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Theme Park Review's 4th Annual Coaster Video Contest!

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OK, I've seen all of them and here are my thoughts...


Andy Korb’s Parc Asterix

For a video that shows about half of the park's coasters, this was pretty entertaining. Even if it was missing a few coasters, it showed off rides that I don't normally see in videos, like the raft ride or the dark ride where the figures don't move. It showed off a bunch of friends having fun, even if the antics weren't as goofy as Robb's. The video seemed a little slow-paced. BTW, I thought Robb & Elissa were the only ones who took their baby to theme parks?



WillMontu’s “Wetness”

The premise of this video was interesting -- show the different ways the parks try to get us wet. The introduction was pretty entertaining, even though I hate Styx. The rest of the video was good, even though it had shaky camerawork. I thought the video was just too long. It was like a joke that went on and on well after the audience had laughed. After about 1 1/2 minutes of seeing wet stuff, I was getting bored and wanted the video to move on. I think more comments from people who got wet might have helped out your video. The video of your camera destruction was pretty cool.



Matthew Hick’s Drayton Manor

This video showed off the coasters and the drop ride in the park very well. The shots weren't shaky and there were some good shots of the coaster. The problem I had with the video is that the shots didn't really match up with the beat of the music. It was like the video was edited first and then the music was added later. I think there were too many shots of G-Force that it got boring after a while.



Norman Snook’s Déjà vu

When I first saw the video and heard the techno music, I was reminded of Tommy Faircloth's "Roller Coaster Adventures" video. Other than that, the video was quite entertaining. Like I said in the Tatsu video, it's hard to make a video of one roller coaster. You end up using a lot of POV shots or the same shots over and over again. This video was pretty entertaining. My favorite part was when the camera was videotaping Deja Vu and then the camera operator lowered the camera so we see a shot of the ground. Usually, I would edit out the shot of the ground, but the editor did something neat with the shot and made it a fade/reverse color shot. I still can't figure out how the editor showed two trains on the Deja Vu spikes. I suppose I will never learn the secret! Overall, a good video.



Mark Owen’s Hong Kong Disneyland

Before I say anything, I would like to say, yes, I know HKDL doesn't have much in the way of attractions. However, I would have liked to see more of what HKDL has to offer. There were a lot of character shots, but only small segments of the other rides. I would have liked to see more of the cool effects on the Jungle Cruise. I would have liked to see more of Buzz Lightyear. Heck, I would have even wanted to see more of bad Pooh! Overall, the video wasn't bad, but I can see the potential for much more.



Rankings for this round

1.) Andy Korb’s Parc Asterix 7/10

2.) WillMontu’s “Wetness” 6/10

3.) Matthew Hick’s Drayton Manor 6/10

4.) Norman Snook’s Déjà vu 9/10

5.) Mark Owen’s Hong Kong Disneyland 7/10



1.) Kevin Gillian’s “Opening Segment” 10/10

2.) JimmyBo’s PortAdventura 9/10

3.) Norman Snook’s Déjà vu 9/10

4.) Nicolas Chavance’s Parc Asterix 9/10

5.) Darren Bailey’s TPR Midwest Trip 9/10

6.) Cody Kempema’s Tatsu 9/10

7.) Dave Thomas’ UK Randomness 8/10

8.) Justin Saxe’s Dollywood/Six Flags Over Georgia 8/10

9.) Peter Davies’ Camping & Coasters 8/10

10.) Chris Charles’ PortAventura Halloween 8/10

11.) Adam Roth Theme Park Entry 2006 8/10

12.) Mark Owen’s Hong Kong Disneyland 7/10

13.) Ryan Vesely’s Disneyland 7/10

14.) Andy Korb’s Parc Asterix 7/10

15.) Bruno Lancetti’s Expedition GeForce 7/10

16.) Matt Jacobs’ Indiana Beach 7/10

17.) Jan Andreen’s Europa Park 7/10

18.) Pam & Brian Kanal’s Knoebel’s PPP 6/10

19.) WillMontu’s “Wetness” 6/10

20.) Matthew Hick’s Drayton Manor 6/10

21.) Kevin Aglione’s Cedar Point 5/10

22.) Dave Madore & Tomi Zandshtein’s TPR Midwest Trip 4/10

23.) Matthew Tentnowski’s Six Flags Great Adventure 4/10

24.) Jordan Ryle’s Disneyland 3/10

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I still can't figure out how the editor showed two trains on the Deja Vu spikes.

