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Mark's Postcard Paradise


Inspired by Shane's amazing Amusement Attic, I am going to share postcards from trips I've taken (some with TPR) all over the world. Enjoy!


Postcard Index (scroll below for additional park brochure & miscellaneous index)


Adventure World Family Theme Park

Airplane Coaster - Rye Playland 1932

Alpengeist - Busch Gardens

Alpine Sleighs #1 - AstroWorld 1970

Alpine Sleighs #2 - AstroWorld 1970

American Eagle - Six Flags Great America

Anaconda - Kings Dominion 1992

AstroWorld - Astrowheel, Spin Out automobiles, Astro Needle, & Astro Way

AstroWorld - 1968 Astrowheel, Modville, & other attractions

AstroWorld - 1968 Black Dragon, Astroway, & Astrowheel

AstroWorld - Entry plaza, Astro Needle tower, & Astro Way

AstroWorld - Fright Nights Halloween logo from 1980's

AstroWorld - Jack'o'lantern entrance to Children's World 1970



Back to the Future - Universal Studios Florida

Bakken - Rutschebanen, shot tower, & Enterprise

Balder - Liseberg

The Bat logo - Kings Island

Batman & Robin: The Chiller - Six Flags Great Adventure

Batman & Robin: The Chiller - Six Flags Great Adventure

Batman The Escape - Six Flags AstroWorld

Batman The Ride - Six Flags Great America

The Beast - Kings Island 1979

The Beast - Kings Island mid-1980's

The Beast logo, track layout - Kings Island

Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon

Belantis Vergnügungspark

Bembom Brothers Theme Park - Schwarzkopf Looping Star, wooden coaster, giant Ferris wheel, & other attractions

The Bermuda Triangle Alien Encounter - Movie Park Germany

Big Bad Wolf - Busch Gardens Europe

Big Bang Smurf Schtroumpf Schlumpf - Walygator Parc

Big Bend - Six Flags Over Texas 1970's

Big Dipper - Blackpool 1927

Big Dipper - Springlake

Big Texan

Black Widow - Riverside (pre Six Flags New England)

Blizzard River - Six Flags New England

Boardwalk & Baseball - various attractions at night

Bobbejaanland - Oki Doki

Bonfante Gardens - Circus Trees & various attractions

Boomerang - Six Flags Elitch Gardens

Buckroe Beach - Dips coaster, Scrambler 1970's

Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino - Desperado 1997

Busch Gardens Africa - Old Swiss House 1960's-70's

Busch Gardens The Old Country - Le Scoot, Der Wirbelwind, The Spider, Red Baron, & Glissade early 1980's



Cadillac Ranch (Texas)

Calico Mine Ride - Knott's Berry Farm

California Screamin' - Disney's California Adventure

Camp Snoopy - Mall of America

Canada's Wonderland (pre Cedar Fair & Paramount) - International Street artistic rendering, Wonder Mountain, & Royal Fountain

Canada's Wonderland - Wonder Mountain

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) - Flyer & Doppel-Looping

Carowinds (pre Cedar Fair & Paramount) - Carolina Cyclone, Thunder Road, Rip Roarin' Rapids, Carolina Sternwheeler, Skyway, Yogi Bear, & Carolina Goldrusher

Carowinds (pre Cedar Fair & Paramount) - Hanna-Barbera characters, Carolina Sternwheeler, White Lightnin', Carolina Skytower, & various attractions

Carowinds (pre Cedar Fair & Paramount) - Monorail, Scooby Doo coaster, Carolina Goldrusher, Powder Keg flume, White Lightnin', & train

Carowinds - Tower, Top Gun, & Drop Zone

Cedar Point

Cedar Point 1937

Cedar Point 1992 - coasters

Cedar Point - Blue Streak, Corkscrew, & Gemini

Cedar Point - Iron Dragon logo, Cadillac Cars, & C.P. & L.E. Railroad

Cedar Point - Top Thrill Dragster

Cedar Point - "aeroplane view" 1941

Cedar Point - vintage photo of Blue Streak, flume, Calypso, & midway

Cedar Point - Hotel Breakers 1918 & Ballroom

Chang - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Coaster - 50th birthday collector's set - Playland at the PNE

Coaster Dips - Glen Echo Park pre-1949

Colorado Adventure Michael Jackson Thrill Ride - Phantasialand

Colossos - Heide Park

Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Colossus 1979 - Magic Mountain

