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  1. Updated Version!!! I got rid of the red G added some scenery weakened the deceleration on the MCBR and just smoothed out allot of the ride Enjoy! feir, drei, eins ! yea update.nltrack Here it is!!
  2. Thanks for the positive comments! but i would also love a number rate
  3. oh sorry seems that the picture i uploaded changes whenever the one on the site changes... kinda weird
  4. for the pass holders is there an event were we get to ride dark night before every one else... i think i herd this some were else and , wanted to be shure
  5. why aren't there any Nl contest on tpr. Mabey we could make some!
  6. http://ridehost.com/uploads/feir%2C_drei%2C_eins_%21_yea.nltrack [
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