Very simple Premiere (or any other editing software) trick by overlaying one screen over the other. Timing is key. Personally, and maybe it's just because I've done this before, I thought the matching up the two spikes was pretty sloppy.



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Can't wait for the voting to begin! Thanks to all that shared their videos, even with criticisms, you all did a great job, and it was entertaining going through all the videos this year!


And thanks TPR for doing this! I got my votes ready!

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^ No problem. I just couldn't do it last night since for whatever reason my internet connection took a dive and it took about two hours just to get the streaming versions uploaded.



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loving the "opening segment" vid. it makes me say, DVD MUST BUY! DVD MUST BUY! DVD MUST BUY! DVD , MUUUUUUUST BUUUY! I Was hypnotized, Its like the opening for "Rollercoaster" the 2008 remake version the Waynes Brothers Parady version "(like the original "scary movie")

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Andy Korb

A really fun video with good coverage of the parks attractions, not just the coasters. Always love that song, and the video moved along really well. 9/10


Will Montu

I liked the idea of just using water rides, andyou had a good choice of music, (It was making me feel nostalgic !). It was humorous and entertaining. Only problem I had was that the music kept skipping at points. Don't know if it was my computer, or the video, but it's not a strike against the video though. 9/10


Matthew Hicks

Great track...though the footage, not so much. The video seemed so uninspired, (I can only see G-Force, a frisbee, and a drop tower from so many angles!). It did seem like a good video of two friends having fun at the park...which is what it's all about. 4/10


Norman Snook

Ok, last week I made the comment that three minute videos with only one ride never work well with me...they get boring quickly. Well, Norman proved me wrong, and I'll gladly admit it. All the video "tricks" you used worked for me except for the "two spikes" scene, (though it did catch me for second in the beginning. ). 7/10


Mark Owens

This video was not outstanding or mind-blowing, but it was good. Once again, like the music. The videographywas really good, it's just that the footage was pretty ordinary. 7/10

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Oh I`m so happy that finally one of my Videos (Andy Korb`s Park Asterix) has made it to this contest.


Thanks for the critics so far -

This is really one of our slower paced videos, because I wanted to show some of the other aspects of the park and the fun you can have. This video is part of our coasterfriends dvd, and so the park coverage is split in two parts - but I just sent this part as something different. So I`m sorry that Barry is missing some coasters.


By the way, I really appreciate that my video is among those great other videos, made with so much talent! I`m really happy that I don`t have to decide which video to take - because most of them are so great.

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So here are my reviews for all the videos that have been posted thus far. Note, if I commented on your video before then chances are I might have added a little more to my response than before. If you don't feel like reading all these then go to hell. If you feel like maybe learning something or taking someones advice then read on. Please keep in mind that I am not trying to bash on anyone or any video...this is just what I thought of the videos after watching them all a second time.


JimmyBo's reviews of TPR's 4th Annual Video Contest...Round 1 thru Round 5


Round 1



I say it now…I didn’t like your song. I must say that I saw all your videos from the Europe trip and this one was my favorite. I like how you edited the footage to the count of the music (when it goes 1, 2, 3, 4…blah blah blah). The Elissa hating you footage got a little old half way through the video. You still had a good mix of a lot of coaster footage plus TPR peeps on those coasters. I think this is one of your best videos out of the ones I have seen.



