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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

p. 393 - Pixar Place Hotel transformation will be completed on January 30th, 2024!

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Last Saturday ... the rocks around the bay are starting to grow things


Algae ... gross.



By the way, this is authentic Paradise Bay algae. Okay... with a little help from Photoshop. The biggest chunks tend to congregate near the Fun Wheel. This one was about four inches across. Eeewwww.

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^Agreed about getting ice cream at the Burrbank shop. Still, nothing beats getting ice cream in a waffle bowl on Main Street. *Drools*


Back on the topic of DCA though, I'm looking at these pictures of Paradise Bay, and I'm surprised that Disney hasn't done anything to fix this problem. It seems like Disney is more concerned with making sure World of Color operates every night than to figure out why the bay water has become so murky and unclear. What they really should do is put the show on hold (at least on off season weekdays, the show NEEDS to play on weekends), and do what they need to do. Disney really needs to figure out what's wrong and how to get rid of the algae. The water in it's current state is NOT up to Disney's standard of quality. In fact, it looks like a flume ride at any given Cedar Fair or Six Flags park.

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^Agreed. If they can shut Fantasmic down for a few months to get work done, then they could easily do the same thing for World of Color. If the guests miss out on this show, then I guess it's too bad. Life's not fair. Of course, lets hope they don't do another show cancellation AFTER Fastpass distribution, Disney's already seen the awful results of that. Still, I just want the water back to its clear blue self. It added so much life to Paradise Pier.

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^LOL, you do realize that Fantasmic is now over 15 years old...its very easy to close that show and work on it. This is World of Color's opening year, and they have been pushing it so much, that for them to now close the show for several weeks would be insane. Because the reality is, a lot of people are now coming into California Adventure to see that show. And to not offer it after telling people to come and see it would ruin a lot of the progress (attendance and good rep.) that they have made so far.


I agree that the bay looks horrible, and I think that the park would agree that its not where they want it to be. They know they have a problem with the water and that it needs fixing. But if that requires them to shut down the major draw to the park, that is finally after 10 years of poor attendance showing improvement, they aren't going to do it. Not until the show can go down at the end of its season, when the marketing stops, and the holiday season is over.

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^That sounds reasonable to me, lol. Though I hadn't heard anywhere (confirmed) that the bay needed to be drained to fix the issue. Ive heard a lot of people speculating that "maybe" thats why its not fixed, but no one has actually said thats what needs to happen.


Also, this happened this morning.


Its starting to come down! Photo from Insider67 on MiceChat.

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Last Saturday ... the rocks around the bay are starting to grow things

Algae ... gross.


I assume you've never had a pond before? Hehe - algae is just a sign that there are too many nutrients in the water and too much open sunlight. I have never seen the bay look quite like that...you don't really expect things like this to happen at a Disney park - but it makes sense.


Big show with a platform that can't go down, being hyped up so severely that they can't possibly take it out of service for at least another 4 months, damaged from seismic rattles, in a stagnating pool of unfiltered water that can't be drained, getting ready for another busy holiday season where the show is supposed to play to many international tourists who have never seen the bay or the show in its prime season. Oh and also using the mechanisms to promote a heavily-hyped movie.


This is a comedy of errors! I have my thoughts about World of Color - I think it's a fine addition, although poorly designed for anyone outside the center. But I think the Disney company will fare just fine with this added stress in DCA. There's really not much you can do. If you make repairs to World of Color, you're taking the show out of its freshmen year where millions of dollars have been thrown at marketing to make sure everyone knows about it. It won't be pretty for a while, but if the show, the lagoon, and the guests can bear with it for another 4 months, everything will work out fine. Things break, stuff happens. It's just that...major things broke on a very important season.


Once WoC gets its rehabilitation...we might finally see the platforms disappear underneath the surface of crisp blue water. Of course, that's assuming that the company would be proactive in repairing the mechanisms for the show.

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I have an update on some things! (these photos are from Sunday, October 3rd, btw.)



Maliboomer's top has fully come off.


Maliboomer's sign is still there, though.


Paradise Pier Ice Cream Co.'s facade has been finished for a while now.


Is California Screamin's track getting a repaint now, too?


Rockwork is getting done pretty quickly!


RSR's track has been covered for the recent rain.


LOTS of steel!


A little peek over at the new Cars Land entrance.


New ElecTRONica countdown.


These thingies (I have no idea what they're actually called...) now light up!