Colossus 1986 - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Colossus 1988 - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Colossus 4 car trains - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Colossus 5 car IAD trains - Magic Mountain

Colossus 5 car trains - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Colossus 6 car trains - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Columbia Carousel - Marriott's Great America

Coney Island

Coney Island - Cyclone

Coney Island - Cyclone lift hill & first drop

Coney Island - George Tilyou

Coney Island - Steeplechase Park, Parachute Jump, & Steeplechase horse ride

Coney Island - Wonder Wheel

Conquistador - Six Flags Over Texas

Corkscrew #1 - Cedar Point

Corkscrew #2 - Cedar Point

Corkscrew - Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Corkscrew - Sea World Australia 1987

Crystal Beach circa 1946 - Cyclone, Promenade

Cyclone Racer - Queens Park



Dahlonega Mine Train & Mini-Mine Train - Six Flags Over Georgia 1977

Déjà Vu - Six Flags Over Georgia

The Demon - Kings Island

The Demon #1 - Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara

The Demon #2 - Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara 1985

The Demon #1 - Paramount's Great America

The Demon #2 - Paramount's Great America

The Demon - Six Flags Great America

Desert Race - Heide Park

Disney's California Adventure - park entrance promo artwork, Grizzly River Run & Grizzly Peak, Grand Californian Hotel, California Screamin', Carousel, Paradise Pier attractions, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, Soarin' Over California, & more 2006

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Cinderella Castle rendering 1971, Main Street, and castle fireworks

Disneyland - Frontierland retro attractions

Disneyland - Mad Tea Party

Disneyland - Main Street, U.S.A. Christmas tree

Disneyland - Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disneyland - retro Tomorrowland!

Disneyland - Tomorrowland 1998

Djurs Sommerland - Piraten

Dollywood - Christmas

Dollywood - Fall Festival

Dollywood - various attractions

Drachen Fire #1 - Busch Gardens Europe

Drachen Fire #2 - Busch Gardens Europe

Dragon Fyre - Canada's Wonderland

Dreamland - flume, Waltzer, Bounty, & carousel

Drop Zone Stunt Tower - Paramount's Great America

Dueling Dragons - Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Dutch Wonderland - boat ride



The Edge - Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara, 1984

Efteling - Droomvlucht Fairy

Electric Rainbow - Six Flags Magic Mountain

El Toro - Freizeitpark Plohn

Enterprise - Six Flags Great Adventure

EPCOT - collection of 14 cards

Euro-Mir - Europa Park

Europa Park - Christmas collage including Euro-Mir & Matterhorn Blitz

Europa Park - Silver Star, Poseidon

Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park



Flashback - Six Flags Magic Mountain, 1993

Fluch Von Novgorod - Hansa Park

Freefall - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Frontier City - various attractions pre-Six Flags

Frontier City - Gunfight Show



Galaxi - Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Gardaland - Magic Mountain, flume, monorail, 1993

Geauga Lake - pre-Cedar Fair/Six Flags Group of 10 cards

Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom - Head Spin, X-Flight

Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom - Double Loop, Villain

Gemini - Cedar Point

George the Eagle - Holiday World

Ghost Town in the Sky - aerial view of Cliff Hanger (Red Devil), incline railway, & chairlift

Ghost Town in the Sky - Cliff Hanger (Red Devil), chairlift, Sea Dragon, & western gunfight show

Ghost Town in the Sky - Entrance with chair lift & incline railway

Giant Safety Coaster Chase Thru the Clouds 1911 - Brighton Beach, Coney Island

Glissade Busch Gardens The Old Country

Gobbler Getaway Holiday World

Gold Rusher, Metro, Sky Tower Magic Mountain

Goudurix #1 Parc Astérix

Goudurix #2 Parc Astérix

Gravity Group IAAPA trade show card with Hades/Mt. Olympus

Great American Revolution #1 Magic Mountain

Great American Revolution #2 Magic Mountain

Great American Scream Machine Six Flags Great Adventure

Great Coasters International IAAPA card with Lightning Racer/Hersheypark

Great White Morey's Piers

Greezed Lightnin' #1 AstroWorld

Greezed Lightnin' #2 AstroWorld

Grizzly, Anaconda Paramount's Kings Dominion

Gröna Lund artist rendering of aerial view

G'sengte Sau & Bathtub flume Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