Kick @$$ song, like it a lot. The only thing that I didn’t like about your video was the shaky POV’s. Trust me, I’ve had shaky POV’s in the past and if I have more offride footage of the coaster then I usually put that in a video rather than than shaky footage. You definitely showed us the atmosphere of the Midwest trip and you made it seem like everyone had a good time on the trip. Great video and probably one of the best out of the first round (A close second behind Dave’s)



Your video was hard to watch the first time. While you had some great shots during the opening I thought you dragged it a little too long. The music you chose for the opening fit the footage perfectly. I felt this video was done by two different people and that was a good thing because it was unique on how it was extremely slow in the beginning and then kicked the crap out of you the second part. I really liked how you tied in the TTD launch with the music. I am more of a fan for people having fun at parks but the second part of your video was still entertaining mostly because that song rocks. The footage was average.



Your video made me spit my beer all over my screen. I love how random and original your video was. It wasn’t the typical “music video” type of video. The commercial was great and I like how you randomly stopped the video and through in the commercial. That Derek truly knows how to act like in idiot in front of the camera (in a good way Derek…don’t kill me). Great video Dave and I think it’s the best out of the first round.


Pam and Brain

While most people didn’t like your song I don’t really base videos on music. Yes, I was not a fan of your music but I feel that you showed the atmosphere of Knoebel’s and I have never been there and some of your scenery shots while on the sky ride makes the place look great. I think you showed a great mix of people and the coaster and some unique rides they have at Knoebel’s. The only thing I disliked was it was too short. I felt like if you had a little more footage of the park it would have been a great video. I know not everyone films everything at parks but a little more footage of the park would have been great.


Round 2



I must say that I tried to do a "Tatsu only" video and it sucked compared to yours. I really liked your transitions with the different sequences and it showed that the ride is amazing. Great editing and a kick @$$ song.



For an overplayed song I think you did a pretty good job. You definitely captured the entire park and what it has to offer. Only thing that I did not like was that you couldn’t hear what the people were saying. Maybe next time you can turn the audio of the song down and the audio of the people up so we can hear them. Me having not been to this park, this video makes me see tons of credits that I am missing.



Great Opening. That really shows how you can edit some pretty amazing stuff. Holy crap I wish I had a program to edit intros like that. By far the best opening of a video yet. You had some great coaster coaster footage and your POV weren't too shaky which is a good thing. You definitely captured the coasters of the parks and not so much the atmosphere. I can tell you were going for the coasters since you didn’t show much of the other rides. So just showing the coasters I think you did a pretty damn good job.



Sucked. Your video was horrible and you should go to hell for having such a bad video. Not voting for this piece of crap.



You bastard...I think yours is the best for round 2. Great way to show coasters and freaks all in one video. I really like how you edited the video to the music. The drum beat was pretty sweet and that's what I try to do on my videos but you pretty much make mine look like a little school (which isn't that bad if your Jeff Johnson).


Round 3



Great mixture of crazy people and crazy coasters. I think at the end with the pictures it was a nice touch but it seemed like the pictures didn’t run with the music very well. That could just be me and a couple beers talking though. I like how you had people footage throughout the entire video and didn’t have it just in the beginning or end. I really liked this video a lot and probably my favorite of this round.



Pretty decent video. You used the fades very well especially on the interlocking Kumba corkscrews. I don’t get the very end after the credits where they were trying to take a picture and someone is saying I have it. I don’t get that part. Plus, IMO I think the credits went by a little fast. It was good to see credits in a video but maybe slow them down next time. As for the POV’s, not too shaky and very well done. Maybe show a little more emotion on your face during some of the ride though (the first POV where it looks like you are just staring down the drop). All in all, good video of Florida parks.



I think if you had a couple beers in you, your video would have been better. Honestly, I think you may have over-did it with the transitions…that’s just my opinion. All in all you definitely show how awesome that little park can be and it looked like you showed nearly every ride. Maybe next time, put you big happy Epcot loving face on the camera as your riding Lost Coaster…that would have been entertainment.



I’m just going to say it now…I think this was definitely a video where you had to be there or you had to know the inside jokes to enjoy. There were parts that were amusing like you guys walking and snapping together at the entrance and in between DL and DCA. Most of the audio was hard to understand. Maybe next time turn the audio on the song down and the audio of the people talking up so we the viewers can understand. You, the editor might know what they are saying but it always a good idea to have someone else view your video to see if they can pick up what a person is saying. I sometimes have a person who wasn’t with me at the park view a video to see if they can understand what is going on and they give me feedback. I suggest you might want to do that next time you make a video and submit it.