New theming on the corner of the steel... thingies. (My mind is blank today!)


A little overlook at the three-way intersection. (I said three-way!! HARHARHAR)


New screen has been put up. And just to let you know, the walls at the end of the street are coming down by Thursday! :)


DJ station.


Lots of projectors and lights...


Gogo dancer stations have been put up. (Are they Robb's favorite thing to look at?)


New lights are up as well.


No more scaffolding! :)


The End of Line Bar is going to be here...


...complete with duct tape seats!


I'm wondering if we'll be able to go inside or not... after all, this "restaurant" has been a prop since DCA opened.


Still no Flynn's sign.


Head CM's (or, at least one was) were inside inspecting some things. Perhaps for use as a last minute food cart?


The mural is being taken apart already. :/

Sorry for it being so long!

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Hey, everyone! Robin here. By now you have heard that on October 8 Disney California Adventure Park will unveil its all-new nighttime interactive event, ElecTRONica. And, as promised, I am here to share with you another exciting offering that will come alive once you “step into the grid” and into the world of “TRON: LEGACY.”


Each night, guests entering ElecTRONica will be captivated by the incredible talents of LASERMAN.


LASERMAN will demonstrate his unique talents and skill in a stunning performance that combines music, lights, and lasers. Check it out…


I can’t wait for everyone to see this exciting new entertainment offering, and LASERMAN is just a part of what you will experience when ElecTRONica powers up the fun.

Keep your eyes and ears open. There’s more to come…


Oh, by the way, what do aliens, gorillas, and bugs all have in common? Curious? I will reveal the answer in my next post and you’ll see how it all fits in with ElecTRONica.




Hi, I’m Robin Trowbridge, Entertainment Show Director at the Disneyland Resort. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be inviting you to “step into the grid” as I share some of the latest information about what’s happening at ElecTRONica!


As part of ElecTRONica, the new nighttime experience at Disney California Adventure park beginning October 8, we’re excited to share the new marquee for an exclusive 3D sneak peek of Disney’s upcoming film “TRON: Legacy.” Guests will be the first to “rez in” for a special look at the film before it even comes out in theaters on December 17. “TRON: Legacy Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peek” can only be experienced at Disney California Adventure park.


I hope to see you in the Park!




So, I posted a question last week: what do aliens, gorillas, and bugs all have in common? What if I asked what do Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and Centipede all have in common? Would that help?


Well, peg those jeans, crimp that hair, and get ready to take a trip back to 1982. Because the answer to the question lies within the doors of Flynn’s Arcade. Yes, before you know it, you’ll be playing TRON and other classic 80s arcade games all night long!


Very soon, guests will have a chance to relive the days when PAC-MAN was king as our incredibly talented Imagineers at Walt Disney Imagineering have recreated Flynn’s Arcade from the upcoming film “TRON: Legacy” — exclusively for ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure park.


Flynn’s Arcade, of course, was owned by Jeff Bridges’ character Kevin Flynn and was first seen in the original “TRON” film. Since Kevin Flynn’s disappearance in the late 80s, this fictional arcade has been boarded up and powered down…until now!


Here’s something else for you, since all the games in Flynn’s Arcade will require token use, we thought we would give you a look at how the game token went from concept and design… to the actual token itself.


Pretty cool, huh? Once you get your token, you can use it or keep it. It’s up to you!


That’s all for now, but don’t forget ElecTRONica opens October 8 and runs Friday through Sunday this fall, and select holiday weeks from 6:00 p.m. to Park close, only at Disney California Adventure park. See you there!









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I seriously want one of those tokens...If anyone has any once the event opens, let me know.


I was just down there for Glow-Fest and loved it, however I can see this being very popular as well as there's more to "do" then what was at Glow-Fest.

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I seriously want one of those tokens...If anyone has any once the event opens, let me know.

I'm going tomorrow! And I'm uber-excited about the tokens! Oh, and if you guys are wondering about if the tokens will be "Disney rip-off value" or "OMG cheap"...

Joshua on October 7th, 2010 at 1:05 pm

How much will the tokens cost?


Robin Trowbridge on October 7th, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Joshua, you asked about the cost of the coin, well, Thor got it right. The tokens will have a 25 cent value. And, all games take just ONE coin to play! Cool, right?

My parents aren't going to see me the whole event.

