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Scott's Coaster Closet

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Welcome to Season II of Scott's Coaster Closet. I decided to change the name from 'Amusement' to 'Coaster' since most of my posts tend to focus on the nuts and bolts (and manual brakes!) of roller coasters as opposed to the entire park. Everything else is covered by my longtime friend Shane Huish over at Shane's Amusement Attic


Season II of of the Closet continues our long, undulating trip down memory lane with various bits and pieces from my seemingly bottomless collection of coaster photos and memorabilia. Every now again I'll toss in info or pics of an old iron ride or other quirky attraction that catches my attention.


So, without further delay ... slip under the fixed lap bar and hang on. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!







Season II topics


AlpenFlug -- THE very first modern suspended coaster

Carowinds' White Lightnin' & Original Thunder Road trains --

Defunct Coaster Potpourri

Defunct Coaster Potpourri -- Part II

Olde Tyme Coaster Fun – Part I

Coney Island Thunderbolt

Olde Tyme Coaster Fun – Part II

Media TR Carolina Cobra new train

Defunct Coaster Bonanza #1

Kings Island's Diamondback hyper

Our new Kings Island/Diamondback vid







Season I topics


Arrow Development (1978 NatGeo mag)

Killer Coasters (1987 PopMech mag)

Riverview Bobs (1954 Chicago mag?)

10 Best Coasters (1987 People mag)

Cascade Park Comet (1981 photos)

Anton Schwarzkopf (1980s brochure)

Elitch Gardens( Twister & early Wild Cat shots )

Ocean View Rocket (1920s - 78)

Mexico City Racer/NAD-IAD letters

West View Racing Whippet

West View Dips, Kiddie Dips & More

Random mini-update: 1977 mag articles, 1980s brochures

Rocky Springs Wildcat

Marriott's GA,Conneaut, Rocky Glen & more ...

Hanson's Park article/pic

Arrow Development Flying Turns & Looping Suspended Coaster prototypes 1980

Herschell - Chance TWISTER! 1955-60

Schwarzkopf's Wiener Looping - For Sale and a look back!

Virginia's Lakeside Park and Shooting Star

Wooden Coaster Manual Braking Systems

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I LOVE IT! I see you are still in the closet!!!!


Yes, I know Scott has some great stuff and I am really looking forward to seeing stuff that I don't have. I am sure that Scott's stuff will be even MORE retro than mine since he is YEARS older than I am...lol


I think it is really great to read all the news about stuff that is going on in theme parks today, but I also love hearing stories of how things were. Also being able to see the transformation these parks have gone through is really cool.


I am glad to see that my thread has inspired others to share some of their history.




PS...Love the logo!!!

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This is great! Thank you Scott!


I'm really happy to see so many people posting 'retro' stuff. I think as much as the "next big thing" is so interesting to us, so are the photos and information of parks and attractions of the years gone by.


One of the focuses of TPR in the very near future will be a complete update and revamp of our 'Park Index' section, and I'll be very happy to include all this great retro stuff that we've been fortuante enough to have everyone contributing.


Thanks again Scott! Looking forward to seeing your updates.



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Robb -


I am more than happy to contribute to the Retro cause (thanks, Shane, for kicking it off with his Attic!). I'm just glad there is interest for such things.




astroworldfan1 -- My current avatar is a train from Alpenflug, THE first 'modern' suspended coaster that ran for two weeks at Oktoberfest 1975 in Munich.



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Scary -- I have that exact same article in my stash of stuff. This is the kind of thing you had to go find if you were interested in theme parks before the Internet.


My focus was mostly on Marriott's Great America in Gurnee, IL. Guess I may have to fire up the scanner and share some things with everyone as well.

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Iteresting article. Shane, I too was shocked about the wooden markup. I know something similar was used in submarine construction up until about 5 or 10 years ago. It was the best and cheapest way to make sure things fit.


I am guessing Claude and Walter used computers as the transitions etc are way to smooth to have been done entirely by hand. (bu that's just a guess).



Attic, Closet, then basement? these fun places are getting more interesting names

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Ah, Great America's Turn of the Century was on the cover--an Arrow with airtime back in the 1970s. Oh, those misty, water-colored memories . . .


It was cool to see those old photos of Nessie, too.

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