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No Limits Stand-Up Coaster Contest

Best Standup Coaster - Choose 2  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Standup Coaster - Choose 2

    • DBru's Stasiphobia
    • Jamjar's Apocalypse
    • Tanks4me05's Furchtbahn
    • Coasterlover420's Typhoon
    • Zano's Bestial
    • Mike240SX's Gigawatt
    • DATman's Rage
    • Nannerdw's Grape Crush

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All green G's... Honestly, would you want to ride a 2.5 G coaster or a 4.5 - 5 G coaster?


Would you honestly want to be slammed into the side of the shoulder harness, or smash your b@lls on the bicycle seat while standing up?


I wouldn't


Did you ride the coaster?

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^ To be honest, no. I had Autodesk Inventor 2008 running at the time, and it EATS up the framerate of NL if it's also running. Even then, my computer takes a good 10 - 20 minutes for the framerate to pick up back to normal speed - after I quit the program.


*Downloads Stasiphobia.*


The layout was fun, and there were a couple of yellow G moments (thank you.)


Anyway, here is my upload, Furchtbahn. It is much less forceful than most of my designs, as there are only a couple of yellow G moments. At least half of the "G moments" on my rides are usually yellow. But at least the pacing is good as is most of my rides.



Yes, it is a Boosting B&M Stand Up.





Here is my entry, Furchtbahn. Feel free to comment on the ride.

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Nice work! I liked the originality, and it was pretty smooth...


That just made my day. Either you are a complete idiot (no offense) or I magically got better at NL. (My designs will always be hand made - the NL Elementary is way too confusing, and this is coming from a 15 year old who made the Shuriken Coaster on a professional CAD program.) My designs were infamous for the amount of not smoothness. The other TPRers on here that are also Coasterfuelers can aid in the proof of my statement.

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Well, I have no idea what these "tools" are, and would be too confusing for me anyway ( ), so I'm glad to hear you all didn't use them either. And I am NOT a complete idiot, stand-ups just have a tendency to be harder to design, so I gave the credit I thought you deserved...

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I've been using Ctrl G. But for other than making "beyond 270 degree rolls, but less than 360 degree rolls" I never found another use for Continuous Roll. I also do lateral Heartlining, but I don't know how to do "vertical" heartlining. And the thing is I have had NL for FOUR YEARS, so why the heck are my designs still sub par after so many years of practice?!

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^Con roll helps a lot with turns that change banking to something steeper midway through in that it keeps the transition smooth. It also helps smooth direction changes, like switching from positive to negative degrees.


For vertical heartlines, you have to look at the element from both the front or back and the right or left and make the line straight in both. Using more nodes in the track helps.

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Here's my entry.




Key Features:

-57.5mph LIM enclosed launch

-100ft vertical loop (tallest point on the coaster)

-75ft overbank turn

-90ft cobra roll

-75ft immelmann

-45ft Zero-G Roll

-airtime hill

-2841 feet overall length

-5 total inversions


100% hand-designed track and supports. Also, this is my first time using the terraformer, so apologies if the water looks ragged.




Unpackaged Version


Packaged Version. No extra scenery, just the replaced car texture for the logo.



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^Nice coaster! I love the unique elements! Your coaster passes, so good luck in the contest!


Only a couple more days! Do you guys want to post all of your downloads again just so they are on the same page or just leave them throughout the topic? Option 1 would be easier for everyone who will be voting. Your input?

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