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^Disneyparks twitter said they're going to be old school 80s arcade games. I am very impressed Disney took a simple event like glowfest, which they didnt even create, and turn it into something so cool! I am very happy with what I am seeing. Also, those costumes are AWESOME! I was at DL tonight for halloween festivities, but I'll try to remember to take some pictures when I go back next Thursday!

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Electronica sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun! I also noticed that tonight, they're doing 3 performances of World of Color at 9, 10:15, and 11:15. Now that the peak season is over, let's see how long it takes for WOC Fastpasses to run out. I'm guessing that they'll still be available until late afternoon.

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I'm going tomorrow! And I'm uber-excited about the tokens! Oh, and if you guys are wondering about if the tokens will be "Disney rip-off value" or "OMG cheap"...


So does that mean you can mail me a couple if I give you a shipping address? Big smiles if you can!!!

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Tonight is the first night of ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure park, and to get you ready to “rez in,” we’re sharing some photos and video from last night’s preview for cast members.


We’ve received a lot of questions on Facebook and Twitter about this weekend’s line-up, so hopefully these details help.


The fun starts in Sunshine Plaza at 6 p.m. when music, video, projections and a dance party welcome guests (a.k.a. Programs) and prepare them to enter the world of “TRON: Legacy.”


The second performance in Sunshine Plaza starts at 6:45 p.m., and following that, the portal will officially open and all aspects of ElecTRONica will be available, including Flynn’s Arcade, TRON: Legacy Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peek, End of Line club, face painting and the TRON: Evolution video game area.


There’s a great line-up of DJs this weekend. DJ GiangStar will be spinning tonight; DJ Michael Paul will change things up Saturday night, and DJ Derek Dunbar will be heating things up on Sunday evening.


This weekend you can see Laserman at 7:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For future dates, check the show guide for the schedule.

Curious to know what ElecTRONica looks like in action? Take a look at this video shot last night and hear what our cast members had to say.


Still want more details? Robin Trowbridge has been sharing a lot of information here on the Blog. Did you read these posts: First Look, Laserman, TRON: Legacy Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peek and Flynn’s Arcade?


What are you most looking forward to at ElecTRONica? Let us know if you’re entering the Grid tonight!






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So does that mean you can mail me a couple if I give you a shipping address? Big smiles if you can!!!

I only got one coin this time... those games are addicting! (I played Donkey Kong and Pac-Man twice each ) But of course I'd be able to! It just depends on the next time I go to the parks.


Here are my pictures of opening night!



ElecTRONica has started!


A cardboard Recognizer! :D


This actually talked to you. I didn't really listen to what it had to say, but it went something like, "Be safe and have fun."


Oh yeah, Laserman was there.






Inside Flynn's - with flash!


...and without flash!


But inside, it looked like an ACE convention with people who liked retro games more than coasters. And also with 80's music playing the entire time.


I loved the added touch of realism (I mean, from the movie into real life :p).


Under this lies the game I suck at. Terribly.


End of Line Club - with flash!


End of Line Club - without flash!


Let's head over to the sneak peek, shall we?


A look at the DJ station. (AWESOME LED lighting!!)


No, the sign isn't burned out already. It just switches around the lighting of "TRON" for some odd reason.




This is the usual length of the line for the sneak peek. BUT, the whole Muppet*Vision theater can seat just the right amount of people! :)


My seat for the preview. It was amazing! They showed part of the new trailer (up until Flynn's son goes into the Tron world), and then about 10 minutes of the film (I'm not going to spoil anything, but Daft Punk makes a very quick 2 second cameo!). The red and blue lights above us and the wind machines basically made it a 4D sneak peek, too!


Muppet*Vision 3D shows earlier on in the day, then at about 5:30 they close it and replace it with the sneak preview. A woman in front of my dad and I was saying "How is that possible?! I mean, just... how?!"


Is it really that hard to figure out? :p


Oh yeah, there's pretty awesome face painting, too. I failed to get any of the Tron merch, but they sell the usual: shirts, toys, and other movie-related stuff. Including a disc! (You know, like in the fighting sequences? Or from the game Discs of Tron?)


The laser at the entrance lit up and was sequenced to all of the lighting and projections going on on Hollywood Blvd. Very cool.


One last look at the entrance.


One other last look at the entrance - with flash!


...and just to taunt PCW_Nut... ;)


I love this little thing! :D (oh god, that sounded dirty...)

There you go! Videos should be up in a bit!

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