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The Hurricane Thread


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The Hurricane Thread:

Since it seems like every single storm that inches towards Orlando manages to get its own thread on here, I think its about time for one thread just to discuss these forces of nature.


For those who live in Illinois or something, hurricanes are powerful storms that originate from Africa as tropical waves, if conditions are favorable, these waves may become cyclonic and eventually form into tropical depressions, then tropical storms, then hurricanes. Hurricanes of course have rain, strong winds, and tornadoes. Also known as Typhoons if you live in the Pacific.


Some good resources for hurricanes:

http://www.hurricanesafety.org/home2.cfm Hurricane Survival

http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ NOAA National Hurricane Center



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To get things started in this thread, the biggest worry in the Atlantic right now is Hurricane Gustav. Most tracks have the storm going toward the New Orleans area, still rebuilding from Katrina and predicted to hit as a strong category 4 or 5 storm.

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I'm very worried about New Orleans... One of the people I interviewed in my Katrina documentary, who was a police officer at the time and performed several rescues, said that all the city needs to flood again is a small Category 1 or 2 storm. The drainage system simply can't take any more. So if this turns out to be a Category 3 there's really no telling...

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I am 99% sure from posts on a few message boards that the New Orleans Saints are evacuating to Indianapolis to practice in the RCA dome while the hurricane threat is a danger to New Orleans. According to a few posts at the Colts message board and a Saints Message board and also a comment made a NFL network reporter, I pretty much believe it.

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As of now, it looks like it will hit far west of N.O., and hopefully that doesn't change. If that's the case, I won't be going anywhere. I also don't think it's a sure thing the saints are going to Indy. That is their option if the storm hits close to the city. The western part of the state won't flood, but there will be wind damage and power outages. Good luck Astro

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If they have to evacuate


“In the event that Hurricane Gustav forces us to evacuate, the team will temporarily relocate to Indianapolis,” said Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis. “If an evacuation is called for, we will fly to Indianapolis at that time and stay there for the entire week preparing for the Bucs. We will practice at Lucas Oil Stadium and we will return to New Orleans on Friday.”




knowing weather history, it could miss or it could wobble a little and hit head on. I think a few players might enjoy some time in Indiana. The punter, Steve Weatherford, is from Terre Haute. The Saints Coach once coached at Indiana State here in Terre Haute. Drew Brees was a football player at Purdue.

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You never know Gustaf(v)? might do what Charlie did and swing around to Florida.


I hope this thing goes in the gulf and just does a 180 and hits no one (I know that's not going to happen) because that's going to be one helluva storm. I'm guessing its going to be a high category 3 easy.


As for Hannah, I think that's going to be a category 2-3 easy. And I think Hannah will come for Florida. (knowing my luck it will.)


EDIT: P.S. I know this is my news station but we have an interactive hurricane tracker...


LINK - http://www.wesh.com/hurricanetracker/index.html


It's really helpful, especially for those who don't have cable (like me) and can't keep updated on the big storms out there.

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Gustav doesn't look like it'll hit New Orleans.




Unfortunately, if the hurricane stays on the same track New Orleans will get hit. Hurricane winds will extend for about 50-100 miles and the violent side is to the east. New Orleans doesn't have to be directly hit to get major damage. Katrina didn't directly hit New Orleans either, but also got Alabama and Mississippi too because they were to the east of the eye.




Edit: This is a better graph to look at. This is the probability of winds greater than 58mph in the next few days:


This puts New Orleans in the line of sight. I've heard this is a better indicator of where it's going.

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The thing that worries me is that the storm seems to be tracking west of NO. I was under the impression that the worst storm surges are on the eastern sides (or northern if it hits a north-south coast) of hurricanes due to the direction of rotation.

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Thanks for saying that because that is what I thought also. I seen on the news the last night that the Army Corps. are putting in temp. levees because they still have not had the time to fix all of them. Then add in that fact that the repairs have not been tested on the fixed ones. I just hope Katrina's aftermath has everyone in NO that didn't evacuate evacuates this time. Sorta sad is that people are just finishing their homes from Katrina and now who knows what will happen with this storm.

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I never trust a projected storm track. I was able to stay at a very safe and secure location during hurricane Andrew. When we went to sleep around midnight, it was projected to slap Fort Lauderdale upside the head, and consequently destroy our house. When I woke up 6 hours later, Homestead (south of Miami) was obliterated, and we drove home to our still-standing house. Weather changes....always expect the worst and hope for the best.


My prayers go out to the ENTIRE Gulf Coast. I'm hoping for the best case scenario for all of you.

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I'm on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi down in Biloxi. I'm here at Keesler AFB for Tech School and the Air Force is taking this very seriously and were probaly going to be sheltered or evacuated somewhere else. People are going crazy down here because there STILL rebuilding from Katrina and if this rolls through it will destroy everything they have tried so hard to rebuild to make the city how it looked before Katrina came in. I hope it doesn't hit us...

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