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Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

2024 Playland Season Pass Now on Sale! And the New Coaster's Name will be .....

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Opening Weekend ~ Saturday


First thing I immediately noticed was the lack of a crowd at opening time! Compared to last year's opening,

in conjunction with the opening of it's newest ride, The Beast, this was really low key. When the rope dropped,

it was an easy stroll to the Season Pass Booth. No hurry or pressure.


At the rope drop, one of the main people for Playland was nearby, so I asked him about future plans, etc. He

said they were sticking with their current plans to add a new ride/coaster every three years or so. That sounded

fine to me. I did bring up whether Corkscrew was going soon (if at all). He said there were plans to

remove Corkscrew, and replace it with....another coaster. But nothing definite, and that was enough info.for me.



And my Season Pass took next to nothing in time to process! I was shocked! Usually, there's a 'problem' with

either the system itself, or the camera that takes the photo for the Pass. The only real problem I did notice,

was that there is no light on anyone's face when they take the Pass photo, so everybody, including my shot,

has a pass with a very VERY dark and shadowed face.


Makes me wonder why they're even doing a photo-pass in the first place.


Oh well. I checked around to see if anything had changed, was moved, was different, etc. Here's what I found...


Here we go again. Saturday, May 07, 2016.


Love the view from the park. The Burgers Fries sign is a nice touch too, lol.


Coaster is up and running. I got three rides in. All great, as usual.





Walked by the Haunted Mansion, and noticed some "new theming"...


Turns out the new theming wasn't planning to stick around. Park workers were notified, and I hope the

new tenants were humanely "evicted", heh.


Yep. Still here. And Revelation stands. Alone. This thing should be replaced by a BOOSTER, and then

include it with the Season/Daily PlayPass. Guaranteed crowds down at this end of the park. Not to mention

a brand new coaster in you-know-who's place. :p


Opening Day, and it's not open? Kind of a FAIL in my books, considering they had all Fall and

Winter to get it up and running.


Something different - The Pirate ride got it's dark brown fence torn down. Now it's nice and

shiny link fencing surrounding it.


And just in "front" of it...


New theming. Playland does love it's purple crushed glass.




Distance shot of Wheee!


Better view from the SkyWheel.



It's a Swamp Boat! It's a Roman Ride! STOP! You're both right! This needs a replacement ALLIGATOR

on top there, along with multi-bamboo and pampas grasses ground around the fencing.


Up the HELLevator goes.


I did ride Coaster a few times, but this was my last coaster ride of this visit.


Kettle Creek Mine is a great coaster for new riders AND their parents, too. It's got a bit of a 'kick' to it. (o:


My First Coaster Ride this Season. Man I look old AND scary at the same time! And what's that

extra hand doing there? Hmmm.

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^ Yeah, well.... they go to so much time to take the photo and to print it.


And I would really enjoy actually seeing my face on one of these, one Season!




Exhibit A. And in the top right corner, it's already starting to scratch off!

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Opening weekend ~ Sunday ~ Mother's Day


This is the day through the entire park's season that is usually the lightest day of all,

crowd-wise. However, it did seem to me, that there were a lot of women hauling

kids (and husbands/boyfriends) around the park.


Oh well. A mom's work is never ever done. A late Happy MD to all who were there

last Sunday. Hope you got great gifts/dinner/$$$ for your awesome efforts!


And as well, I found that the Enterprise was being dismantled. Possibly for a move to

another park, I 'heard.' The Crazy Beach Party was still "down for maintenance." Uh huh.


And the Pizza Pizza Giant Shrub...was gone!!! And in it's place was some

sickly looking evergreen, which I hope will grow and look a a lot better, later on.


Here's the photos I took on Sunday....


I see a dismantled Enterprise, walking to the Entry Gate of the park.


Still processing Season Passes there.


Most of it does look gone. No ride vehicles in sight.


The "secret passageway" to.....nothing much.


As you can see, the park was REALLY crowded, today.


View from the SkyWheel. The Twins are covered up, today.


That's downtown Vancouver.


Looking over to where (roughly) I grew up, on what's called the North Shore.


Yep. Still running.


I always like to get a shot of the Pirate Ship in action.


< SEX sells HERE > I think the guy in back has the better view.....either way. (o:


More Wheee!


These only open for the PNE and Fright Nights. Waste of space during Playland times, IMHO.

I believe the centre green door is where they have a BAR there. Oh for one, now.


The Pizza Pizza shrub is gone! Hope the replacement gets better. And thicker, too.

I went there to finally (after all these seasons) try their pizza - at $5 a slice!


The basic menu. Then I/we found out their ovens had broken down, so food wouldn't be ready

for another hour....or two. I decided to come by, on another visit.


Mini Donuts sell like crazy, here. Most times.