Guntown Mountain Train



Halloween greeting card with coaster art/rodents

Haunted Mansion day Disneyland

Haunted Mansion night Disneyland

Hersheypark Ferris Wheel

Himalaya Bahn German traveling fair circuit

Holiday World coasters in memoriam of park owner/president, Will Koch

Holiday World HallowSwings

Holiday World Lewis & Clark Trail

Holiday World Liberty Launch, bonus park character trading cards, vintage Santa Claus Land brochures

Holiday World Raging Rapids

Holiday World Santa Claus

Holiday World Thunder Bumpers, Banshee

Hurler Kings Dominion

Hurricane Reef Kings Dominion



Incredible Hulk Universal Studios IOA

Indiana Beach

Iron Dragon #1 Cedar Point

Iron Dragon #2 Cedar Point

Iron Wolf SFGam



Jack Rabbit 1989 Kennywood

Jack Rabbit pre-1946 Old Orchard Beach

Japan/Bullet Train Mt. Fuji

JetScream Six Flags Over Mid-America



Kennywood Aerial photo circa 1989

Kennywood Arrow logo

King Kong, New York City

Kings Dominion Shockwave

Kings Island Bat, Beast, Screamin' Demon logos

Kings Island greeting card - Everyone's mom in the '70's

Kings Island International Street/Eiffel Tower day

Kings Island International Street/Eiffel Tower night

Kings Island King Cobra

Kings Island Winterfest 1989

Knoebels Groves Country Bear Jubilee

Kong Six Flags Marine World

Kumba #1 Busch Gardens Africa

Kumba #2 Busch Gardens Tampa

Kurashiki Tivoli Carousel



Lake Compounce vintage entrance, Wildcat

Lake Compounce winter

Lake Winnepesaukah

Las Vegas collage with The Roller Coaster, Stratosphere Tower

Laser Loop Kennywood

The Legend Holiday World

Lightnin' Loops Six Flags Great Adventure

Lightning 1928 Revere Beach

Lightning Racer Hersheypark

Limit Heide Park

Liseberg Loopen

Loch Ness Monster artwork by Boris - Busch Gardens: The Old Country

Loch Ness Monster Busch Gardens Europe

Loop the Loop early 1900's Coney Island



Magic Mountain preSix Flags Jet Stream, Sky Tower, Magic Pagoda

Magic Mountain preSix Flags 1975 folder of 14 cards

Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point

Maliboomer Disney's California Adventure

Mamba Worlds of Fun

Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara, Aerial view of Columbia Carousel

Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara, Sky Whirl, Lobster, Turn of the Century

Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara, Tidal Wave, Sky Whirl, Turn of the Century, Willard's Whizzer

Martin's Fantasy Island Helicopter ride, Jonah in the whale, Fanta Se Railroad

Matterhorn Blitz Europa Park

Matterhorn Bobsleds Disneyland

Mean Streak Cedar Point

Medusa Six Flags

Medusa Six Flags Marine World

Merry-Go-Round Museum, Sandusky, Ohio

Merry-Go-Round Museum, Sandusky, Ohio

Michigan's Adventure Sea Dragon

Millennium Force Cedar Point

Mindbender #1 1987 Fantasyland/West Edmonton Mall

Mindbender #2 Fantasyland/West Edmonton Mall

Mindbender Six Flags Over Georgia

Miracle Strip Amusement Park Aerial photo of Starliner/other attractions

Montana Rusa La Feria Chapultepec Magico

Montezooma's Revenge #1 Knott's Berry Farm

Montezooma's Revenge #2 Knott's Berry Farm

Montu Busch Gardens Tampa

Morey's Piers

Mountain Express Magic Mountain pre Six Flags

Mountain Flyer Mountain Park

Movie Park Germany entrance gate with Ice Age characters

MP-Express and Sidekick Movie Park Germany

Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Myrtle Beach Pavilion Corkscrew, Galaxi



Nagashima Spa Land Space Shuttlle, giant Ferris Wheel

Nagashima Spa Land giant Ferris Wheel

Nemesis 1997 Alton Towers

Nemesis Alton Towers

Nu-Pike & Virginia Park (Long Beach, CA) 1960's Fly-O-Plane, Cyclone Racer, beachfront attractions



