is going to happen to the Fright Zone. Just a note- The Fright Zone was purchased by a man at the Erieview park auction and was donated to Conneaut before the park closed. Does anyone know anything on the status of the classic Bill Tracy dark ride? This is truley a dream come true. If Conneaut would have closed forever, It would have been a hugh loss considering all the history the park has. Thanks for the news.

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My one visit to Conneaut was with a CP Co-worker of mine. We rode Blue Streak 7 times, and played a good amount of skee-ball. We had coupled the park with a visit to Waldameer as well (pre-Ravine Flyer II and X-Scream). I had a good time there and would be willing to make a return visit if everything works out.


-Gary T.

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