This nice young woman gave me two of the best deals at the park!


Last year's drink and popcorn containers can be re-used for this Season's $1 refills! Awesome!


This is as naughty as I could find.


Final Shot. And now, this thing runs FAST!!! Couldn't believe the speed of it. Bye for now...

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News of The Day: The ENTERPRISE is NOT moving out!


I found this out today, when I was at the park, earlier. Within the first ten minutes or so of being there,

I saw that the Enterprise was moving! A full cycle it looked like. I then asked a couple of the people

who work at the park, and they told me that the ride was originally going to open with the previous

weekend. But parts that had been shipped to them for maintenance, etc. didn't work! So they've had to

wait for replacement parts to arrive, they did, and now they've been running the Enterprise through

cycles to make sure everything is fine, now.


And, as one young woman told me, "The Enterprise isn't going anywhere. It's still ours!"


Very overcast today. No rain, though.


Seeing Flag = Singing "Oh Caa-na-daah."


It's alive...


It's Alive...




One more shot of the Enterprise in 'testing' action. Hope it's open by next weekend.


When I was heading out of the park, I saw this birthday setup...


And this awesome little ferris wheel, that was (after asking who) "the Birthday Girl's gift." Great gift, I'd say! (o:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Happy Victoria Day, Canada!

(and the rest of the Commonwealth...)


So what else to do on a statutory holiday, but to hit the park!


And once again, I "almost" bought myself a slice of Pizza Pizza.

But on looking at what was currently available, I just couldn't bring myself

to spend $5 on a slice! For two slices, I could do much better outside

the park. And, I did.


A lot of clouds, today. But no rain. (o:


They're using the red train, today.


Second bunny hop.




Really? That's all they got, for now? Uh.....no.


Enterprise still running sideways.


View of the race track. With an apparent "race" going on, on that screen, there.








Puppy In Training. For a guide dog of some kind, I guess.


Kettle Mine's first drop.


Why not a burger with something "Commonwealth" in it? HP = Houses of Parliament Sauce. (o;


And along with my S'mores frapp, the burger was pretty good. Happy VD!

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New Exhibits & Attractions at this summer's PNE:


NEW! Alien Worlds and Androids

Alien Worlds and Androids Exhibit New and Only This Year

Daily 11am - 10pm

Garden Auditorium

FREE with admission


Blast off to a world where science fiction meets science fact. How close are we to discovering new alien worlds and alien life? What are the differences between androids and robots? Alien Worlds and Androids lets you explore the cutting-edge science taking place now Ironmanat organizations like NASA and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and brings you face-to-face with worlds far beyond our own. Join the interactive expedition! You are not alone . . .


The PNE runs from Aug.20 - Sept.05 (Closed Mondays)






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First of all, Best Wishes to all for a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend, in the U.S.A!

Unfortunately, Playland isn't open on Monday, so I trekked over to see what was going on, today.


Not much was going on. The arcade was closed for some reason. I connected with a couple of the

people who work there, again making my suggestion of an El Loco to replace that tired old Corkscrew.


Who knows?


Better weather today.


An Event!


School band, entertaining.


Have a safe and happy weekend, USA!

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^Bill, is The Beast as crazy as it looks?


I remember seeing one of those at Oktoberfest and said to Michael: "No way I am riding that after a couple of Lowenbrau's!"


But then again, I am not sure if I could ride one sober either!

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^ Phil, I must say, after riding it three times only, that this is one of The Most Intense Flats I had ever ridden.


Add to that, I never had a problem with shoulder restraints etc. in the past. But two of those times, it looked like

I wasn't going to be allowed on. Which actually surprised me, having never had this happen on any ride, before.


Anyway, I tried both ways: facing inside then outside, and of the two ways I enjoyed the inside better. Mainly

for the reason of being plastered into the seat, and not being pressed against the restraints, lwhen I was facing out.


I came off of it, out of breath, and with a slight headache, all three times. And I wasn't the only one who felt they

might "throw up" after getting off. But didn't. Just intense queasiness when you got off of it. Several young

people came off of it not expecting to "feel a bit sick."


I recommend you ride it at least once. Then ride #2 is up to you, Phil.


One of my absolute fave shots I've taken of Beast. This was during the PNE last summer.

Edited by Nrthwnd
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It definitely looks intense, Bill!


I think that I "might" try it once and then check it off the bucket list. I still need to get to Fantasy Island in Buffalo and try that similarly looking weird flat that they have up there too.

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^ I was surprised that there aren't more of these in the U.S.?

And I was equally surprised when our little amusement park got one!


I also just noticed, that there is four years between AtmosFEAR's and the Beast's opening dates.


Hmmm. Might there be something else coming our way, in say 2018? 19?


Maybe something coming to replace that *^%@~)# Corkscrew we have? Finally???


