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^thanks, bummer I liked the old sign


and thanks to Hanno, Benny and Nick (for the e-mailed pics) for recent submissions


Just bumping since we got to a new page, everyone out there has been so helpful in completing this task.


For this first listing of rides we need any pictures you have of the ride:


Canada's Wonderland - Boo Blasters on Boo Hill (need ride vehicle and inside building)

Cliff's - Fireball

Dixie Landin’ – Cajun Collision, Hot Shot

Frontier City – Ol 89er Express

Joyland (Texas) – Bumper Cars, Dare Devil Drop, Carousel, Musik Express, Paratrooper, Rock-o-Plane, Roll-o-Plane, Spider, Space Shuttle, Trabant, Tilt-A-Whirl

Kings Island - Boo Blasters on Boo Hill (need ride vehicle and inside building)

Lakeside – Starship 2000

Quassy - Free Fall n Drop

Universal Hollywood - King Kong

Wonderland (Texas) – Bumpers Cars, Scrambler, Shoot the Chute



Botton’s Pleasure Beach – Cup and Saucer, Dodgems, Gallopers, Rockin Tug

Camelot – Cup and Sorcerer

Flamingoland – Dodgems

Gulliver’s Warrington – Barrel Ride, Cycle Monorail, Joker, Sky Tours Observation Tower, Tree Tops Swing

Legoland Windsor - Fairy Tale Brook, Longboat Invader (Rockin Tug), Sky Rider, Thunder Blazer, Train

Pleasure Island – GoGator, Falls of Fear, Galleon



Kernie's Familienpark - Kernie's Boot (Rockin Tug), Flying Carousel, Tea Cups, Disk-O



Farup Sommerland – Wave Swinger, Tekopperne (Tea Cups), Raeven Hule (walk-thru)

Tivoli Friheden – Forhindringsbane (Obstacle Course)



Mer de Sable – Riviere Sauvage, Train du Desert, Jungle des Chikapas (Indoor Tow Boat), Babagattaux (Outdoor Tow Boat)

Parc Saint Paul – Le Dino Splash (Flume), Chateau Hante, Bateaux Mississippi (Swinging Ship), Carousel 1900, Les Chaises Aeriennes, Tacots 1900 (Antique Cars), Tabogliss (Slide), Voitures Tampoeusses (Bumper Cars)



Toverland - Paarden Van Ithaka



Grona Lund – Kuling (Rockin Tug)



Parque d'Attractiones Madrid - Los Rapidos, Noriavision (Ferris Wheel)



Chengdu – Family Coaster, Jungle Mouse, Loop Screw (*)

Suzhou Amusement Land - Junior Coaster, Space Adventure (*)

Suzhou Giant Wheel Park – Stingray (need photos)



Kamine – Dragon Coaster, See Through Coaster (*)

Kashiikaen – Bun Bun Coaster, Rushing Coaster

Lina World – Hello Kitty Angel Coaster, Scramble Coaster, Super Coaster

Pleasure Garden – Mad Mouse, Through the Woods Jet Coaster (*)

Rusutsu – Corkscrew, Mountain Coaster (*)

Sendai Highland – Dragon, Loop the Loop (*)

Space City – Space Switchback (*)

Suntopia – Loop the Loop (*)

Utsunomiya Zoo - (*)



For the following rides we only need pictures of the ride sign:



Bowcraft – Crossbow, Dragon

Galaxyland – Autosled, Mindbender, Space Shot

Ghost Town in the Sky - Cliffhanger

Marineland - Ladybug Coaster, Topple Tower, Skyhawk



Flamingoland – Navigator, Sky Flyer

Legoland Windsor - Extreme Team Challenge, Jolly Rocker, Wave Surfer

Pleasure Island (UK) - GoGator


Other Europe

Linnanmaki - Pilotti

Power Park – Pegasus (Evolution)

Sommerland Syd - Kaemperutshebanen, Tornado, King Kong Karrusel (Calypso), Svingeren (Wave Swinger)

Tivoli Friheden – Forhindringsbane (Obstacle Course)

Walibi Rhone Alps - Boomerang, Coccinelle


Other Asia/Australia

Adventure World (AUS) - Dragon Express

Chengdu – Family Coaster, Jungle Mouse, Loop Screw (*)

Kamine – Dragon Coaster, See Through Coaster (*)

Kashiikaen – Bun Bun Coaster, Rushing Coaster (*)

Lina World – Hello Kitty Angel Coaster, Scramble Coaster, Super Coaster (*)

Pleasure Garden – Mad Mouse, Through the Woods Jet Coaster (*)

Rusutsu – Corkscrew, Go Go Coaster, Hurricane, Loop the Loop, Mad Mouse, Mountain Coaster, Standing Coaster, Ultra Twister(*)

Sendai Highland – Dragon, Hurricane, Loop the Loop, Mad Mouse (*)

Space City – Space Switchback (*)

Utsunomiya Zoo - (*)

Zhongsang Park –Inertial Coaster (*)


As the Submission feature in the Park Index is currently disabled, the best way to currently submit a ride photo is to download the photo into this thread or e-mail me at larrygator@themeparkreview.com.


Remember photos must be .jpg should not exceed 800x600 (Unfortunately, in the past many people have submitted photos that were far too large for TPR to use or in pdf form.)


High quality photos, please (not blurry, distorted or out of focus).


Lastly, we are not adding kiddie rides or major upcharges at this time, but we are at the point where family rides such: transportation rides, carousels, ferris wheels and bumper cars are being added.


We are also not adding FECs (Family Entertainment Centers) to the Park Index. Our current rule of thumb is to include places that have 6 or more adults rides.


And if you have to ability to scan your park maps, feel free to submit those for the years that all not already in the Park Index.


Of course any PTRs containing superior photos or entertaining captions and a variety of pictures including multiple rides and areas (Not just one or two rides/attractions) are always valued. Attention has been given to every previously submitted Photo TR. Don't feel discouraged if we can't include every one.


Photo in your PTRs must be downloaded onto the Theme Park Review server (not Imageshack, photobucket) for it to be included in the Park Index, that way we know a Red X will never appear.


Lastly, if you have photos of a non-kiddie ride that is not in TPR's Park Index, please submit that also. The list of what we need is not complete, only based on ride that appear on my personal park maps.

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Hey Larry,


Recently I visited Parque de Atracciones Madrid and I have a few photo's which are on the wanted list:








Starflyer seen from the main entrance plaza


Tifon from the queing area


Main entrance to the Vertigo area

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^thanks Jason - I can always use better pictures of rides. The Park Index is the only menaingful aspect of my life.


In case anyone missed it the new thread I made, I just want to let everyone know that a lot of park maps have recently been scanned and added to the Park Index from Robb and Elissa's personal collection. Notable additions: HHN Orlando Park Guides, some Asian parks (from 2004-2009 trips) and European parks they visited in 2005.

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Why did they have to put that "stupid" Texas Giant sign right below the Big Spin sign?


This reminds me - I have to make a list of the SF rides getting new names and fix them in the Park Index. Shouldn't be too hard since most changes are with kiddie rides.

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Jason - thanks for that picture. I'm still doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the Park Index. There are some updates (new photos, maps and nostalgia) everyone can see right now. Other changes on a grander scale are in process and not quite ready for release.

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Speaking about the "ever evolving park index"... here is a sneak peek at something new that should be launching on TPR hopefully sooner than later!


I do hope some of you guys will be as excited about this as Larry and I are!


It's an expanded "Park Index" with the ability for users to login and rate the parks! That's all I'm going to say about it....


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