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CGA's Flight Deck STRIKES BACK!!!

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There IS a God! Afterburn sounds a lot better than Flight Deck. I guess C.F. finally came to their senses about something. Now the next thing is to ditch concrete and use foliage for their parks. Good thing CGA already has lots of foliage from the Marriott and Paramount eras.

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Aw, and I was hoping they'd use the name "Inverted Coaster"--so precise, so succinct.


Flight Deck: The Inverted Coaster would have been the most obvious, and best possible name.


They could retheme the ride to a high-school English class and call it "Dangling Participle: The Ride."

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So, the ride's now going to be themed after a jet farting? (The flames shooting out the rear of a plane).

Well, maybe my 7 year old nephew might look at it that way. The rest of us will most likely just agree it's a huge improvement.....even without the "er" (which I agree would make it a tad bit better).


So do we get to take credit for this?

If so, there's about 100 other suggestions I'd like to throw at CF.

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So which name lasted longer, Knott's Great America or Flight Deck?



I think it was Flight Deck.


TBH, Afterburn sounds much much better than Flight Deck. Good move CP.

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