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What song are you listening to?


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Ice Nine Kills - Enjoy Your Slay (Feat. Sam Kubrick of Shields)

The best metalcore song of 2017 at this point in time. It is VERY clever and well-written.


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Apparently this is The First Actual Recorded Blues Song....from 1920!


"Crazy Blues"

written and performed by Mamie Smith


I can't sleep at night

I can't eat a bite

'Cause the man I love

He don't treat me right

He makes me feel so blue

I don't know what to do

Sometime I sit and sigh

And then begin to cry

'Cause my best friend

Said his last goodbye

There's a change in the ocean

Change in the deep blue sea, my baby

I'll tell you folks, there ain't no change in me

My love for that man will always be

Now I can read his letters

I sure can't read his mind

I thought he's lovin' me

He's leavin' all the time

Now I see my poor love was blind


(and there was more verses.)

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Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly



Dancin' at 1:28


While I assumed they were all gonna start dancing, I never anticipated those outfits.


Have I ever mentioned I got a thing for women on roller skates?

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