Old Chicago Entrance 1980

Opryland Barnstormer, Tennessee Waltz, Wabash Cannonball, Rock n' Roller Coaster

Opryland Musical characters 1976

Opryland postcards 1976

Opryland 1989, 1992 aerial views

Orient Express #1 Worlds of Fun

Orient Express #2 Worlds of Fun

Oriental Octopus pre mid-1980's Worlds of Fun

Over the Edge flume ride MGM Grand Adventures



Parachute Perch Six Flags Great Adventure

Paragon Park circa 1941 Giant Coaster, other attractions

Paragon Park circa 1955 Giant Coaster, other attractions

Paragon Park circa 1962 Giant Coaster, other attractions

Paramount's Kings Dominion circa 1993 Eiffel Tower, Scream Weaver, Berserker, Carousel, costumed characters, White Water Canyon, Sky Pilot

Paramount's Kings Island Eiffel Tower

Parc Astérix 1989

Parc Astérix Goudurix, Spectacle de Dauphins, Rue de Paris, Chaises Volantes

Phantom's Revenge Kennywood

Phoenix Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort

Pirate, Laser Loop Kennywood

Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland

Pitt Fall, Steel Phantom Kennywood 1997

P.N.E. Playland Spiro Tower, Coaster, Ferris Wheel 1970's

Predator #1 Darien Lake

Predator #2 Darien Lake

Psyclone Six Flags Magic Mountain

Python Busch Gardens: The Dark Continent

Python Efteling





Racer Kennywood

Rail Blazer 1984 Six Flags Over Mid-America

Rattler 1992 Fiesta Texas

Rattler logo 1992 Fiesta Texas

Rebel Yell Paramount's Kings Dominion

Red Devil 1996 Ghost Town in the Sky

Revenge of the Mummy artwork Universal Studios Hollywood

Revolution # 1 Six Flags Magic Mountain

Revolution # 2 Six Flags Magic Mountain

River King Mine Train, Sky-Way Six Flags Over Mid-America

Riverview Park (Chicago) main entrance

Roaring Rapids Six Flags Magic Mountain

Rock 'n Roller Coaster Opryland

Roller Coaster New York, New York Hotel & Casino

Rolling Thunder Six Flags Great Adventure

Run-A-Way Mine Train Six Flags Over Texas

Rutschebanen Dyrehavsbakken 1985



Santa Claus, California train ride late 1970's

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park

Scenic Railway White City 1906

Schweizer Bobbahn Europa Park

Scream Heide Park

Scream! Six Flags New England

Sea World San Antonio Great White, Steel Eel

Serial Thriller Six Flags AstroWorld

Sheikra Busch Gardens Tampa

Shivering Timbers Michigan's Adventure

Shockwave Paramount's Kings Dominion

Shockwave Six Flags Great America

Shockwave Six Flags Over Texas

Sidewinder Six Flags Elitch Gardens

Silver Dollar City, The Frisco Silver Dollar Line steam train

Six Flags DC Comics Superheroes

Six Flags Great Adventure Buccaneer, Lightnin' Loops, various attractions

Six Flags Great America coasters

Six Flags Magic Mountain Circus Wheel, Log Jammer, Buccaneer, Mountain Express, Sierra Twist

Six Flags Magic Mountain Revolution, Eagle's Flight, The Metro

Six Flags Over Georgia 1977 park entrance, Dahlonega Mine Train, Log Jamboree

Six Flags Over Georgia 1970's various attractions

Six Flags Over Georgia 1970's Great American Scream Machine day view

Six Flags Over Georgia 1977 Great American Scream Machine night view

Six Flags Over Texas vintage photos of Star Mall, Sky Hook, Entrance, & flume

Six Flags Over Texas vintage photos of Texas Chute Out, Entrance Mall, La Salle's French Riverboat Adventure, & Shock Wave

Six Flags Over Texas vintage photos of various attractions

Six Flags Over Texas 1986 Holiday in the Park Christmas card/brochure

Six Flags Trickery "Judge Roy Scream" & "Screamin' Eagle"

Skull Island 1961-1978 Six Flags Over Texas

Skyrocket 1945 Ocean View Park

Skyscreamer 1990 Six Flags AstroWorld

Son of Beast logo Kings Island

Sooperdooperlooper Hersheypark

Space Mountain Disneyland 1982

Space Mountain Disneyland Paris

Space Mountain Tokyo Disneyland

Space Mountain #1 Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain #2 Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom

The Spinnaker Six Flags Over Texas

Steel Force Dorney Park

Steel Phantom Kennywood

Stuntman's Free Fall Six Flags Great Adventure

Swamp Fox 1991 Family Kingdom Amusement Park



Talon Dorney Park

Tennessee Tornado Dollywood

Texas Chute Out Six Flags Over Texas

Texas Cyclone AstroWorld - Night view with tracer lights

Texas Cyclone Six Flags AstroWorld - PTC 4 bench trains

Texas Cyclone Six Flags AstroWorld - Morgan "coffin" trains #1

Texas Cyclone - Six Flags AstroWorld - Morgan "coffin" trains #2

Texas Giant #1 - Six Flags Over Texas

Texas Giant #2 - Six Flags Over Texas

Texas Giant #3 - Six Flags Over Texas

Texas Tornado - Six Flags AstroWorld

Thriller - German traveling fair circuit!

Thunderbolt - Kennywood

Thunder Canyon - Cedar Point

Thunder River - Six Flags AstroWorld

Thunder Run - Kentucky Kingdom

The Tidal Wave - Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara

Timber Wolf 1 - Worlds of Fun

Timber Wolf 2 - Worlds of Fun

Tivoli Gardens - Christmas #1

Tivoli Gardens - Christmas #2

Tokyo Disneyland 2009

Tokyo Dome City - LaQua (Thunder Dolphin and Big O)

Toon Lagoon - Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Top Gun - The Jet Coaster (Afterburn) - Paramount's Carowinds

Two-Face: The Flip Side - Six Flags America



Universal Studios Hollywood - Back to the Future

Universal Studios Hollywood - Backlot

Universal Studios Hollywood - Entrance Gate and plaza

Universal Studios Hollywood - E.T. Adventure

Universal Studios Hollywood - Jurassic Park The Ride

Universal Studios Hollywood - logo

Universal Studios Hollywood - Terminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time

Universal Studios Hollywood - tram tour bridge collapse

Universal Studios Hollywood - tram tour flash flood

Universal Studios Hollywood - tram tour with Jaws

Universal Studios Hollywood - tram tour with King Kong and Earthquake--The Big One

Universal Studios Hollywood - tram tour Red Sea parting

Universal Studios Hollywood - Wild, Wild, Wild West Stunt Show



Vampire - Chessington World of Adventures

The Vampire circa 1991! - Kentucky Kingdom

The Villain - Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

Viper - Six Flags AstroWorld

Viper - Six Flags Great Adventure


Visionland - Celebration Street & Rampage circa 2007

Vogel Rok - Efteling

Vortex - Carowinds

Vortex pre-Cedar Fair - Paramount's Kings Island

Vortex pre-Paramount - Kings Island

The Voyage - Holiday World



Walibi World - various attractions including Goliath and Robin Hood

West View Park - lake scene with Dips

West Virginia State Fair circa 1960's!

Whirlwind - Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort

Wiener Looping - Circus World

Wildcat - Hersheypark

Wildcat - Idora Park

The Wildcat - Rocky Springs Park

Wildfire - Silver Dollar City

Wild One - Wild World

Windjammer - Knott's Berry Farm

Witching Waves - Paragon Park

Wonderland Amusement Park (Texas)