Your video had an interesting song. It looked like you had some great footage of your family throughout the park and not so much the coasters. I know Europa Park has some unique coasters and I feel that this video lacked some coaster footage. I really like the footage you got from the Knight show (especially when the horse falls). It also seemed like some of your shots were a little too long…meaning the video focused on the same thing for quite some time. I think if you had some shorter cuts of shots it would have been well paced. Plus, I think the ending was a little too soon…I really wanted to see more.


Round 4



Your video makes me want to go and watch a porn video right now. While you definitely had some amazing shots of this great ride I feel that it was a little repetitive at points. I think if you split the shots up so that you don’t have the same section of the ride after another it would have been better. I know Holiday Park is anal about letting people bring cameras on this ride but it would have been great to see a little bit more “people having fun on this ride” footage. I like how you changed the colors and motion when the music slowed down a bit. I want to know what song that is so I can use it for my next porn video.



Definitely one of the more unique videos thus far. I really like the voice over and the whole intro thing you had going. I felt like the video was good until the “Viewers Discretion” warning because after that it just seemed like you needed to add more footage in to make it longer. Your POV’s were not shaky for the most part but I just felt like you had a good thing going but then kind of just ended it with some POV shots to make the video longer. When’s the DVD coming out?



I like this video a lot. Despite what some other have said about the bubbles I really like that idea. True, I have no idea what the hell the bubbles say but it’s a nice touch and I haven’t seen that done before. Great mixture of people having fun on rides, non shaky POV’s and some great offride shots. I really like the expressions on a lot of the people’s faces. I think the transition when you go into the tunnel your looking straight but when you come out your looking backward is great editing. Nice job. My favorite video out of this round.



Since your video was titled Port Aventura Halloween I could tell that you were going for what this park had to offer during the Halloween season and you captured it very well. I really like you transitions between still photos and video footage (I try to do that a lot in my videos). There are some things that you can’t capture with a video camera and only camera so you have to find a way to put it in your video and I think you did a great job at it. I like the song and how it fit in with the atmosphere of the park and your video. I very close second this round.


Dave and Tomi

I think this video could have been done better. The POV’s were a little shaky. Even if you have just a couple seconds of smooth footage on a ride I think it would be better to use that then about 10 seconds of shaky POV. It did throw me off when Dollywood came in but it was no big deal since it was part of your Midwest trip. I felt there were some shots where you could have cut the footage shot. For example, the Top Gun shot at KI, it sounded like someone started to talk at the end of the shot and it was cut off. It’s hard for the viewer to watch it when someone starts to talk and then gets cut off before they finished their first word. I feel there were inside jokes in the video (the end and the “They left us” part). As I said to Jordan before…I sometimes have a person who wasn’t with me at the park view a video to see if they can understand what is going on and they give me feedback. I suggest you might want to do that next time you make a video and submit it.


Round 5



Good video. You definitely showed a lot of footage of your people in your group and it looked liked everyone had a great time at the park. Wasn’t much coaster footage but it seemed like you were going for the atmosphere of the park and the people you were with. I liked the song and I think “page turn” transition you used was done very well. After seeing this video and the other Park Asterix video it really makes me want to go to this park. My favorite out of this round.



Definitely an interesting concept to a video. I liked the opening with Styx…nice touch. You definitely had a lot of footage of people getting drenched and the footage of your camera getting destroyed was pretty sweet. Only thing I could say is that…I really liked this video because it wasn’t a normal “park, coaster, people” video.



Nice touch with the colors and speed of the video with the music in the beginning. I liked how you pointed yourself out on the ride. Not many people do that and they tell the viewers “I was on that ride” then the viewers were like “Where? I didn’t see you.” You definitely don’t have to go through that conversation with people watching it because you point yourself out in the video. Nice jump and cool song. Only thing I can say is that it looked like you used the same footage a couple times throughout the video. Even if it’s a video of the crazy geese at that park, throw that in there except some repeat footage.