What I want Corkscrew replaced with. And, to be The First Park in Canada with one!

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New Mainstage Feature Show at this year's PNE:


And for this one, I immediately got front row seats because of my admiration of Juliana Chen, a true artist with cards. I have seen her perform several times on tv, and always wondered if I would ever get to see her LIVE. Woo hoo! Wonder no more! And with the VIP seats, we get a 1/2 hour backstage visit with the performers! And popcorn, too!




New and Only This Year Daily at 7:30pm ~ Pacific Coliseum ~ FREE with admission!


Or purchase a VIP Reserved Seat that includes an exclusive backstage magic experience and popcorn for the show.

*Reserved Seats* available for $20 per person or $60 for four.


A world-class magical showcase not to be missed! Watch in amazement and witness grand illusions.

Come and be thrilled as we present champions of magic! UNBELIEVABLE magic, comedy and breathtaking

illusions - get a front row seat to a magical experience you will simply describe as UNBELIEVABLE!


Featuring internationally renowned illusionists Murray Hatfield and Teresa, Matt Marcy, Scott Pepper, Marty Putz,

and the First Lady of Magic, Juliana Chen.







Where we're sitting and enjoying our popcorn...

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again making my suggestion of an El Loco to replace that tired old Corkscrew.


Who knows?

Hey, I am looking forward to riding that actually! It will be fun to compare to our Arrow corkscrew down here, although ours has a loop and it redeemed itself a bit this year since I only rode in the front. But an El Loco would be super awesome, they have been doing some cool things with those lately. Those Premier Rides triple launch loopy things look fun too and maybe cheaper, but I wish they could make one with a more interesting layout

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^ Well, for myself, I would be totally happy with the original version of El Loco.

I loved the one in FlamingoLand ("Mumbo Jumbo"), but that is the only one I've

been on. I'd love to get down to Las Vegas, and ride the custom built one, there.


It also occurred to me that a coaster like INSANE (see below) In Grona Lund Park

(it's a Zac Spin, right?) would be perfect in that spot, too. And run better than the

Green Lantern in SFMM, I'd hope too.


But the old Corkscrew will still be here, through to next year at least.


This could be a nice replacement for Cokscrew, too. Thanks Trips'N'Pics for the pic!

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^^ Really glad I made it up to see you & experience Playland, I'll post a couple of pics here & I might do a short TR too or I might not. I haven't really looked closely at the pics I got yet, but I think getting stopped at the border and issues with payment might make for a good story. My bank flagged trying to buy the gate ticket as fraud, by the way; I guess I should have called them before going to a foreign land , so thanks again!




The beautiful Kettle Creek Mine Coaster


Oh god the selfies...


I <3 Wave Swinger


Vekoma Corkscrew: the better Arrow Corkscrew


Loved it!

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^ Great! Glad you had a good time. And like I said while we were there, after your cc problem, I

will probably contact my card companies before I set foot in the U.S.of A. in September.


Glad you could make it up for your first visit to Playland. I didn't take as many photos as you did,

and they're honestly not as nice as the ones you've posted here.




While waiting at the front gate, this armada of police motorcycles went by.


Here you are, on The Beast.


And there you went, lol!


If you look reeeeally closely , you can see yourself on the left, there. White t-shirt, side view? That's you!


And your Very First Enterprise Ride! (o;


#3 was ours on the Skywheel. My lucky number, too!


A Beer Festival (300+ brands I read!) going on, on the other side of the PNE grounds.


"And The Beast goes on...."

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^ Sorry, I probably missed you and you're already there, but...


Crazy Beach Party was still down, yesterday. I've actually given up

on it, because since they moved it to it's present location (giving

up space for The Beast), it doesn't seem to run (when it does) like

it used to. Not as fast now, and it certainly doesn't appear to spin

like it used to, either.


I may try it again later, when it's finally operating, and see if there's

any speed difference, or that it's just me.


Hope you have/had a nice day there.

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^ Good for you! I hope you get to ride Beast sooner than later.


Here's one of our favourite "Events" at the PNE:


6th Annual Vancouver Rib Festival Competition


Daily 11am to 11pm

Celebration Plaza

FREE with admission


Back by popular demand The Fair at the PNE is proud to host the 6th Annual Vancouver Rib Festival featuring top Champion BBQ Pit Masters from across Canada. Four teams: Gator BBQ, Boss Hogs (new), Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ and Misty Mountain BBQ, will feature some of the best award-winning barbecue you can eat – so come on down and taste barbecue ribs, brisket and pulled pork made from real tried and true champions.


Rib Fest Competition – Tuesday August 31st

3:30pm – Festival Park

FREE with admission




From last year's Rib Festival at the PNE.


Still our fave, year after year.

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