Worlds of Fun - various attractions







Zambezi Zinger #1 - Worlds of Fun

Zambezi Zinger #2 - Worlds of Fun

Zoomerang - Boardwalk & Baseball

Zulu - Worlds of Fun



Brochure and miscellaneous Index


The 1982 Knoxville World's Fair



Adventure City

Alabama Adventure - 2007

Alton Towers - 1986

American Adventures - 2006

Americana Amusement Park (LeSourdsville Lake) - 1980

Amsterdam Dungeon - 2008

Animal Kingdom - Walt Disney World - 2005

Aqua Stadium - Tokyo, Japan 2007

Astroland, Coney Island - 2005



Beech Bend Amusement Park, Bowling Green, KY - brochures from 2002 - 2013

Benson's Wild Animal Park, 1980

Bonfante Gardens, 2006

Busch Gardens Africa - 1960's featuring Boma

Busch Gardens Tampa - 1974

Busch Gardens Tampa - 2005 & 2007

Busch Gardens The Old Country - Williamsburg 1978, 1981

Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2013



Camden Park 2005

Canada's Wonderland 1980 artwork/construction

Canada's Wonderland 2006/2007 brochures

Canobie Lake 2005/2006 brochures

Carowinds 1978 brochure

Carowinds 1987 brochure

Carowinds 2005 brochure

Carowinds 2007 brochure

Castle Park 2006 brochure

Cedar Point 1982 brochure

Cedar Point 2003 brochure

Cedar Point 2003 Family Getaway Guide

Cedar Point 2004 Family Getaway Guide

Cedar Point 2005 Family Getaway Guide

Cedar Point 2006 Family Getaway Guide

Cedar Point 2007 Family Getaway Guide

Cedar Point 2010 Family Getaway Guide

Cedar Point 2011 Family Getaway Guide

Cedar Point 2012 Family Getaway Guide

Cedar Point 2013 Family Getaway Guide

Chessington World of Adventures 2010

Circus World (Orlando) 1978

Circus World (Orlando)1981

Circus World (Wisconsin Dells) 2004

City Park, New Orleans

Clementon Amusement Park 2004

Coney Island, Cincinnati 2006 & 2011



DelGrosso's Amusement Park 2006

Discovery Cove 2010

Disney's Animal Kingdom 2005

Disney's Animal Kingdom 2006

Disney's Blizzard Beach 2005

Disney's California Adventure 2006

Disney's EPCOT 1980's memorabilia

Disney's EPCOT 2005-6

Disney's Magic Kingdom - 1981 Tencennial Guide and attraction ticket booklet

Disney-MGM Studios 2005

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon 2005

Dollywood - Christmas 2007

Dollywood - (Silver Dollar City)

Dorney Park - 1979

Djurs Sommerland - 2009





Ghost Town in the Sky - 1979

Goldrush Junction - early 1970's



Hansa Park - 2009

Hersheypark - 1978

Hersheypark - 1981





Kings Island - 1978

Kings Island - 2003

Knoebels Groves Amusement Resort



Land of Oz - North Carolina

Larson International Photo Tour



Magic City Express - Birmingham, AL Fairgrounds 1986

Magic Harbor - Myrtle Beach, S.C. mid '70's

Magic Springs - Hot Springs, Arkansas 1981

Magic Valley - Bushkill, PA - 1980's

Marriott's Great America, Gurnee, IL - 1978

Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara, CA - 1978

Martin's Fantasy Island - vintage brochure circa late 1960's/early 70's and 2006 brochure

Michigan's Adventure - 2003 Brochure

Merry-Go-Round Museum, Sandusky, Ohio

Morey's Piers and Raging Waters - 2005 brochures




Old Chicago - 1980 Brochure

Opryland - 1972 brochure

Opryland - 1978 brochure

Opryland - 1980 park guide and 1981-82 brochures

Opryland - 1988-89 brochures

Opryland - 1993 brochure



Paramount's Great America 2006




Roller Coaster Museum Photo Tour



Santa Claus Land (Holiday World) circa 1981 and 1982!

Six Flags AstroWorld - 1983 Brochure

Six Flags Great Adventure - 1978 brochure

Six Flags Great America - 2004 Brochure and Map/Park Guide

Six Flags Over Georgia - 1970's souvenir book and 1982 brochure

Six Flags Over Texas - 1978 brochure



Tivoli Gardens - 2009 brochures & miscellaneous

Tokyo Disneyland Resort - Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea brochures 2007



Universal Studios Hollywood - 2005, 2006 brochures and maps



Visionland - circa 2004



Wonderland Amusement Park (Texas)

Worlds of Fun - brochure, magazine, and event/fact sheets circa 1978!






Thanks to those who have contributed their postcards to this thread. Keep 'em coming!



So without further adieu, as a little tribute here is postcard #1 - The Villain. I bought this postcard on my visit to Geauga Lake (then Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) in 2003.





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Ok everyone gather round. It's time for postcard #2, and this week's feature is from where I refer to as my home park, Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon, located in beautiful Bowling Green, Kentucky. The park is located about an hour north of me, but since Opryland's demise I have adopted Beech Bend as my home park. While some would view the park as nothing more than a bunch of portable flat rides and a dragstrip, Beech Bend has had quite an interesting history since it began in 1880, even having been under ownership involving country music star, Ronnie Milsap. Ever since the Dallas Jones family acquired the park in 1987, Beech Bend has been on the upswing...thankfully! The park has some of my favorite rides like the Scat II, Kentucky Rumbler, the cheesy but historic Pretzel ride-through Haunted House, and quite possibly the best drop tower ever - Shock Drop!