Nice effect with the colors and quick fade with the music in the beginning when the porn music…I mean…techno gets a little faster. For a single ride video I think you kept the pace well throughout the video. The double spike split I think you could have done a little better. I could tell it was coming and I think if you had a tripod it might have been a little easier to hold the camera still. If you don’t have a tripod then use a trash can…or even a midget (they come in handy when you don’t have a tripod…just put the camera on the midgets head).



I really wanted to like this video but I couldn’t as much as I wanted to. I felt like there was a lot of quick zoom ins and quick zoom outs and the camera a little shaky throughout the entire video. You definitely captured a lot of what the park had to offer but it was hard to enjoy because the camera was a little shaky. If you are walking and taking a video be sure to try and hold the camera still while you walk or just stop walking and take a quick video of what you need then run to catch up to your party. If the zooms were slowed down I think this would have been a great video.



For everyone else that hasn't commented and HAS seen the videos then please post. Videographers are always up for remarks and comments from viewers so that they can improve in the future. It seems like this thread hasn't had much love in awhile so please tell the videographers what you think of their videos. They worked long and hard on making these videos so you can enjoy them.



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Hey JimmyBo you may ask these songs to Robin Schroeder... one of the Mini Europe Trip fun guys from UK!!! He is the composer and musician...!!! ...really porn??? ...again??? The first one it's a good song!!! Too funky!!! If there is any producer of homemade porn videos (and TPR coaster enthusiast of course!!!) I think we can exchange music for hot videos... ahahahahah!!! Is that correct Robin??? Hihihihihihi!!!

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Out of the 5th round videos, Norman Snook’s Déjà Vu was my favorite.


I also enjoyed Dave and Tomi's video from the last round. I wasn't a big fan of the music, but it wasn't too hard to put it on mute!

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Here is the FINAL round of videos! Please watch them all then submit your ballot by following the link below:



Jon LoCoco's Cedar Point


Frederic Molitor's Weekend Airtime


Tom Mueller's Heide Park


Erik Johnson's Dollywood


Jeremy Kohrs' Hoodie: The Movie


Jeremy Kohrs' Hoodie: The Movie - Zipped


Erik Johnson's Dollywood - Zipped


Jon LoCoco's Cedar Point - Zipped


Frederic Molitor's Weekend Airtime - Zipped


Tom Mueller's Heide Park - Zipped

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To the people who narrowed it down, just wondering what I could have done better? I know resolution wasn't great (that is already being changed this year as I am keeping every single raw video I shoot from theme parks), but besides that, what did I need to do better?

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I think if you had a couple beers in you, your video would have been better. Honestly, I think you may have over-did it with the transitions…that’s just my opinion. All in all you definitely show how awesome that little park can be and it looked like you showed nearly every ride. Maybe next time, put you big happy Epcot loving face on the camera as your riding Lost Coaster…that would have been entertainment.


I admitted earlier that I overused transitions. And I'll have you know I was drinking when I edited. It's makes it tolerable!


^ Just keep working at it. The more you do, the better you can get. I've been filming with video camera's since my Dad bought a GE with a deck in 1983. I think going into a project with a theme, or at least an idea of what you want to take helps too. And always take way more footage than you'll need. For every minute of actual footage in the videos I've made, I take ten times more footage (4 minute video = 40 minutes of raw footage).


Good editing can make a poorly filmed video much better as well.

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Erik - I know the music was in keeping with the Dollywood atmosphere but it absolutely killed me.


It must be a Florida thing since Will's choice of Styx (while appropriate) also made me want to shove a mini replica of the Empire State Building into my skull.


I absolutely loved the first half of The Hoodie: The Movie. If it could have maintained its momentum throughout the whole 5 minutes it would have been the Dwight Howard of this year's contest. Still it is one of my top choices right now.

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Aww.... My video(s) didn't get in. Don't suppose anyone will enlighten me on what I did wrong? I'm guessing one of them didn't get in because I went past the 5min limit, but what about the other one?


Anyways, good vids all around. It is late so I won't be doing a list of the best now, but I just wanted to put this question up incase it went missing by mistake.



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