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Photo TR: Three Weeks of Insanity! From BGE to BGA to DCA.


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Awesome TR Justin! I was hoping that my work schedule would allow me to see you race. Unfortunately it didn't. Congrats on everything you've accomplished this year. You must have had one heck of a great time along the way. Thanks for sharing. I hope we'll all be seeing you on the stock car circuit soon.

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^ Thanks Guy (and everyone else ) glad you enjoyed it!


Btw, how fast do you normally go in these races? Thanks


I run between 103mph - 106mph and 12.8 - 13.2 seconds, depending on how I have my car tuned. Not too fast but still a lot of fun!


What engine do you have in the Skylark? 401?


I actually have a small block 400ci Chevy. I took the stock 300ci Buick motor out when I started racing it.



Just wondering, what was your dial in for the first round? And how much did you break out by?


Just wondering because there is a good chance I'll be racing against you next year .


I won the first round with a dial of 12.20. The second round I changed my dial to 12.4 thinking I was going to go a little slower and I ran a 12.216. So I broke out by .024 seconds.


oh and did anyone tell you that you look like Robb a little bit.



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Wow! What an awesome TR!


First... Congratulations on all of the drag racing stuff.

Making it to that race must have been such an amazing feeling, not to mention getting $3500 from Summit Racing!

My roommate drag races and is constantly telling me about everything, and makes me watch videos, look at pictures, and go to races... so I know a lot of the people that you mentioned and had pictures of, and i enjoyed and understood all of your pictures.


Second... Thanks for all of the pictures from Disneyland.

This was the first park that I had ever been to, and the place where I rode my first roller coaster!

I haven't been there since 1986, and seeing your TR really brought back a lot of memories, even though I can close my eyes and picture everything like I was just there yesterday. I really need to get back there.


Thanks again for sharing!

I really enjoyed your TR.

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Nice photos! I went and did Kings Dominion and BGE this year and I thought BGE was a beautiful park also. I also thought Griffon kicked some serious butt to, not as good as Sherikra or however you spell it. It is better though.


Maybe ill get some photos up of all my trips just really lazy.


By the way I just had to point something out why didn't you ride Escape From Pompe that ride is seriously one of the coolest and best themed rides ever. Also it is not at all like a splash down boat at all you dont get that wet!


If your up that way again you should ride it.

Nice Photo Trip Reports


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