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This week we jump across the Pacific Ocean from Bowling Green to Tokyo and catch up with the TPR Asia trip for a visit to Tokyo Dome City! As you can see on the front of the card the giant dome is in the left foreground while there on the right is LaQua Park with Thunder Dolphin, and it's all located right in the heart of the city. I love how they do that in Japan.


I think for most of us on the TPR Japan trip in '07, Thunder Dophin was a bit of a letdown. It looks so good yet doesn't do a whole lot after the first drop. I still found it to be fun though! The ride ops basically give you a strip search before they'll let you ride it, and then they all do a little cheer in unison before hitting the go button. The park also features the "Big O" hubless Ferris wheel, an Intamin parachute drop, Geo Panic -a really messed up indoor coaster, and a $40 giant hamburger!





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This is a GREAT thread! I love seeing these postcards. I hope it will inspire others to scan their postcard collections and post them here. I know I am going through my files right now.


Post cards are the one souvenier I still collect to this day.


Great Idea

Great thread

Keep them coming!!!!



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Hey guys thanks for all the kind words of encouragement. I hope everyone else is getting as much of a kick out of this thread as I am.


Shane, you're right...I would absolutely love it if others would contribute postcards to this thread. It would only make it all the more interesting! Can't wait to see what you and everyone else has to include. Also, I'm really looking forward to season 2 of your Amusement Attic! When can we expect the season premiere?



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I love this thread!


I love park postcards. Here's one I'd like to contribute to your collection.




PS- I am almost ready to start Season 2 of the Amusement Attic, look for it around the first of October!


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Shane, those are GREAT postcards! I miss my little bulldozed home park Opryland and my first ever credit...The Rock n' Roller Coaster (or Timber Topper for you purists). Also, The Barnstormer airplane ride was one of my favorite rides there. I think there were only a few of the Bradley & Kaye models ever built (Old Chicago, WOF, and Opryland...any others?).


That's a cool Texas Cyclone postcard too. More on that coming soon. Thanks for sharing all of the above!


matteocrepaldi...please post those cards from Italy. I'm sure a lot of us would love to see them!

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Ahoy mateys...this week we sail back to the USA, and in honor of last Friday's "Talk Like a Pirate Day" I give all ye land lubbers a bit o' treasure from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean! Not only has this ride spawned several movies, it also served as inspiration for a pinball machine too! I rode this in 2006 after it was Depp-afied. I did not find the addition of Jack Sparrow's character to be too obtrusive but rather enjoyed his presence. Yo ho yo ho....you know the rest of the song right?





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Very cool, Mark. I used to have a mini-Haunted Mansion "portrait" card that switched from some antebellum gent to a glow-in-the-dark monster when you turned out the lights.

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Also, The Barnstormer airplane ride was one of my favorite rides there. I think there were only a few of the Bradley & Kaye models ever built (Old Chicago, WOF, and Opryland...any others?).




The Barnstormer was one of my favorite rides too. I think the Bradley and Kaye model was so much nicer looking than the Intamin version (SFOG). I knew of the one other B&K at WOF, but I had no idea Old Chicago had one too. Ugh, what a shame that it was destroyed. My other Opryland favs were the Little Deuce Coupe, Tennessee Waltz and Flume Zoom - well, and G.R.Rampage, and Skyride, and Train, and RnR coaster Sigh.......

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I bought this postcard on my visit to Geauga Lake (then Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) back in 2003.


I remember that trip! Tis back when I was just a budding coaster enthusiast. Good times.


Awesome thread Mark! I'll be following along with this one for sure. Might even have to send you some contributions as well!

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^ Shawn...yep you were there for at least part of that trip no less and the first person I met from this site (although at the time I'm not sure either of us were actual members here). While you weren't with me at SFWoA, we sure got in some good rides at that other north Ohio park back then. I'll look forward to you adding some of your goodies to this thread!


I too agree with you coasterfreaky that the B&K airplane rides were better looking than their European designed siblings. Something about all that open steel lattice forming the tower used to make me all giddy inside.

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